1911 Concealed carry

1911 Concealed carry

This is a discussion on 1911 Concealed carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently inherited a very nice 1911 and I would like to start carrying it. Mostly because I have always been fond of the 1911 ...

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Thread: 1911 Concealed carry

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    1911 Concealed carry

    I recently inherited a very nice 1911 and I would like to start carrying it. Mostly because I have always been fond of the 1911 having grown up shooting one since I was very young, but also because of who it came from and knowing that they carried it everyday for many years as well. My question is how do you 1911 guys do it. Its a commander size 1911 and for the life of me I can't seem to find a way to carry it without it seriously printing. Granted I live in Florida so shorts and a t-shirt may not be the greatest clothing choice but any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    I use the thin grips (Alumagrips) on my 1911 and carry at 3:30.... works great for me.
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    I carry commander IWB UBGholster and a T shirt What hard about that. Myself I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts at any age over 12 . Even when I worked in or visited FL. Jeans and a T shirt is my dress year around. Winter I toss on a jacket But carry is IWB Be it a PPK/s, 44spl Charter Arms , or a 1911 Commander.
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    Myself I have found the 1911 very concealable using an IWB holster and quality belt; in fact a 1911 is my normal EDC. Preferring to purchase locally my holsters and belt are from Wild Bill's Concealment | The Professional's Choice. I have no problem concealing under a T-shirt or an un-tucked shirt.
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    One of the great things about the 1911 is there thinness. This makes IWB a natural and for years I carried my 5" Colts in a CrossBreed IWB until the holster cracked. Not a bad reflection on CrossBreed, as everything will wear out.

    I am now very fond of Milt Sparks IWB and own several, the famous VMII and the newer Nexus. Its very easy to conceal a 1911 with one of these! Also for a OWB the Milt Sparks Axiom works very well with a square bottom button up shirt.
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    My Colt commander conceals easily OWB at 3:00 under a button down shirt . . I simply wear it unbuttoned over a t-shirt.
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    I have a 5" 1911 in a Galco holster IWB behind a Hank's Amish belt that disappears under a T-shirt and shorts that i carry around 3:30.
    Just have to find what works for your body style.
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    IWB is the way to go with a 1911 as they are so thin. That's the way I carry in a Taugua holster.
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    1911's are all I carry, Gov and Commander, 45acp and 10mm. I have shoulder, IWB, and OWB holsters. I wear heavy weight T's, polos, and fishing shirts. Holster cant, style, body shape/size, and carry position all contribute to lack of printing. My favorite shoulder holster is the Alessi Bodyguard. My IWB's are Milt Sparks Summer Special II, Nexus, and Criterion. MY OWB is from Nelson. I carry at 3:30-4:30. Thin T shirts will obviously print because they wont drape over your gun the way heavier weight ones will. Tight shirts will print when looser ones wont. If you are on the borderline of tall, buy your shirts in tall sizes so you actually have enough length to drape down over your gun. Vary your carry position; even slight changes can make a difference. I have all my IWB holsters made with a 25-28* cant because that's what works for me but not necessarily for you.
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    i carry a 5inch 1911 IWB in a wright leather works banshee holster. it just disappears

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    I carry a gubmint model (full size, 5" barrel) IWB at about 3:00. My favorite holster is an old Comp-Tac model that has been improved and changed names several times. Its now called an Infidel with a CTAC strut. The strut keeps the holster at the same angle and position. I'm 5' 10", 160 lbs. The holster, gun, spare mag and BUG all conceal under a vest, sweater vest, or other cover garment. I'll attach a photo of me wearing the rig, and paste in links to the holster.

    John W in SC

    Infidel Holster | Comp-Tac Victory Gear

    Infidel CTAC Strut | Comp-Tac Victory Gear

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    OWB with an FBI cant at 9:00 - 9:30 (Lefty).
    Loose shirt & jeans usually. Good belt required.
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    About 95% of the time I carry a Government Model in a Milt Sparks Watch-Six, being made of horse hide it's one of the thinnest IWB I found in over 37yrs of carrying a GM. With a little forethought, there isn't anything hard about carrying a 1911.

    Milt Sparks Watch-Six
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    Everything denclaste said, above...^^^^^^

    I will add: for those living in climates (probably not Florida, at least not often) where a jacket or windbreaker can be worn, OWB carry is very, very easy, on a proper gun belt.

    My favorite rigs (among those I currently own) are made by Kelley Gunleather:

    Kelley Gun Leather - Custom Handmade Leather Holsters - Phoenix, AZ

    I like the type with two straps that snap around the belt. For example:

    This rig is so comfortable you barely know you're wearing it. One great thing is how easy the holster is to put on and take off.

    Kelley (and several others) offer very similar IWB models that are very nearly as comfortable:

    I've even had good luck with the garden variety Alien Gear hybrid holster (first Gen.) like this one:

    In any case, there are lots and lots of 1911 carry options from many other great holster makers too.

    Bottom line: the 1911 is NOT difficult to carry, especially with a quality belt and holster system.
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    Very similar to the Watch-Six is the Safariland model pictured here with my gun and a local custom made belt slide holster.

    On my trip to Florida, I got up and put this holster on at 9am, and wore it until 4pm the next day, with no problems.
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