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Strong side carry/butt foward...problems?

This is a discussion on Strong side carry/butt foward...problems? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The twist draw is not as easy as it looks and may be dangerous for some folks who just don't know how to handle a ...

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Thread: Strong side carry/butt foward...problems?

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    The twist draw is not as easy as it looks and may be dangerous for some folks who just don't know how to handle a firearm correctly. Steve48

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    Calvary carry worked for it's time & for the reasons listed by posters. The guns they used are quite different (Length of barrel, safety, grips, etc) than modern guns of today, including current revolvers. Unless of course you're using a CAS type gun.

    I believe another reason for it was that it allowed one to cock the hammer back easily if one knew they were going to be needing the gun quickly, especially if you're seated.
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    I open carry my S&W 29 that way. It tends to ride closer to my body thus less likely to snag on brush in the field.
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    The reason for it ( it was only right handed btw leftys had a cross draw ) is that when you ride a horse it makes a certin amount of sense in that you have your pistol close to your strong side ( right ) hand , and it wont be fowled by mundane activity's like swinging a rope ect. It was good then for the .guv , but as to carry now the posts pretty much speak for themselves . Heck i even have a " magnum pi " sob for a 1911 , its kept as a collectable holster , not any real utility .
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