you gotta watch what you say sometimes...

you gotta watch what you say sometimes...

This is a discussion on you gotta watch what you say sometimes... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Last weekend I was going to take my kids shooting at our local sportsmans club, but when we got there, I had just unloaded the ...

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Thread: you gotta watch what you say sometimes...

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    you gotta watch what you say sometimes...

    Last weekend I was going to take my kids shooting at our local sportsmans club, but when we got there, I had just unloaded the car when the range officer comes and tells me the range is closed until 5pm that afternoon. They were having a hunter safety class and the people in the class were going to be using the range throughout the day, so we had to come back after the class or go find someplace else to shoot.

    Rather than driving to the nearby state land, I called a buddy of mine who owns a bunch of property and he loves to shoot too. Well he wasn't answering his phone, so the kids and I went off and did other things.

    Later that evening, I treated my kids to KFC. As I'm standing in line in the crowded restaurant, my phone rings. Its my buddy who I had called earlier. I explain why I called, and he says I didn't need to call... I should have just brought the kids over, and if he wasn't home, I already knew where his range was set up, so take the kids shooting.

    Well, We've been over there planty, but I never just "show up". Plus, I wanted to let my older kids shoot my new AR15. We usually limit our shooting at his house to the .22's since he does have some neighbors nearby... he says, "who cares about the noise? screw the neighbors!"... I'd like to respect his neighbors though, and not shoot anything with to loud of a report, so that's why I only ever bring over my rimfires.

    So I'm on the phone, and he tells me next time if he's not home to just come over and bring any guns I want to shoot. I answer, loudly joking around, "Yeah, that's all your neighbors need... me showing up with a high powered rifle to start blasting away!"

    He also likes refering to my AR as my "machine gun", so when I talk to him, I usually refer to it as that as well so he knows which gun I am talking about. So, into my phone I say nice and loudly, mimicing what his neighbors might say (still joking around), "Hey, there was some crazy guy out here shooting up your porperty with a mchine gun!"

    We both laugh because he knows I really don't like giving anybody a bad impression of shooters, and would never do that to his neighbors who seem like very nice people but are a little nerveous around guns and haven't yet taken up our offer to come and shoot with us.

    So, I finish up the phone call, joking around some more about "assault weapons", large caliber hand guns, and other goofy shooting stuff. Hang up, shove the phone back in my pocket, and as I look up, everyone in the entire restaurant is just staring at me...

    I try to picture what kind of impression they would have gotten only hearing my end of the conversation, and it probobly wasn't good.

    A little red faced, I finally place my order and head home with dinner.

    Now, the town where I live in northern Michigan is very gun friendly for the most part, and I don't think the stupidity of my coversation has done any damage in regards to the few anti's who do live here, but it sure is going to make me a little more aware of who is around next time I talk "guns" on the phone.

    anybody else ever been joking around on the phone like that and realized what you said may give guns or shooting a really bad impression?
    When the messenger arrives and says 'Don't shoot the messenger,' it's a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger, just in case.

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    Made me chuckle. Good story.
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    Okay, not gun related but a funny story about what happens when you don't consider how other people might hear what you are saying.

    Years ago my wife and I arranged to go on a "turtle watch" with the park rangers at the Canaveral National Seashore. This is a deal where you go out on the beach from about midnight to 3 or 4 am, looking for sea turtles who come ashore and lay their eggs. You watch them dig the hole and lay the eggs. Once they're done and go back out to sea, you fasten chicken wire over the eggs to protect them from raccoons who will dig them up and eat them.

    So, we went over to Cocoa Beach (we lived in Orlando at the time) and figured we'd get a hotel room, go out to dinner, catch a nap before we headed to the rangers office, and then have a place to crash after the turtle watch (without having to drive all the way home). First place we went into we asked the rate. The guy says something like $150 dollars. Without blinking an eye my wife turns to me and says, "That's an awful lot of money for a room we're only going to use for a couple of hours."

    Well, you should have seen the look on that desk clerk's face!

    Once we got back out to the car I asked my wife if she had considered how her comment must have sounded to him. