ccw dream

ccw dream

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Thread: ccw dream

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    ccw dream

    Well I've read of other people having dreams about carrying and I had mine a couple nights ago. I was in my car, my sig in the center console. I pulled into the local pool hall, and in doing so I pulled into a parking spot that a vehicle full of thugs was heading for from the other side. I parked, and noticed they were very angry, so I pulled my sig out of the console and put it under my leg, and sat in my car expecting them to go in. Instead of going in, they kind of linger around outside of their vehicle and mine, pretty quiet. After a minute, the rear passenger door opens and a BG lunges at me and says "Get out of my car!". Thats when the dream ends.

    Just thought I'd share. In this area that is a very feasible scenario, except I probably would have got out and went into the hall as fast as possible, or if I stayed in my car I would have locked the doors for sure. Don't know if I would have left.

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    this is probably a good reason not to have a loaded gun under your pillow. you could start putting holes in the wall before you even wake up ;)

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    Also a good reason not to watch Texas Walker before bedtime! LOL!!
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    Carry On!

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    I had a rather funny self-defense dream recently. It started just after the shooting happened, and I was dialing 911 to report. A memory from shooting 8 IDPA targets in a stage got mixed in and I said to my dream self: "Wait a minute, fool! You are about to report that you just killed 8 people in self-defense." Probably wouldn't impress the dreamland DA.

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    Thumbs up on the no Walker Texas Ranger before bedtime!!
    "Do not fear those who disagree with you; fear those that do and are too cowardly to admit it" - Napoleon

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    Go back to sleep and finish the guy off.
    2 dreamy bullets COM & 1 nightmare to the head.

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    Actually I haven't heard of people having "CCW" dreams, but I had one not long ago...

    I was in my kitchen with my back to the sink. To my right is a wall and at the far end of the kitchen there's a door frame (with no door) into the dining room. On the same wall as my kitchen sink is the slider out to the deck from the dining room. I hear the sound of a door opening and footsteps coming from the slider (though it didn't sound like a slider). Then coming through the door way from the dining room into the kitchen was a thug (short & skinny) and as soon as he saw me he walked fast toward me with an "I'm gonna kill you" look in his eye. Just as he reached me and was about to attack (don't ask in what manner he was attacking--I just knew I was about to be killed) I drew my XD40 & fired one shot into his gut, and he stumbled back and to my left, holding the wound...then I woke up, my heart racing, breathing heavy....then I thanked God that it was only a dream!

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    My gun usually doesn't phase them in my dreams.... guess that means I need to carry a bigger gun lol.

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    I recall one dream where my EDC transitioned into one of those stupid lighters - that sticks out a flag at the end saying ''Bang".

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    In My Dreams...

    My body is in a lot better shape, and I'm a lot faster too...

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    So far just one CCW dream for me. I was for some reason chasing a ninja up a spiral staircase like you'd find in a castle tower. I was getting hits but with no effect (I think she was wearing armor)
    Dream ninjas are hard to kill. Before that I tried to kill one with a hatchet. The sharp end did nothing so I had to club him with the blunt side.

    I hate ninjas.
    "and suddenly I can not hold back my sword hand's anger"

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    Me to...

    Hey matter of fact I guess a had a "CCW" dream last night. Kind of embarassing. I will say it entailed a guy holding a bunch of kids at gun point and me and empting a magazine of sparkly little marbles at him. :
    "Beware of the man who only owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

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