CCW historical question

CCW historical question

This is a discussion on CCW historical question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, I am looking for the answer to what would be the first state, even with limited circumstances , to have a CCW system. From ...

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Thread: CCW historical question

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    Question CCW historical question

    Ok, I am looking for the answer to what would be the first state, even with limited circumstances , to have a CCW system. From the NRA I learned Before 1987, there were 10 RTC states. Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington had “shall issue” permit laws. Alabama and Connecticut had fairly-administered discretionary-issue systems. Florida we known was also pretty well known in 1987 to be shall issue.
    My uncle in CT was able to get a ccw in late early 70's because he had to drop off money to the bank for his business way before these other states so I'm guessing it was because he had "good reason"?. It's just interesting because I found it hard to get any info on how we first went about passing ccw laws in this country to begin with, and what states earliest did so. any ideas?

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    I think the first was instituted after the infamous 'Sullivan Act' from NYC in 1911. Upon first passage, the Sullivan Act required licenses for New Yorkers to own guns small enough to be concealed.

    It has since changed from 'shall issue' to 'may issue'.
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    Iowa in 1964

    I grew up in a small city of 30,000 population in Iowa. In 1964, when I was 21, I bought my first handgun, a used US Army 1911 in .45 caliber. I wanted to shoot it at tin cans in an abandoned open pit clay mine outside of town, which was an informal shooting range for the locals.

    But I wanted to be legal, so I went down to the police station and talked to the chief, who was a good friend of my father. I told him my situation and he pulled out a stack of wallet-sized cards that were printed as "concealed carry permits" with his signature on them and a place for my name and address. He said this would allow me to legally carry the pistol, at least in his jurisdiction. He issued me the permit at no charge. There was no background check or shooting test involved.

    I doubt if the permit was good in the whole state of Iowa.

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    I am going from memory so you might want to double check my 'facts', but I believe that WA was among the first (if not the first) of the shall issue states. Vermont has never had a requirement for a permit so they were technically the first.

    Washington has been shall issue since around 1960.

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    Having grown up with black and white TV and with a vast knowledge of cowboy gunfighter types I say it was Dodge City that first posted no carry signs. The guys with the black hats had no permits. The guys with the tin stars were the gun grabbers. Then the secret handshake was started and good guys (or not) permits were issued under the wink and nod method. Early attempts at political correctness tried to reduce the wink and nod to an official bribe (license fee). Soon it became a revenue source and a control issue....

    It gets cloudy here maybe I should start over back at King George and that Tea Party in the harbor...

    DOOH! now I'm going to have to think with all the power of my brain. I*'ll get back to you(or not).
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    Virginia - 1640


    I'd offer VA as being the first as based on information I learned toward a similar thread I'd started and posting I made at another gun related site last month in regard to Black History Month.

    In 1640 the VA legislature passed a law prohibiting possesion and carry of arms in public places by persons who are negro, negroid in background, or Native American. Persons who were not of these ethnicities were thus okay to do so. In 1712 a second law was passed reinforcing the first providing for a total and complete ban of firearm possesion and ownership overall by negros, negroid, and native American persons thus allowing all others to be allowed & allowable by law.

    "That all such free Mulattoes, Negroes and Indians… shall appear without arms."
    [7 The Statues at Large; Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619, p. 95 (W.W. Henning ed. 1823).] (GMU CR LJ, p. 67)

    1712 Virginia Race-based total gun ban. "An Act for Preventing Negroes Insurrections."
    (Henning, p. 481) (GMU CR LJ, p. 70)

    The earliest allowance toward state legislated CCW for negroes was passed first in Florida in 1828;

    1828 Florida Free blacks permitted to carry guns if court approval. Act of Nov. 17, 1828 Sec. 9, 1828 Fla. Laws 174, 177; Act of Jan. 12, 1828, Sec. 9, 1827 Fla. Laws 97, 100 - Florida went back and forth on the question of licenses for free blacks; twice in 1828, Florida enacted provisions providing for free blacks to carry and use firearms upon obtaining a license from a justice of the peace. ( Id. )

    But then in 1831 that was repealled by Florida while at the same time Delaware went on line with their own legal allowance and the U.S. history goes on from there...

    1831 Florida Race-based total gun ban. Act of Jan. 1831, 1831 Fla. Laws 30 - Florida repealed all provision for firearm licenses for free blacks. (Id. p. 337-38)

    If you have an interest in this kind of thing take a peek at the following resources which you might find to be useful...

    * 'The Racist Origins of US Gun Control Laws'

    * 'Firearm Bans in the United States'

    - Janq
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