High School trip to NYC

High School trip to NYC

This is a discussion on High School trip to NYC within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Next month for Spring-break I am going to NYC for a class trip with my daughter and her Drama class. So not being able to ...

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Thread: High School trip to NYC

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    High School trip to NYC

    Next month for Spring-break I am going to NYC for a class trip with my daughter and her Drama class. So not being able to bring my gun is driving me crazy, but what can I legally bring besides a pencil? Riding subways, street people, etc. Remember we're coming from Idaho.
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    You can take in your luggage a very nice Spyderco knife, an umbrella, or buy a squirt gun and x across the opening. When you get there fill it with ammonia. Not lethal, but it does work. Years ago I was in a situation that warrented having something. (not going to go into details), believe me, this works. Give you time to react......(run)Hope this helps.

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    Maybe you need not be too concerned

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrioticRick View Post
    Next month for Spring-break I am going to NYC for a class trip with my daughter and her Drama class. So not being able to bring my gun is driving me crazy, but what can I legally bring besides a pencil? Riding subways, street people, etc. Remember we're coming from Idaho.
    I have no idea where you will be staying or where you will be visiting.
    I can tell you that by and large if you travel in small groups, behave yourself, and avoid being out on deserted streets after dark, you will most likely be just fine.

    The central mid-town portion of the city is reasonably safe.

    In the distant past I lived in NYC. I used the public transportation, especially the subways, all times of the day and night; typically an hour or more per day. I never had a problem.

    More recently I visited and stayed in midtown and was pleased with how nicely it has been cleaned up from the bad old days.

    Situational awareness will protect you. What you don't want to do is get on the wrong train and find yourself in a place you shouldn't be.
    So take a good look at the subway maps and ask the attendants for directions before getting onto a train.

    Finally, NYC cops are not known for their politeness and courtesy. You are at least as likely to have an unpleasant encounter with one of the city's finest as with a thug. Just remain cool and obey, and be polite, and you will be O.K.

    (See above comment as one good reason to not vote for The Mayor to be promoted to President.)

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    I've lived in NY all my life, about 2/3 in NYC. Your training for awareness of surrounds is the best foundation for peace of mind; don't look or act like a target and you won't become one. Look and stay alert at all times. If it makes you feel better, carry a folder (dagger-type fixed blades are a no-no). Ignore anyone behaving like an a$$. Cops ain't that bad, they have a lousy job. Giuliani cleaned up the worst of, I have to give him that. The subway looks worse than it is. Really. Enjoy yourselves.

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    Back in the day

    When I grew up in the city you used to be able to legally carry a black powder revolver. I don't know if this loop hole still exists. Any knife more than 4.5 inches long or double edged is illegal. I only had to use a weapon once. It was to defend a woman on the street, and that was an umbrella. A sturdy umbrella or cane is one of the most effective weapons you can legally carry in the city. I had a friend who effectively defended himself against two armed attackers with a cane. The cane (umbrella) has two advantages 1. It has superior reach to any edged weapon your likly to face. 2. Its already in your hand. This may give you an advantage over some one attempting to draw a weapon on you. Its interesting that you are not allowed to carry a collapsable baton in NYC but a cane which has longer length and is superior in close quaters fighting is perfectly legal. A rattan or aluminum umbrella with a hooked handle would be my choice. Of cousre any weapon that you don't know how to use is a liability. I would not recommend carrying any sort of gun shaped weapon in NYC (water pistol etc.) people can be amazingly stupid about such things and the police are extremly sensitive to any device even remotely resembling a firearm. Situational awareness is the best weapon you can have.

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    Pepper spray is legal in NY. But not just any old pepper spray. Only certain sizes, cannot be any kind of "disguised" container - can't look like a pen or anything like that. Legally sold only in gun stores and pharmacies, and you must show ID and fill out a form.

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    Self defense spray is legal in New York, but under the Penal Code the net weight cannot exceed 0.75 ounces and cannot contain more than 0.7% weight of total capasaicinoids. Look at Fox Labs OC Spray item #FX-11C. The net weight is 11 grams, just under 0.50 ounce, and contains 2% Oleoresin Capsicum. It's just the right size to conceal in your hand and pocket. The best place to get it in New York State is from www.copsplus.com . My wife uses it, since she cannot conceal carry to her employment at a college. Do not carry anything that even remotely looks like a firearm in New York City. Just always be aware of your surroundings.
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    Cold Steel makes some nice walking sticks which can serve well as defensive implements: http://www.coldsteel.com/sticks.html

    Not sure if such an item is permitted to the sheeple in NYC, though.

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