Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm

Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm

This is a discussion on Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello - I am bran new to the forums, and handguns. been shooting a rifle and/or shotgun for years... but figured I'd better get a ...

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Thread: Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm

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    Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm

    Hello - I am bran new to the forums, and handguns. been shooting a rifle and/or shotgun for years... but figured I'd better get a handgun while they can still be got. I recently bought an M&P and wanted to use it for conceal carry. I'm a big fella, with big hands. I just wasnt a fan of the smaller 'compact' guns. my questions is, how easily is this concealed? can it be worn with an IWB holster? or would you stick to strictly outside the belt with a shirt or jacket over the weapon?

    i do not have a CCW yet, all the classes are booked solid until October when I have mine. so... i got a little time. :-)

    looking forward to reading the threads here... being relatively new to handguns, i want to know all i can.... for safety first and effiicent shooting and handling.

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    Okay, there is a lot of options here. It's hard to stamp any one label on someone. IWB will stay tighter to the body and be a little easier to conceal while owb will be more for like winter and heavy clothing. There are many different methods of carry. Positions that include appendix (crotch carry), hip carry, kidney carry, shoulder holster carry, cross carry, etc. I will say that whatever you decide will have to be completely concealed and not visible on the body during normal daily activity...bending, squatting, lifting, etc. holsters can be a pain for you though given whether you want retention or not and what angle you want and material. Lotta crap to sift through.

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    I myself prefer Appendix Carry and have been using the 3Speed Holster for 3 years now. Though mainly made for "Deep Conceal" I wear this (I have one for my Ruger SR40C and one for my G19/G26). The advantage is i can wear this with extremely casual clothes. No belt is necessary .

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    Welcome to the forum. I carry a similar size pistol daily, IWB concealed shouldn't be a problem with it. You will probably need to adjust your wardrobe some (size larger on your pants) and loose shirts, but it can be done.
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    Welcome to the forum. My M&P Shield stays very well concealed and I usually carry it IWB appendix or 3 o'clock. A good holster will make this much easier and I often switch between Sticky Holster or Blade Tech Klipt.

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    I, myself have no problems concealing a full size but I'll allow that during the warm weather months a MP9C conceals better under a un-tucked tee shirt. With an un-tucked dress shirt the full size no problem. I'm not as over weight as I use to be, thus concealment is a bit more easy.

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    I prefer OWB, and carry full size M&P under a polo shirt with no problem. If you decide on IWB, you will need larger pants and belt to allow room for it
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    I think you'll find that with some trial and error, you should be able to carry a full sized M&P any way you want to. It's definitely not so big that you won't be able to conceal it but (and this is really the case regardless of firearm) you may end up with a holster or two as you try different things to find what works best for you. It's the reason we all have 'holster drawers' here.

    Since, in MO, we enjoy a quite varied climate, you may find that you want to carry IWB in the warmer temperatures and then switch over to OWB when it gets cool enough to wear more than one layer.
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    We all had to go through the 'how do I carry' phase. Fortunately it's not a question you need to rush to answer, and it's one where you can (and will) change your mind as you go along. I would wait until my CC class and talk to the instructor, etc for options and opinions. Remember that what works for others may or may not work for you. Most of us have several holsters in a drawer that looked great until we wore them for a week. There are books you can check out, (The Gun Digest guide to concealed carry by Ayoob is worth a read) but deciding what to do is very much a hands on thing. Until you strap it on for a week you won't really know. The laws in your area and those you will be travelling in also influence your choice. I occasionally carry in an OWB holster with a pullover shirt. If my rig gets exposed, it's not a problem in VA where OC without a permit is legal. If your area bans OC, it may be a problem.
    You may also find that you prefer 2 carry methods, but that your pistol is only suitable for one of them. If so, I have bad news for you - you may have to force yourself to buy another gun. Perhaps something smaller like a J-frame S&W revolver or a Ruger LC9s so you can pocket carry. Many of us have had to endure this agony, but we survived and you will too. (I have done this so many times that the trips to my LGS to try out new holsters / handguns are almost enjoyable.)
    Good luck! Welcome to the club!

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    Howdy from TEXAS, where the west begins. Welcome to the forum.
    Glad you could join us. Pull up a chair and sit a spell.
    Takes a little trial and error but eventually you will.

    And empty a drawer and designate it for all the "perfect" holsters that just didn't quite work.
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    I pocket carry during the week, but on weekends I IWB a shield or 1911. both are easy to conceal with untucked shirt. Never have thought about carrying my S & W 9mm. welcome to DC.
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    I wear mine at 3:00 IWB, no problem. I did have the beaver tail removed, simply because I don't like beaver tails on my carry guns. Honestly, I shoot my M&P9C more accurately, and carry it more often.
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    Welcome from the pine tree state,Maine.

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    I carried my wifes CORE for a month after hand surgery with a kydex body swap . Liked the larger handgun so much I bought a like size sig p320compact for daily carry in the same holster , a Comp-Tac Neutral . I not tall at 5=9 but was 245lb when I iwb the m&p . If you want to try OWB look to Blackdog Concealment . There OWB fits tight to your body cost is low and delievery is very fast . 3 days for use .
    How it set up .

    M&P CORE with only a kydex body change -

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    Yes, you can conceal the full size M&P. I've done it. A friend still does. The grip tends to print a lot if you sit or bend over, but standing I can hide it as well as anything else.

    As much as I LOVED my full size, I ditched it for a Glock 19. The slightly smaller grip makes a difference, a big one, and it is substantially lighter. Put it this way, my M&P9c weighs 33oz with the flush mag and 13 rounds. My full size was 38oz with 17 rounds. My Glock 19 is 29oz with 16 rounds. That's what won me over. It is also thinner, if only by a bit.
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