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This is a discussion on Empty Holster within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Steve48 I do that to my cell phone all the time but not my gun. Steve48 wow, a back up cell phone ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve48 View Post
    I do that to my cell phone all the time but not my gun. Steve48
    wow, a back up cell phone eh? That's communications overload right there. I mean, how many people are you planning to need to talk to. If you can't get it done with one phone I don't see how more would help. Think of all the people you're going to be endangering if you use your 2 cell phones willy nilly

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    I did some thing that scared me when I got home one night. Carried my PM9 all day long, and was cleaning the gun, and found out , I did,nt have a bullet in the Barrel.I thought, Darn! what If that one time i had to used it to find out it would not shoot. Want happen again.
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    Well it looks like you are in good company here.

    Glad everything turned out ok.
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    Let me just say, What a cool forum that a bunch of people can feel open enough to admit mistakes.

    Thanks for the stories and for being honest.

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    Well, it appears a lot if us have a story! Last week I had been to the range, shooting my Full Size M&P. I was replacing my defensive ammo, and shooting off the old JHPs. I took all of the old ammo from my M&P Compact as well. Next day, holstered the Compact, and carried it all day. That night, I thought it felt strange when I undressed. Sure enough, I had failed to reload the magazine in the gun. Zippo, nada. Not even one in the pipe. I was carrying a really nice club all day thinking I was properly armed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJ View Post
    Can we all say "sinking feeling." My brother-in-law found a revolver complete with holster and gun belt in a Texas hotel dresser drawer a couple of years ago. I'm not sure he ever made an attempt to locate the owner.
    Hey, that's mine! Although, as such time has passed, I do not really remember which hotel, city, or in fact the brand or serial number. But I'm pretty sure the barrel was round, with a front sight. Please have him contact me for shipping instructions.
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    lost, but found x 2

    OK, to make up for my less than polite first post here, I will dedicate my second post to revealing the TWO times I have misplaced a gun. First time was on the coal hills in Pennsylvania while in a dune buggy. We had been on the coal hills for about an hour. When we got out to take a break, I felt for the gun and realized it was gone. What a feeling to know I had to look for a gun-metal 1911 on a bunch of coal hills. Luckily, it only took about 10 minutes of back-tracking to spot it. The second time was two years later at the same area, but this time I used a fanny pack to carry my USP. I figured it would stay clean and not be able to fall out. Well, I placed the bag on the rear tire while I buckled my wife in her seat, (this was on our fifth anniversary, what a woman!) walked around the front of the buggy, got in and drove away. It took me about 20 minutes to realize that I had no gun. Went back to camp and found the bag with a tire mark on it. The only damage was one side of the mag release had broken off, which was replaced for free. The only other problem was a FTE the first time I fired it after the incident. It is indeed very scary to think you may have lost a gun. Hopefully, never again.

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    Don't bother looking at my first post. Certain words have been edited by a friendly and understanding mod.

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    Wink Left behind

    I will not name the agency but a local Police dept left a training session and were B.S.ing the parking lot for a while and drove off leaving an M-16 and all the gear in a Tach bag.My buddy the range owner picked it up and secured it and waited.4 days pass not a word so he calls the officer and plays with him a bit and tells him come get your stuff rookie.Well its not a secret now but....fun to get his goat anytime we see him.we always say"got everything _______ !" and give him the wink.
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    I've done it a couple of times. My holsters are so comfortable that I forget I have a gun on during the normal course of events. So in a hurry, like you, I have left with the gun at home and only realized it when I went to take the gun off.
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    It must be the season.last week I forgot my gun for the 1st time since carrying.I was 1/2 way to work when I realized it..I did have that sweaty feeling for a minute,Did I leave it on the roof of the car?I pocket carry and it is usually the last thing I put in my pocket.That day I was running late......now it's the 1st thing I put in my pocket.
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