Boneheaded CCW move!

Boneheaded CCW move!

This is a discussion on Boneheaded CCW move! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I committed a very serous CCW blunder today! When I got home from work I got a call from a buddy and decided to meet ...

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Thread: Boneheaded CCW move!

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    Boneheaded CCW move!

    I committed a very serous CCW blunder today! When I got home from work I got a call from a buddy and decided to meet him at the range to do some shooting. He only had an hour and a half to kill so I was in a hurry. Grabbed my range bag, some guns and a few extra boxes of ammo and get it ready to hump out to the truck. So I grab my Ruger LCR and the Garrett IWB holster for it and put in on. You guys probably already realize the step I missed...

    Well, got done shooting and left the range. There's a little sidewalk cafe a short ways down the street from the LGS so I stopped for a cold tea. As I sat there waiting to meet my brother it struck me suddenly that I remember grabbing my gun but I don't remember loading it. So I walked back to bathroom, went in and locked the door, then pulled out my LCR and opened the cylinder.

    Yup, you guessed it- empty! In my haste to get to the range I put on my gun but forgot to load it. Luckily I always have an 8 round speed strip in my back left pocket, so I loaded the cylinder and put the speed strip with the remaining three rounds back in my pocket.

    At the range I suppose I would have been able to use one of my HKs if I'd needed a gun, and I was only at the cafe for about 20 minutes before I remembered. But realistically while I was only unarmed for an hour, the really scary thing is I thought I was armed! If I would have had to draw my gun and confront someone it would have got really awkward real fast! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!

    Luckily the day was uneventful and I didn't need my gun. But it's a great lesson; don't let yourself become distracted and blow your routine.
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    So, why was it not loaded to begin with?
    Don't you hate getting in a hurry?
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    Why I carry a 1911 even unloaded at close to 2 pounds I could still brain the bad guy with it

    But hey it happens nothing bad happen ... And smart you had back up ammo at hand ...

    Live and learn ...

    Could be worst could have grab the gun but no holster(thinking it was in the car) ...ask me how I nearly know that
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    I've said it before, I'll say it again. We aren't just throwing our keys in our pockets. No matter how much of a hurry we are in, take the time to chamber check your self-defense weapon.

    Nothing happened and all was fine. This time.

    Call it a learning experience and move on.
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    Worse I ever did was leave gun on master bathroom sink and walk out of house because i was wearing holster, but forgot to re-holster gun.
    was back in ten minutes, but I felt NEKID without firearm.
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    I don't unload my carry guns, when I put them away at the end of the day, the holster and gun come off together and it stays that way till I put it on in the morning, it's always loaded and I don't have to worry about it. That's my rountine anyways

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    You stopped for a cold tea? That is a boneheaded move.
    -PEF, a Framer with a Steelie...
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    3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
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    My carry guns stay loaded. When I remove them from my body, they stay in the holster.

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    If you needed the weapon, I have heard it described as...

    "The loudest click you will ever hear"
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    My primary carry gun is always loaded unless cleaning, practicing or any other activity where it requires to be or stay unloaded. It comes off when I get home, remains in carry holster on my nightstand overnight (no kids, well.... except our furries) and gets slide checked (just habit) in the morning before it gets tucked IWB.
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    30 years ago when I was a rookie cop, I was in the booking room with a person, at that time you had to secure your firearm in a lock box, they call me over the loud speaker, that officer needed back up, about a half mile away, jump in cruiser head to call, yup you guessed it empty holster at the call lucky nothing serious. Nobody noticed but me, cold chill happened immediately. You only make that mistake once!

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    unloading your defense gun is a bad idea. Its like taking all of your gas out of your car when not driving. If you have an emergency, you need it now. Your dont want to grab your gas can to fill up the tank before you go, nor would you want to grab your ammo before you go either. Sounds pretty dumb to me
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    All right! I'll share this with you:

    Funny! I was about to tell you that you’re chances of actually needing that gun are slim to nothing. Then I remembered that, something like, a dozen years ago we went out for a ride in the Delaware State Forest. It’s a large tract; and there are plenty of isolated areas and seldom used roads.

