Murder Capital?

Murder Capital?

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Thread: Murder Capital?

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    Murder Capital?

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    I was listening to New Orleans talk-radio this morning. The commentators were bragging that the New Orleans murder rate in '06 was less than Baltimore. Truth of the matter is that New Orleans' population is less than 1/2 of what it was pre-Katrina.

    These big citites that continue to let these predators roam the street are in need of some serious changes in the way the criminal justice system operates.

    I'll be back in New Orleans on Thursday to pick up family members from the airport (couldn't get a direct flight out of the local airport here on the Coast). You better believe I'll be packing and on orange.

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    Very sad to see another officer fall to thugs. RIP.

    To be honest - it seems today that any and almost all major cities have the same problem - be it Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta, Chicago, LA ..... the list is long I am sure.

    One aspect is IMO gangs and drugs, plus - the growing trend for youths to use guns as not only a means of intimidation but also the easy way to settle disputes. Add to that - the ''cool'' factor among others.

    The kids get their guns in many ways - most of which I feel will not be affected by any extra gun control measure - tho the anti's will as ever press for ''tighter'' laws.

    It is a symptom of modern day youth society - and the answers are not easy. Sadly it is not just them killing each other, but innocents get sucked in in many ways.
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    It doesn't have to happen in a big city. Out here in West Tennessee we had a Tennessee State Trooper murdered in Fayette county over the weekend. He pulled over a couple of teens who were running guns and when he went to check the car, one of them shot him in the head.

    This happened in the sticks. Someplace you wouldn't expect to have this happen. They caught the two scum bags in Nashville the next morning. His funeral was today.
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    I'll say this....when I went to McComb, ms, it was uneventful and was fun. When we were leaving, the gf asked me if I wanted to go to New Orleans, eat and stay the nite in downtown. I told her no, that I didn't want to. Night was coming on and of course, she got mad and wouldn't talk to me for two days.... oh well.
    regardless....I hate cities.
    " Refuse to be a victim, make sure there is a round chambered ! "

    Just call me a pessimistic optimist !

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    Read a article in the newspaper this last week. I don't remember the exact percentages but the point is clear about MSY. These percentages is per 100,000 population.
    NYC-3.X%, LAX 7.X, HOU-9.X, MSY 25.X
    The figures speak for themselves.

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    MSY? for us Northern types

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    MSY? for us Northern types
    The IATA airport code for Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

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    It is getting crazy down here in New Orleans. Even the "good" areas have had a shooting or two since Jan 1. School will be starting again so the armed robberies will probably go up again around loyola and tulane.

    what I do when I'm in new orleans is to take the gun off of my person and put it close by in the car, maybe the center console sometimes. That way if I get pulled over I don't have to notify them and get a lecture and questioned on why I need a gun.

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