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Accidental discharge

This is a discussion on Accidental discharge within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Seen the M-9 decocker used 10's of thousands of times and no AD's ever. Might just be an urban myth, but still is disconcerting to ...

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Thread: Accidental discharge

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    Seen the M-9 decocker used 10's of thousands of times and no AD's ever. Might just be an urban myth, but still is disconcerting to watch the hammer fall.

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    Even though I KNOW it's safe , and I have probably decocked my various DA autos a few hundred times , I still cringe a little when I do it indoors.
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    I trusted my Sig's decocker implicitly.

    My Radom on the other hand, I do not. I've used it, but never with a round in the chamber, it is mounted on the frame. It works differently than the Sigs: When the lever is depressed (about 1/4 of the way), it pulls the firing pin into the frame so the when the lever finishes traveling, and drops the hammer, it hits the frame wall and with the firing pin safely parked.

    I know it works, but I just don't trust it. 'Course it is a 70 year old gun.
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    +1 Exodus....I've had my SIGs for 13 years....10's of thousands of rounds...never an AD/ND with a decocker.....HK USP--also a safe design, but THAT one makes me cringe...

    Decocker = good thing

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    Knock on Wood.... & Hopefully "Mr. Murphey" is listening....But have not heard of it yet either.

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    Never saw an AD with a decoker... but I do have a story about one.

    I was about 12 or 13, and a friend and I were shooting his dads pistols. I had only ever shot 1911's and my Colt woodsman up to that point, so I had no idea what a decocker did.
    My friend and his dad and myself were sitting at table out side on their patio, loading up all the mags. I loaded a Sig up, getting ready to go shoot. I rack the slide, and of course the hammer was stayed back. I did not want to walk the ten feet or so up to the line like this, so I put the "saftey" on. The hammer dropped, and so did everything I had in my stomach. I almost had an accidental discharge of an other kind. I thought for sure I just shot my foot, and was already dead.
    This was years ago, and me and my friend still laugh about this.
    Thats as close as I ever came to an accidental discharge involving a decocker.
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    I have never heard of one. Alot of testing goes into guns when they are built before they are for sale to the public.
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    In my lifetime I have had one "negligent discharge." I have to admit that it was negligent and not truly "accidental."

    It was when I used the decocking lever on my revolver... also known as the trigger.

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    Never heard of one, and I use the ones on my SIG all the time.

    The other thing I've heard (but a couple folks here seem to do it) is keep your thumb OFF the hammer when using the de-cocker.

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    I've never heard of a AD when using the de-cocker lever. I have heard of firearms discharging when the fall and land on the hammer in some weapons that use a de-cocker. I've personally wittnessed a Sig P228 do it on a range where I know the hammer was de-cocker and the weapon was dropped and it landed right on the hammer and went off. There was also a time when the Sig 380s wern't allowed for off duty carry because of this happening. But just using the de-cock lever....I wouldnt worry about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Never heard of one, and I use the ones on my SIG all the time.

    The other thing I've heard (but a couple folks here seem to do it) is keep your thumb OFF the hammer when using the de-cocker.

    All I have with a de-cocker is a Sig Mosquito .22lr for target and cheaper ammo to practice rather than my XD .45. It is something I still have to get used to. . .watching the hammer drop so fast and hard. I ALWAYS point downrange expecting a bang. No problems yet. I do like the gun and it makes me want a larger Sig!
    BTW rstickle, I thought you were to keep thumb off when using. . .
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    on most autos the "ad" is when you put your friger on the trigger and the gun goes "bang". in other words, "keep your finger off the trigger then you will not have an "ad". on the job i have not hear of any other "ad" except the finger on the trigger "ad". in other words: the only "ad's" were/happen when the officer put his/her fringer on the triger.
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    I have a ruger p 95 with a decocker You need to keep your hand away from the trigger and the hammer and keep the gun pointed down range before useing the decocker. A good way to check for proper operation is to drop a pencil down the barrel eraser first with the gun unloaded and pointed up. Then cock the hammer and operate the decocker. If the pencil dose not jump up the decocker is ok. If the pencil jumps that means the fireing pin hit the pencil eraser and needs repair.

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    The pencil test is a good one - I've ejected a pencil out the barrel of a CZ-52 that way (CZ-52's are known to have decocker problems).

    I've never had a problem with the decocker on my USP Compact, but I always point the muzzle in a safe direction.
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    Never, every time you arm someone with a M9 in the AF they use the decocking lever. You are talking thousands of times a day 3 times a day for the last 13 years.
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