    Like many other outdoorsmen in Pennsylvania I usually go armed, everywhere. (It’s a principal reason, ‘Why’ we moved from the unconstitutional state of New Jersey.) I was having one of my less cautious days; and my, ‘arme du jour’ was a smallish (German) Walther PPK-S. I prefer to belt carry it in an El Paso Saddlery, ‘Street Combat’, Model 88 holster with a dual magazine carrier on the other side of my belt, next to the knife.

    Well, here we are way back in the forest having a very nice ride when our big wheeled SUV glides gently over a small rise in the road. Just as we crest the hill, there, on the other side is a beautiful, brand new, cherry-red Volkswagen, ‘Beetle’.

    I’m thinking to myself, ‘Wow, nice car!’ when, all of a sudden, a woman comes flying out the passenger side and hits the pavement! While we waited, watching, a large man gets out of the driver’s side and begins chasing the woman around the vehicle.

    The big guy caught up with the woman, and began wailing on her with both fists! So, there we are; I really, truly, didn’t want to get involved; but, with the woman, now, dropping to her knees and covering her head with her arms, I realized that we just couldn’t drive on by. So I took the SUV out-of-gear, set the parking brake, and got out of the vehicle to yell at the guy, ‘Hey!’ ‘Stop that!’ When the woman realized someone else was there she scrambled to her feet and came running straight at us.

    This seemed to only further enrage the man who was beating her; he glared at me, looked right, looked left, and then pulled his car door open to reach inside for something. That was all it took! I instinctively flexed my knees, dropped down into a partial crouch, and made sure my feet were indexed on the target. Then I smoothly brushed my jacket aside to draw my Walther. Every move was perfect; and I felt like things were going my way! All I needed was a sight picture; and we were, 'home free'!

    Know what? My grasping hand landed on an empty holster! (The feeling is like being naked in a snowstorm!) The angry man saw what I did, stared at me for a moment while I thought to myself, ‘Opps! It’s too late; and, now, all I can do is pretend!’ So, with no other options, I did my best imitation of a man who was about to draw a gun. (You don't, ever, want to feel like that!)

    Apparently the guy believed my charade; he was pretty good at beating a woman; but, fortunately, he wanted no part of me. He dropped whatever he had in his hand and came back out of the Beetle empty-handed. Thereafter he quickly walked off the road and into the woods!

    Where was my pistol? It was home on the bathroom vanity! I’d removed it, and left it on the vanity just before we left home. Sure I had a knife and two extra magazines, but no gun!

    In spite of the fact that there were two large Pit Bulldogs in the back the battered, crying woman immediately jumped into my wife’s side of our truck. She put on quite a show of fear and gratitude for our (albeit forced) involvement; but, when I offered to take her straight to the regional State Police barracks, her demeanor completely changed!

    Suddenly she, ‘switched gears’ and began telling us that, at heart, her BOYFRIEND was a really good guy. She didn’t want to get him in any trouble, got out of the truck, and returned to the Volkswagen to wait for him to come back out of the woods.

    After a few minutes of my wife and I talking incredulously to each other, the man suddenly came out of the woods; they, both, got back into that bright, cherry-red, ‘bug’; and drove off.

    As they left I asked my wife to write down their license plate. We had, already, agreed to do nothing and watch the newspapers for the body of a middle-aged woman to show up in the state forest. (Which never happened!) That afternoon I learned a valuable lesson! Never, never, take your pistol for granted - Never!

    Ever since, I’ve treated my sidearm as if it were, ‘trying to escape’ from my belt. Throughout the day I frequently brush against it with my elbow; and I don’t, ever, walk out of a bathroom without first looking around and then physically touching the butt of my pistol.

    (True, but somewhat embarrassing, story!)

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    Anyone on here who says they haven't made a mistake like that has a large case of self denial. We are all human and not perfect. The way I solved that problem is I never unload my defensive weapons except to clean them. All 3 of my primary carry pistols have a dedicated holster they reside in; I just grab the holster and put it on with pistol in it, check chamber and safety, and go. It helps that I only carry 1911's so all controls are always the same. You didn't harm yourself or anyone else so life is still good (extra ammo....bravo).
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    I keep my guns loaded. Problem solved.
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