ccw in Massachusetts?

ccw in Massachusetts?

This is a discussion on ccw in Massachusetts? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Im from the fine state of massachusetts (chuckle) and was wondering if anyone out there holds a concealed carry permit in mass, or knows someone ...

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Thread: ccw in Massachusetts?

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    ccw in Massachusetts?

    Im from the fine state of massachusetts (chuckle) and was wondering if anyone out there holds a concealed carry permit in mass, or knows someone who does. If you do what is the reason you used to carry on your application, do you have local connections, etc. For those of you who dont know how mass ccw works, They are issued at the whim of your local Chief of Police. In some rural areas the Chief will liberally issue cc permit, other areas, like boston are prety much impossible. Chief of Police can reject for any reason. I have a job in which I may have to carry large sums of money on a daily basis, which I anticipate will be reason enough for cc, as it has been for my father. So if anyone has mass ccw experience I would like to hear your situation. Those of you in "Shall issue" states you guys dont realize how lucky you are! Thanks All!!

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    Welcome aboard.

    I will hope some MA folks will come along and comment for you. I do get the impression getting the permit is not too easy.
    Chris - P95
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    If your name happens to be Kennedy, you should be able to get one.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Welcome from Texas!!
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    Hello hollewud7 and all,

    I recently was issued my Class A LTC in MA. You said it, rural town + carry-friendly PD + have some local connections and here I am with my LTC with Reason ALP: (All Lawful Purposes). But I consider myself somewhat lucky to have those favorable circumstances. I do also have friends and family from town with Class A LTCs too. Mass is strange with local Chiefs deciding what to do, and with the "Approved Handguns Roster" and whatnot. I guess it could be worse, but should certainly be better. Anyway, good luck with it, be safe.

    Take Care,


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    I have my MA LTC A (Mass License to Carry Class A) for Protection.

    LTC A = handguns and high cap rifles/pistols. Allows CCW if you are not restricted on the license.
    LTC B = handguns and low cap rifles/pistols. No CCW. Must carry locked in a case and unloaded.
    FID = low cap long guns.

    (The above info is my memory and not ment to be legal advice.)

    MA is a "may" issue at the chief's discretion. My first permit was All Lawful Purpose (ALP) issued in West Bridgewater. My renewal was in Brockton and it was for Hunting and Target only. My next renewal, also in Brockton, I received for protection so could ccw again. Brockton will not issue ALP LTC'S.

    I'm back in WB so I hope next March when I renew I can get my ALP back.

    I highly recommend you visit That's a local forum that will help you find out more info about MA carry. We also have two or three pro-gun MA lawyers who frequent the fourm. You could contact one of them for legal stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hollewud7 View Post
    Im from the fine state of massachusetts (chuckle)
    No you're not. You're from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    (Or the People's Republic)

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    I have a friend in Mass. He says you need to be "connected". Steve48

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    If your name happens to be Kennedy, you should be able to get one.
    He doesn't need CCW, He has cars and bridges to do his work.
    A person is justified in the use of deadly force, if such person reasonably believes deadly force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to such person or a third person.

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    Any firearmpermit, be it LTC or FID, is solely at the discretion and whim of your local Chief of Police. If you have some connections, then obviously it would be easier to get that permit. If you do not have connections you'll have to sell yourself and your reasons to that Chief to try and get that permit.

    Get all the licensing information together and everything you need to apply for the permit. I do beleive in MA that you have to go through a firearms safety course before applying for an LTC. That class has a one year limit before it "expires" for application of the permit.

    Please double check me on the class thing and make sure you find out everything you need to know before applying for the permit. It'll be much easier for you that way. Good luck.... you'll need it!

    Oh yeah, if it becomes to much of a hassle, just move to NH! $10, 5 days, no record, and the permit is yours!
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    For mine I stated that my need was based on the fact that my travels in and around the region for both professional and personal reasons most often involved possesion of product, monies, and other items of percieved value at varying hours both day and night. As such I requested the LTC-A leval permit not to protect those valuables which are otherwise replaceable and/or insured but to defend my own physical being in the event a worst case scenario were to occur whether I be on the street, at work, or with my family within my home.
    I was rubber stamped as the interviewer read my small paragraph then looked me over and he rubber stamped me.

    Now of course the above is completely generic and beyond first blush is wholly meaningless. We all walk around wearing items of some percieved value from our Nike shoes to Timex watches. As well we all have jobs and at times will be in possesion of items of value and/or travel with them be it the night deposit or a box of pens we pickup from Staples for the office.
    The requirement is bogus and stupid but as they require somethign to say they asked and to provide to a boss if by chance I do somethign stupid then I gave them what they wanted to hear and made it sound good.

    Additionally I provided for references my mother inlaw who is a long time local (I'm a transplant) and as a second my long time professional mentor who just happens to also have been for years my shooting partner before I moved here.
    They don't actually call your references but they too are there just to support the chief if by chance you do somethign stupid they can then say well these persons vouched toward Joe Doofus' charachter.
    It's just a game so play it.

    One thing I will add though, I came in as a 'renewal' because I'd held a MA LTC from over a decade prior that had expired long ago.
    As well I came in with a resident license from my home state and I'd voluntarilly taken a MA LTC course even as I didn't have to because I had a recent NRA cert. from my home state, in addition to being an LTC renewal. I figured doing the MA specific class could only help me and I wanted to be most informed toward current law which had changed alot since my pre '98 LTC had been approved & expired.

    My LTC-A is assigned out of a western MA hippie town and the only connection I had was a Comcast cable hookup of which I brought a photocopy of my latest bill as proof of residency.

    - Janq

    "You're not just telling us what we want to hear?" - Parole board chairman, 'Raising Arizona'
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    I have my LTC Class A and I'm in Central MA. Went in to the PD for the 'interview' and we just kinda shot the sh*t, talked about what I'm gunna buy once I get it. Class A came 6 weeks later. No problems. It all depends on the town.

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    It varies very much town to town in MA. With some places (including Boston proper) simply deciding not to issue carry permits. There is an extensive list of towns and how they rate in terms of giving permits on

    I live on the South Shore and was able to get a Class A LTC with no restrictions. I had never been in trouble. I was not required to state a reason why I wanted to carry, but the chief did call me in for a interview. I'm a nurse at a major trauma center in Boston and, in my experince, cops tend not to give nurses a hard time, so I think that helped.

    The laws are crazy here in MA, but in some states NO ONE can carry.

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    My brother used to live in Grafton and was issued a LTC-A with no issues. Reason was the generic "All Lawful Purposes." It really does depend on your town.

    I grew up in RI, graduated from URI in '98. I moved to MA and worked there for 7 years, though moved back to RI for the latter 5, and then got the heck outta dodge in the summer of '05. My advice--move out as soon as you can. The way they tax you in that state is beyond criminal and they don't deserve your hard earned $$$. RI is just about as bad, NH is lightyears better. The midwest (like here in Minnesota) is awesome. A lot of people stay where they are for no other reason than the fact that it's familiar. Strike up a spirit of adventure and get out of that tiny little over-priced corner of this vast and great country!

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    My wife and I both have our LTC A ALL LAWFUL PURPOSES.
    No problem at all. In fact she just renewed hers a couple of weeks ago.

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