Yes...this too can happen to you.

Yes...this too can happen to you.

This is a discussion on Yes...this too can happen to you. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well...Im gonna pass on how an AD almost took off my hand......ok, I was full of ****! And Im sorry for that...Ill leave the rest ...

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Thread: Yes...this too can happen to you.

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    Yes...this too can happen to you.

    Well...Im gonna pass on how an AD almost took off my hand......ok, I was full of ****! And Im sorry for that...Ill leave the rest of this first post, like it was written. Part of my pentance....for not fessing up with you guys at the start. The friend is me, the customer was my customer and Ill just leave it at that! My humble apologies for not being honest from the start of this little thread. The Ironic thing is Im brutally honest with everyone in my life, my kids, friends, clients.....etc. Except when I want to crawl under a rock......which is how this little situation made me feel..So again, you all have my humble apologies for my dishonesty......hope that makes sense.

    This guy is in the gun/CCW industry and has been handling firearms for 35 least! I wont tell on him, as he wants to hide under a rock but gave me the ok to tell about this little adventure.

    Anyway as it was told to me ...."He had a customer in his hobby shop showing him how, his customers Kimber 1911 worked. The customer is a newbie and was unfamiliar with the workings of John Brownings greatest achievment. (my take on things! ) Anyway...after stripping this gun down to the sear and explaining how it worked, he put it togethor and gave it back to the customer. Who at this time was most greatful for the information about his gun.

    In handling the firearm that afternoon he had noticed that the safety caught the slide a bit when the hammer was down and wanted to show the customer that he needed to have a new safety fit to the gun and why.

    He asked for the gun back and was putting pressure on the muzzle and working the safety up at the same time, to show him how it wasnt right...but this time the safety didnt catch the slide and allowed him to rack the slide.

    His left hand was in front of the muzzle and he bumped the trigger....BOOM!

    Heres the kicker...His customer was going home and put the gun in a gun case for doing so, he had inserted a mag loaded with 230gr. Gold Dot JHP's into the gun.

    The customer did not pass it onto my friend that the gun was hot and as he passed onto me, he had handled the gun, torn it apart and put it back togethor that afternoon and got a little (cough!!) to complacent...not checking to see if it was hot before handling the weapon.

    As with any AD...he was more shocked than scared until he noticed the waterfall of blood coming off of his hand and his family running into the shop to see what the hell the noise was.

    Everyone was ok...except of course, his hand, a couple of walls, a dead dresser and a very very rattled and apologetic Customer. (Personally, I suspect it will be a while before he is back for more gun instruction!)

    The emergency room visit wasnt anything to write home about although they did have to report it to the police, who came out to the shop and verified his story. Which according to him...did check out.

    He also gave him the customers name and contact information, who they contacted and verified the story with him also.

    The round went off of his left palm, through a 12" thick exterior wall, through a hall way wall and lodged in his dresser. In its travels, the bullets hollow point filled with sheet rock and had failed to expand.

    Here is the hand the day after the incident. I apologize for the crappy was taken by me with my Razor cell phone, while he told me of his little venture.

    The wound is about 1 1/2" long, over 1/4" deep and 1/2" wide and bled for over 4 days......not good!

    Ive known this guy for a long long time and have shot with him untold times. He is quite knowledgeable, IMO, on many things relating to guns and this just goes to show what can to the best of us....if and when we get to complacent.

    Never, and I mean Never forget the 4 rules.............

    Shoot well and god bless
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    Sad to hear that. Just reinforces the rule that you should treat ALL guns as loaded.
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    It can happen to the best, One slip up and....
    "Hell of a thing, killin' a man. Take away all he's got and all he's ever gonna have."
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    Sounds like that could have been a lot worse, if he shot straight through the hand or even into his gut.
    Very lucky the way it only grazed.

    But after the embarrassment fades he will have a scar to show that will be invaluable when teaching new gun owners the 4 rules.

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    He is damned lucky he was not fully covering the muzzle. A relative of mine put a 1/2" drill bit directly through the bones and nerves in the center of his palm, and lost a fair amount of control over several fingers. I can't imagine what a JHP would do.

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    I posted something not long ago - where a shooting buddy had an ND experience - and what that brought home, and this too, is that complacency can get the better of folks.

    Always yes the four rules ......... and do not let familiarity stray beyond those. I still think even now after years of guns and shooting - I need to apply the rules just as if I was a total noob.
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    A good, and painfully obvious, reminder to check every time you pick it up.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Wow, I'm so glad that he's alright. You are right, it could have been so much worse.

