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This is a discussion on CCW Practice question... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I actually practice with gloves on ocasionally. I use the same gloves that I use to search a subject that I do to shoot with ...

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    I actually practice with gloves on ocasionally. I use the same gloves that I use to search a subject that I do to shoot with when Im playing Cop. Ya never can tell when you might need to do that. The gloves that I use are shooters glove and they are amazing warm. When its cold out Ill have them on. If you ever need to draw, you wont have time to peel the gloves off.

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    Concealed Draw

    First of all try to maintain distance so that you are not fending off an attack at close range. Remember to "Maximize" your distance to "Minimize" the threat (M&M). A technique that works very well is called the "Hackathorn Snatch". You grab the bottom of the garment with the support side hand pulling the tail of the garment as close to your chin as you can and use the firing side thumb to assist in moving the garment to attain your grip. The closer fitting the garment the more important the thumb assist becomes. You must make sure the garment clears the butt of the firearm or you will get tangled up. Of course nothing is ever a perfect situation if it was, you wouldn't be there. Practice with different garments. Try to keep your firearm in the same position all the time. Good luck keep practicing and stay safe.

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    The great thing about a bellyband holster is the fact that I can "peel" my handgun out instead of having to raise it straight up out of the holster.

    I use my strong hand and wipe it straight up the back of my jeans, which rides the shirt up with it, leaving my fingers wrapping around the butt of my gun. I "peel" out from there. I might have to do a video clip to best show it.
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    Like Hotguns, I practice drawing and shooting with gloves on as I live in a cold climate. It does make for a slower draw with layers on. I like the Hatch thinsulate spectra shield gloves as they are cut resistant and still not bulky for shooting. Best to practice your draw as you will be carrying .

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    OH PLEASE Betty show us a video of you "peel." I am breathless with anticipation.
    My heart is all aflutter
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    I've never been a fan of the Hackathorn rip that uses the support side hand to reach across the body to raise the covering garment. Sure, you can quickly transition into extended elbow strike to fend off an attacker who's gotten way too close, but if you're in a bladed posture, reaching across the body exposes your left side lung to a knife thrust.

    Personally, I keep my support side elbow in and hook my gun hand thumb underneath the shirt to draw. I prefer to use a chin jab instead of an elbow strike when things get ugly. Just a thought...

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    Thumbs up triggertime

    Good, thoughtful, Reply triggertime.
    I'll need to brush up on some human anatomy but, isn't there also a main artery running right under the armpit? I think there is.
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    It is best if we use one procedure. If we have trained with multiple procedures, we will waste valuable time deciding which procedure to use...time we may need to get inside the other guys loop.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    QKShooter: The axillary artery is the major artery located under the armpit, which becomes the brachial artery as it runs down the inside of the upper arm. Attacking these areas with a knife is extremely easy and requires relatively little skill.

    I'm a firm believer that all techniques, regardless of how popular they are or how commonly they are taught need to be thoroughly evaluated before anyone incorporates them into their training regimine. Why? Because each person looks at a technique differently and finds flaws that others may be oblivious to. Remember, the mind is the ultimate weapon, everything else is supplemental.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter
    Here are a few worthwhile tips that I learned from working at night in some of the WORST & most dangerous scumbag filled rat holes in Pittsburgh.
    They would be East Liberty - Wilkensburg - & Da Nor' Side - & one or two other human ammonia holes.

    I was actually flamed for making this same suggestion on another forum (which shall remain unmentioned) but, I'll post it here anyway.

    "Yes, that would be VERY true if you are a total "bionic moron" and not a thinking human being." - I would much rather have my non-gun hand/arm more available to fend off an attacker jumping out from behind a parked car & on my precious A$$ in 1.5 seconds than to have that same hand/arm reaching for my Hawaiian shirt while I'm in the process of catching a possible switchblade in the kidney.
    Of course "Concealed Carry" means concealed carry.
    BUT, Always use your common sense brain that God gave you.
    For instance: should you find yourself in a situation where you are say...about to enter an isolated, dark, parking garage & you are in a known bad area...unzip your coat or jacket & casually pre-clear your doggone shirt out of the way ahead of time. Lock your car keys in your teeth & free your gun hand.
    Do whatever is necessary to be able to gain a quicker useful access to your firearm if you are about to enter into a situation where an attack could be likely & mere seconds could spell "life or death" for you.
    Just my extremely humble opinion.
    The bottom line...let common sense always rule your day.
    Gawd I love this! Common sense? Planning? Visualizing a potential threat?
    These are pretty wild concepts here on the internet!!!!!
    Some data indicates that weapon deployment speed is a greater factor than caliber in gunfight survival. Three .32 acp's in the face first beats a .45 in second place for draw speed. Criminals sometimes have the upper hand over police in a gunfight, even with smaller calibers because they often do not hesitate to shoot. The police are trying to not kill people and fear the legal fallout if they have a "bad shoot" so they often hesitate. This re-enforces the need for planning and quick deployment.

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    I teach at night and sometimes I have to fill up before begining my one hour ride home. I know I should fill up on the way in, but I often don't have the spare time.
    I have a "car gun" a .357 Taurus snubby. I can't wear at work, its a college and very liberal ones. But hey, it says in the catalog not to have firearms so I am sure all of the crooks read our college catalog. I digress.

    When I get out at the station, naturally there is a scan done of the pump area and the inside. I will hold my snubby in my hand in my front pants pocket. I only wear pleated dress slacks for work so there is a lot of room and to anybody looking, it would just look like I had my hand in my pocket.\

    I always pay at the pump, keep doing a casual 360 to detect anything out of the ordinary. Put the cap back on, one more look around, and into the truck I go. Only unitl I am moving do I put the snubby back where it belongs.

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