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Killing a human is not a game.

This is a discussion on Killing a human is not a game. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good thread. The fact that I carry a weapon that can end someone's life is a heavy responsibility, but it's one I chose for myself. ...

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Thread: Killing a human is not a game.

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    Good thread. The fact that I carry a weapon that can end someone's life is a heavy responsibility, but it's one I chose for myself.
    As I've said numerous times in other posts, I hope to God that I never even have to produce my weapon, and I pray that I never have to use it. But, if it comes down to my life, or my family's lives, versus the life of a BG that chose to threaten me and mine, then I also pray that I have the conviction to carry things through to the end.
    The alternative is to surrender my ability to defend myself; I don't plan on laying down and offering my throat to any wolf out there. If, as a last resort, I must shoot someone, then so be it.
    I think, in a way, it's still about being a warrior, even years after taking off the uniform for the last time. In the past, I have put myself between those who wish us evil and my loved ones at home, and in a sense, I still see myself fulfilling that role. I will defend myself and my family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NCHornet View Post
    The generation of kids today are growing up playing very realistic video games. I truly believe some of this has contributed to the increase of kids killing people. You can't tell me that years of killing people in a realistic video game doesn't fog the idea of reality.
    I can.

    Honestly, I can't see any fundamental difference between playing a first person shooter like Doom or Half Life and running around with toy guns pretending to shoot people. Sure, with toy guns you don't get to actually see the gibs and blood, but kids have a good enough imagination to make up for that (I'd be more concerned about 3D graphics substituting for kids' imagination than about it contributing to violence). Kids have been playing war since time immemorial, all that's changed is the form it takes. Quite frankly, any kid who can't distinguish reality from a video game was screwed up to begin with.

    Quote Originally Posted by NCHornet View Post
    I can only hope this doesn't happen, but 30 years ago we never worried about kids taking guns to school. We didn't have cops on campus, or metal detectors.
    The real thing that's changed in the past 30 years isn't the kids or video games, it's that now we have a 24-hour news media that incessantly sensationalizes these cases and scares parents into demanding measures like these. School violence has actually been going down! Hardly what you would expect if more kids playing more realistic video games would lead to violence.

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    Very good thread. Everyone's made some good comments.

    When I started in LE, I recall an oral interview question concerning my shooting & possibley killing someone. I answered that I'ld do everything I can to not do so. But if I did have to, it's because the BG & the situation at the time didn't give me a choice (In that not shooting would cause me or someone with me harm). I stated that if I reacted, while being down about having to end another's life, I would believe that ethically & morally I did everything I could, & would hopefully be of a clear conscience because of that.

    Many years later & well into my LE career that still & I can personally attest to it. However; as has been said, it's no fun having to defend yourself legally, but mainly civilly, your good actions.

    As an aside. Again, years ago when I was testing for several agencies, there was a female County Sheriff corrections Ofcr. that handled the written test. I was talking to her after the test while waiting for my oral. She told me that about 12 years earlier, she had become a Deputy. After a few months of training on the street, she told her superior she couldn't carry a gun. She didn't feel she could pull the trigger if she needed to. The thought of ending someone's life, even if justified, didn't jibe with her at the time. I asked her if she still felt that way. Her answer to me was (& I remember it well to this day, 14 years later); "No, after 9 months with those monkeys, I'ld have no problem shooting one of them if I needed to."

    It's not a game. It is serious. But when you carry your firearm with you, you're doing so (hopefully) to protect you & your loved ones, not be a hero or look cool.
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    Agreed Blackeagle.

    I play Rainbow Six:Vegas and Call of Duty 3 nearly every night since getting an XBox for Christmas and greatly enjoy it, along with specifically targeting & shooting players in the face. As well I've been playing paintball since '98 and competing in that sport at a high level in tournaments since'99...and not once have I had the motion or emotion to haul off and shoot 'real people' at all muchless with a firearm.
    Even as there have been cases of stupid kids shooting at people on the street with paintball markers. They though are in the extreme minority overall though reltive to those who do participate in the sport or play FPS games.

    Kind of like how there are likely millions of men who have bought and worn a trenchcoat or overcoat at one time or another, who have never had a thought to walk into a mall or club and blast people with a shotgun.