    To add fuel to a healthy fire, I'll add a story myself.

    I was about thirteen years old, sitting in my brother's room, playing on his computer when I heard him come home from a day of deer hunting and come up the stairs. I was really nervous because I knew he'd find me in his room but I was surprised to find he didn't even come in the room. He went straight into the bathroom and started a shower. He took the longest shower I'd ever known him to take and for the first time in years there was no singing.

    I guess odder things have happened, so I kept playing on the computer.

    When my brother came out of the bathroom he still didn't come into his room. Instead he went straight down stairs.

    Not more than a minute later I heard my Dad scream and pandemonium break out. What's worse, is my then my sisters started to scream.

    I ran down stairs just as my Dad was picking up the phone and calling my mother who was working as a registered nurse about ten miles away.

    "Get the emergency room ready," he yelled into the phone, "I'm bringing Paul in. He shot himself!"

    For the first time that night I got a good look at my nineteen-year-old brother, standing in the kitchen, a little hunched over, ghostly white, tenderly holding his left side.

    Dad yelled at him to get in the car while my two sisters hugged each other and bawled, intermittently blabbering something about Paul dying.

    After my Dad practically carried my brother out to the car and sped down the road, my sisters and I went up to the bathroom. I hope I never see that much blood again in my life.

    Blood was all over the floor, the sink, the walls of the shower, even the shower floor. His shirt was also laying on the floor and was completely soaked in blood.

    It was early in the morning before he came home and I think all of us were a little surprised that he was not kept at least overnight.

    Of course, because it was a gunshot wound, the police met him, my father and mother at the hospital and escorted them home so that he could get the story from my brother on just what happened.

    It had been approaching dusk and my brother wanted to make one more pass through some brush on his way back to the car at the end of a long, cold and fruitless day of hunting by himself. He was carrying a twelve gauge shotgun sawed off to just the legal limit. Because he wanted to be ready should a deer present itself, he pushed through the heavy brush with the safety disengaged, ready to fire.

    Then he tripped. As he saw the ground getting closer his thoughts were not on his personal safety but rather not wanting to get mud in the barrel of his gun. He flipped the gun around, attempting to use the butt to catch himself. The butt did hit ground, but the force of it hitting and his inertia caused him to slip a second time and his right thumb to pull the trigger.

    He blew three inches of flesh right out of his left side with a twelve gauge slug.

    The Doctors told him he was the luckiest man alive at that moment because two inches to the left would have blown off his left arm and an inch to the right would have killed him. They were also astounded that he remained alert enough to take off his shirt, pack his wound, drive all the way home, take a shower, and ride to the hospital with his father. He had every chance to just have passed out and bled to death in the middle of a marsh.

    Of course the police officer was quick to point out that had he not sawed off the shotgun to begin with the slug would have never hit him at all as the barrel would have just rested on his side.

    He confessed that he hoped he could just go home, clean it in the shower, make the bleeding would stop, and hide it to avoid getting in trouble... and embarrassed. After his shower, when he realized that the bleeding was just not stopping, he decided to tell the truth. He hobbled down stairs and said to my dad, "Ummm, Dad, I think I shot myself."

    The subsequent scream of "WHAT?" from my father, is what I heard two stories away.

    It took him months to recover, delayed his entry into the United States Navy, and left him with one of the most wicked scars I've ever seen as a reminder that a clean bore isn't worth a life.
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    He is lucky, that wound does not look bad. I saw a guy that shot himself in the hand and it took a huge chunk out of his palm underneath his pinky. That was a Speer GD 9mm +p.
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    As far as it could be worse....yep, you are all right! It could have been much worse!
    He wanted me to pass on that even a "minor gun shot wound".....
    "F-ING BURNS"....My guess is it hurts him pretty bad!

    Shoot well and god bless
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    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..........Rush

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    There are 2 types of shooters: Those who had an ND and those who will.
    You have to make the shot when fire is smoking, people are screaming, dogs are barking, kids are crying and sirens are coming.
    Randy Cain.

    Ego will kill you. Leave it at home.
    Signed: Me!

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    He better make sure to keep that wound clean and dry. I'd venture to say 75% of the non-life threatining GSW's I've seen at work return 1-2 weeks later with nasty infections.

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    Miggy...actually 3 types. Those who have had them, those who will and those who lie about it! :D :D
    Schwebel...Ill pass it on. Im sure he's doing what the ER told him to.
    Thanks for the advice.
    Shoot well and god bless
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice..........Rush

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    Jeebus! :(

    - Janq
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