Kansas Antis are Sneaky

This is a discussion on Kansas Antis are Sneaky within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I went to Topeka today to look for jeans and stopped by Kmart. I saw that they had no gun signs in the windows, so ...

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Thread: Kansas Antis are Sneaky

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    Kansas Antis are Sneaky

    I went to Topeka today to look for jeans and stopped by Kmart. I saw that they had no gun signs in the windows, so I went to Wal-Mart and did my shopping. I then went back to Kmart and asked to speak to a member of management. I talked to the store manager and asked him about the signs, “Why did they get put up? Was this a local, regional, or corporate decision?” He said that he did not know, he called the other store in town and asked if they had signs up and they said yes they did. But know one at ether store knew who put them up. His regional director was in the store and he asked him about the signs. The regional director says that Kmart does not have an anti gun policy and he did not know where the signs came from. The manager then went and took the signs down and was none too happy that someone is putting up signs without his permission. Makes me wonder just how many other fake signs are being put up around Kansas.
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    And there is another reason to speak with some one at a posted location!

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    I think you should have to have a permit to be in possession of one of those signs.
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    Any anti is sneaky. No matter where they are. They want to deny us the right to defend ourselves after all. That is pretty sneaky in and of itself.
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    Way to go, mark555! Had you not pursued it, the signs would still be up.
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    Hell yes they are sneaky. They are the Gollums of politcs.

    Though I do admire the move. Very creative. Probably would not work very well with a small business. With fewer employees, each one has more responsibility and thus would take note of such a sign quicker than a store with dozens of employees; none of whom might consider the sign to be something they are responsible for.

    This tactic is probably making the rounds of the anti-gun sewers and will probably start happening more and more.

    So yes, talk to the person in charge of a posted location and see what is up.

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    Good job on bring up the point. Did you show him your receipt from Walmart so he know he lost business and will keep an eye for new signs?

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    That is a pretty good move on the part of the anti's. Of course, if we went and put signs up saying you could carry a gun in a location (even though you don't need the sign to tell you that you can) we would be seen as out of control and be on the 5:00 news.
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    WTG Mark!!
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    Good work. I probably would have just not gone back and never asked. Guess it's a good lesson for me.
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    The store owners or managers should be livid! My wife, a former store owner, said she'd call the police if she caught someone doing that, and threaten and/or press charges.
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    Excellent job, and thanks for posting this, as it has made me think for one!!

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    Good going Mark. Some of these antis need to get a life and find something to do that is constructive. these people don't realize that they treading on someone elses rights.I guess that dosen't matter as long as they get their own way.

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    Good for you Mark

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    I've done a little Googlin' over the past few days with stuff like this in mind, looking for anyone organized online to harrass business owners into putting up signs. There was a thread on KSCCW.com a week or two ago about a restaurant owner in north Wichita who had been approached by someone urgeing him to put up signs.

    If anyone has any leads into Anti's in Kansas who may be organized online let us know. It would be interesting to have a discussion with them.

    I checked around on DemocraticUnderground.com and didnt see anything. (had to take a shower when I got out).

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