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How often does everyone shoot?

This is a discussion on How often does everyone shoot? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I try to shoot my carry gun at least once a week. Also, twice a month my wife and I do a range trip where ...

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Thread: How often does everyone shoot?

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    I try to shoot my carry gun at least once a week. Also, twice a month my wife and I do a range trip where we take at least 4 pistols and sometime a couple rifles.

    Yes ammo is expensive and getting worse. We haven't cut down on the frequency of the range trips, but we have cut down on the number of rounds fired. We used to shoot 300, now we do about 150.

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    Reloading is a good way to shoot cheaper especially if you cast your own bullets. The start up cost is expensive but once set up you will be pleased with the savings.

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    Depends on the weather and the season of the year. If we are hunting a lot, we get to the range rarely, but in the spring and summer, once or twice a week.
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    Once a week.

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    I generally shoot once a week with my carry gun, and go through about 150 rounds of 9mm.

    I also try to schedule one firearms class a year - this year it's Advanced Concealed Carry at TDI in West Union, Ohio. I'm guessing that will add an extra 600 rounds or so to my round count for the year.

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    At least once a week, usually 50-100 rounds a pop.
    I went through 200 this weekend.
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    I try to make it twice a month, and about 200 rounds per trip.

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    I try to shoot weekly, but it doesn't always happen.
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    Winter months I get out at least weekly to practice, I also shoot a monthly IDPA match and a bi-monthly combat pistol league. Spring, summer, fall I shoot 2-3 times a week in addition to the matches. I bought 40 acres a few years ago and built my own pistol/rifle range complete with IDPA target stands and a set of steel targets. So when I’m out doing chores I can usually get in a couple hundred rounds a session. Last year I went through a little over 10K in .45ACP alone.

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    I shoot almost weekly; I miss a week every now and then, but I easily average 200 rounds a week. Last week was 300.
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    I'm managing around twice a week, I use to shoot both the XD .45 and the XD 9 mm SC about 150 rd. each. Now I just shoot one each visit, ...on a side note visited "Outdoor Warehouse" yesterday, I bought 5 boxes of .45 ACP Blazer Brass less than two weeks ago for 10.99 a box, it's now 12.99 a box. What the heck is going on?
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    I use to shoot 100-200 rds weekly.

    Now that i'm married and expecting our first child.......

    200- 500 rds every other month.
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    Try to go each weekend, I seriously need to pick up a .22LR pistol though. Even shooting 9x19 can get a bit expensive after a while...

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    I average one trip to the range per week. Shoot 200 to 300 rounds. 9mm, .45colt, .45acp. And yes I reload.
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    2 times per week with 100-150 rounds of 9mm, 40s/w or 45acp. Its nice having an in-door range close by.
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