I see this every day at work....stupid sign

I see this every day at work....stupid sign

This is a discussion on I see this every day at work....stupid sign within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Every day that I go to work I see this stupid sign as I enter the building. I hate it and to be honest, I ...

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Thread: I see this every day at work....stupid sign

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    I see this every day at work....stupid sign

    Every day that I go to work I see this stupid sign as I enter the building. I hate it and to be honest, I hate where I work.

    Before I get a ton of responses that say "quit" and find another place to work, believe me I am looking for a new place to work. As soon as I find another job I am out of this place faster than a bolt of lightening. I do not like working there. There are a lot of good people but there are also alot of morons. Too many morons in fact.

    But, I wanted to show you all what I have to look at every day that I walk into that place. It just puts me in a cruddy mood as soon as I get there.

    It may not meet the standards of the Tennessee law for these types of signs. Someone who knows more about that law than I do will have to tell me that but it is against company policy to bring a gun in to the building.

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    Yea, I could see how that would put you in a crappy mood. I can't carry to work either, but you obviously can't carry on a military installation. Haha. Best of luck with finding a new job and a more pro-gun atmosphere!
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    that puts me in a crappy mood, and i don't even work there.

    you have my sympathies.

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    And in Mexican too?
    Yes, mexican, because it is bad spanish grammar.
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    Hey thanks for putting me in a crappy mood too..

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    "Unlawful"....... since when? I work at McDonalds, but I haven't seen any sign specifically prohibiting the carry of arms, but I haven't bothered to ask. I like the idea of Don't Ask Don't Tell. I do carry at work, because my life isn't worth a minimum wage job.

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    That is depressing. I'm not allowed to carry either but I don't have to look at a sign like that. Think small, very small....better than nothing.

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    stupid sign!

    I share your pain; I can't carry at work either and have the NO-BUSTER sign at both entrances to our building. I think that style sign is a bit more annoying.
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    i cant speak for tn law, but in sc, if the sign doesnt meet EXACT standards as defined in the law (size of letters, direction of slash in specific size, specific depiction, etc), then you're not required by law to obey it.

    then, it boils down to A) if you let anyone KNOW you're carrying concealed and B) how many warnings you can get away with....

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    I am sure you feel safe working some place that tells all the would be KILLERS out there that nobody inside your building will be able to shoot back, or have any kind of weapon.
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    Bummer, I can't carry at work ether, it sucks.
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    Same with me... no guns at work. As a matter of fact, you will be terminated if you are found to have them on the premises. NO questions asked, you just get axed. But I do love working there, so I tolerate it.
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    Darn, I must be some kind of a radical or something. I encourage my people to get permitted and carry, even at work! Anybody here need a job building custom furniture?
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    I can't remember seeing a sign like this around Orlando. I'm sure they exist somewhere but I've never run across one. I used to work for a branch of a very large company and they had a policy of no guns allowed in the trucks but it was never inforced. The branch manager and a parts person and about six techs also carry.

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    After a stunt on Friday, I am thinking about posting my office. Nothing like seeing an employee that has failed to cover their weapon talking to a reporter!

    Of course, there is no way I would restrict the ability of someone to carry a weapon into my place of business- but after that I can understand why some do.
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