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How often does everyone shoot?

This is a discussion on How often does everyone shoot? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ever since I moved to the city I don't get out & shoot as much, I need to find a outdoor area setup like 3gun. ...

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Thread: How often does everyone shoot?

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    Ever since I moved to the city I don't get out & shoot as much, I need to find a outdoor area setup like 3gun. But, those places seem to be farther away & take gas $$$.

    Country- 300rds min. /wk - shot 3+days /wk
    City - 400-700rds /yr - shoot about 3x /yr

    the .50 only gets shot when family is around, pretty much.

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    I work in a gunshop and indoor range and shoot a little bit 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes testing out a pistol or a repair, sometimes just shooting the rental guns before I clean them. All repairs get fired, if possible, before returning them to the customer. A test target is included. Usually I shoot about 50 rounds through various types of pistols, ammo a fringe benefit of my employment. Occasionally I shoot a carbine, rarely get to shoot a shotgun due to limitations on the range. About twice a month I shoot for training purposes with a gun like my CCW gun. Usually a range rental of the same type or brand (yes, too lazy to clean mine). We run shooting scenarios with the employees using photo targets or props added to shilouettes. About twice a month I train seriously with my CCW using the actual weapon, then clean and lube, etc. Shoot out my CCW ammo every six months or so and replace. If an odd pistol comes in used, I have the privelege of shooting it, provided I clean it up for sale. Since I usually clean the used guns and rentals anyway, no problem. Yes, I have been known to show off with my favorite range rentals from time to time, as do many of the employees. We keep a shotgun behind the counter loaded, and it gets cleaned every few months if it gets dusty, and the ammo gets cycled out and it gets shot twice a year. The boss understands I reserve the right to grab a box of ammo and undergo gunpowder therapy anytime my attitude needs improving. Great job.

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    I average about once a week, about 100 rounds per trip, mostly .45 but usually a few 9MM too. I'm looking at purchasing a .22 conversion kit for my G30, so I can shoot it more and cheaper.

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    I dry fire daily, including about 50 draws from concealed carry and about 100 dryfire shots on people on television. Its important to load you weapon with snapcaps to prevent a AD. I shoot at work twice a month, force on force (SIMS) once every month or every other month, and for myself a range trip once montly working on simple grouping, usually starting with a 22LR then working through my different pistols (try to shoot atleast two other weapons each trip besides the 22) and then depending on my schedule, I try and make it to atleast two IDPA matches a month, where I shoot atleast one with my duty weapon and another with one of my other weapons (my personal favorite is my Novak BHP). I'd say in all total I prob shoot about between 1500 and 2000 rounds a month, thankfully most is provided by agency.
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    Once a week for me though the winter and spring. I usually shoot .22 & .45, or 9 & .45. At least 50-100 of each. Once the weather breaks I shoot every other week and work in long guns outdoors. Off weeks I start to practice outdoor archery through the late summer until hunting season, then everything stops in the fall. Only real deviation is when the kids show any interest in shooting the bow or rifle, I'll drop everything when they want to get involved!

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    before reloading i could reasonably (i'm a miser to a small extent) afford to shoot a couple boxes a week. now i can shoot 2 or 3 times as much and not feel bad.

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    Twice a month....

    I usually shoot 200 rounds 44 magnum on my 8 3/8", 4" and 2"

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    I used to shoot about twice a month, 500 rounds total, .22,.45, 9mm, shotgun and AK.

    Now I'm into reloading and my wife and son have both gotten into shooting so about twice per week now.

    I belong to a real gun club but do most of my shooting about 10 minutes from home on our little local home brew gun range, it's close and it's free.

    .22, all I want. Why not? It's cheap.
    .45, pretty much as much as I want since I reload for it now. Shoot about 300 rounds per week.
    9mm, 50-100 rounds a month
    20 gauge, once a year1 box of shells
    12 gauge, once every 3 months or so, one box of shells each time
    AK, Hmm, that's tricky and depends. Anywhere between300-1,000 rounds a month, usually closer to 300.
    7mm magnum, once a month but only a few rounds (ouch)
    Various other calibers, mostly rifle, .223.308, 30-30, 30-06-Maybe a 100 rounds a month total

    I'll probably start 9mm or mak round reloading next

    The last 2 weeks I went a little overboard as my wife, son, brother and a friend just returned from Iraq were at the range with me for a total of 1100 rounds one week and 1400 the following week.

    I think I need to start reloading for all calibers and gauges I own and I also question why I'm the guy that cleans all the guns afterward, hmm.
    PC has become the term for Political Cowardice.

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    Spokane, WA
    .45acp...Holy lead poisoning Batman!

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    Weekly if not more. Steve48

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    When I'm on it, once/week: 50-100 rounds of 45acp, plus 3 or 4 mags of 9mm through the P7M8.

    When I'm not on it, same thing, just less often (once/2 weeks).


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    Quote Originally Posted by HOLYROLLER View Post
    Got me thinking how often everyone can shoot (time/money).
    Good question.

    Better question: How often do you practice?

    Best question: How do you practice?

    I don't purport to be on the cusp of the learning curve here, as I am still learning. But this much I do know: going to the range and firing off X-number of rounds is not necessarily going to make me more proficient in the use of my gun for defensive purposes. It may in fact be reinforcing bad habits which could be worse in the long run.

    Practice every moment you have an opportunity.

    Practice is more important than shooting. Practice can be accomplished very inexpensively. No rounds need to be fired. It can be done at home. Practice a smooth 4-point draw. Practice reloads. Practice target acquisition. Practice shooting from retention. Practice single hand and weak hand. Practice kneeling, lying down, moving, taking cover, seeking concealment, low light scenarios. Dry fire.

    Then expect to see improvement when you do actually go to the range to punch holes in paper. But what kind of shooting are you actually going to do? Stand under shelter and shoot bulls eye? Or shoot from near contact, 3-feet, 5-feet, 10-feet, 15-feet, 25-feet?
    Shoot from retention, off hand, one hand, day-light, dark conditions, fair weather, cold, hot, rainy, snow, or windy. Shoot single shots, multiple shots, one target, multiple targets, staged targets. Shoot from different postions. Shoot from cover.

    You more seasoned ones can add to the list.

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    I reload, therefore I shoot. Usually I shoot a minimum 2 mags a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedlace View Post

    Just cut back on stuff you don't really need, like random snacks and porn (I like spanky).
    OK Speedlace, I understand your choice of an avitar now!
    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. "
    John Stuart Mill

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    Have a pistol, a CPL license, a holster...and no ammo yet. Been pricing rounds and figure if I can afford to shoot once a month I would be fortunate. More likely it will be 200-300 rounds a quarter!
    Holly Macaroni....People with guns and no practice scare me!
    Don't wanna get shot by a well trained good Samaritan....
    Gotta train more Guys, if you packing a firearm period!

    My live fire is 400 rounds in practice and a match (approx. 150 rounds)
    .45 acp

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