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    Instead of hoping i get to use or branish my gun, I'm hoping 20 years from now I can say "I've never had to pull my gun".
    I'm willing to walk away, no problem, see ya later,you win. Its a real reality that some day in a split second decision, my life could change forever. I have to live with that split decision forever, good or bad.
    I do see the John Wayne attitude post its ugly head on this forum now and then, but I have checked out other forums and there seems to be even more of it.
    When I look back at how things have changed over the past 40 years, I cant help but to blame it on the media ,TV ,video games and movies. Kids have grown up with it . It's instilled in their minds. This is certainly going to cause a certain percentage of CCW holders to feel the gun is a "dont mess with me" attitude. Killing someone, anyone, is no game. I saw a post on another forum that said "I hope I get my chance to shoot a scumbag someday"..I was shocked.
    This is a good thread and i too believe all should read it. There has been some good advice and comments here.

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    Nothing more to add. All the right things that needed to be said have been said. My only other comment is that this thread, with all of the intelligent, well thought out responses, is reason alone to justify having contributed to helping keep this Forum alive and well.


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    IMHO, this thread should be framed in glass and put somewhere and made mandatory reading for anyone that has, is, or will be thinking of CCW in their life. It is great reading here. I commend everyone for the thoughtful and honest participation in this thread. Great work.
    A person is justified in the use of deadly force, if such person reasonably believes deadly force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to such person or a third person.

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    I hope that I never have to use my weapon to take a life as I'm sure all of you feel the same way. I have drawn my weapon many times while working as a PO. I have pointed at several individuals as well. I was prepared to take the shot to save my life or the lives of my fellow Officers. Luckily I never had to.

    Without having shot anyone I do not know how I would feel afterwards. I'm sure it will not be pleasent. But it was touched on already, if you are going to carry a weapon, be prepared to use it or the BG will use his or take yours and use it on you!
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    It is better to have your gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it!
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    Please make this a Sticky...

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    Don't place all the blame on the media/video games...blame the parents or lack there of. I am in my 30's and grew up during Rambo/mortal combat era. My parents (notice pleural) instilled in me right vs wrong, humility, morals, and respect for others that no movie, tv show, or video game could ever "corrupt".

    Good thread.

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    How anyone could think the use of deadly force is a game is well beyond my comprehension. I pray that we here heed our own advice, but also that we don't get so wrapped around the axle over it that we fail to act without hesitation when confronted with a life or death decision. Heavy responsibility, yes - too weighty to survive, NO.
    Whatever doesn't kill you postpones the inevitable.

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    Hi All, This is my first post, as I have been lurking and reading alot. I have put in for my CPL here in Michigan, Detroit area, because of some incidents that has happend to me in the past 6 months. I grew up in Detroit on the east side, and what I have found, just my opinion, these people aren't AFRAID to die or take a life. I have personally known a few that went the wrong way of the law and are either dead or in jail now. The blame lies completely with the parents, and the way the kids are brought up.


    PS: GREAT FORUM and from what I can see, a great bunch of people.

    stay safe

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    KW115, for the most part I agree, but I have also seen that sometimes even with incredibly great parents, there's a bad egg.

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    I hope and pray each and every day that I NEVER even have to draw my gun in any situation other than target practice (or trying out another candidate for the holster bag)
    That in no way means that I haven't thought long and hard about having to kill another person...and I truly believe that I could if forced to do so. Would I feel bad...yes.. I'm only human.
    I had a conversation with a sheep a while back. They told me they could never hurt another person no matter what.
    I asked her what she's do if she walked in on a bad guy with a knife to her young sons throat.
    Without a second thought she said "I'd kill him where he stood"
    I asked walked away.

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    Your gun is your last resort, all other avenues of defence should be exausted. Each case has to be judged on its own. As a concealed weapon carrier you have to be better then other people, You have to hold your temper, watch what you say or do, even appear to be a coward. On the otherhand you have to know that if need be you can take anothers life.

    The aftermath of a shooting, regardles of the outcome is going to change not only your life but your familys and all your friends as well.
    If you take a humans life every one you know will look at you differently, that is something many don't think about.

    It definitely is not a game.

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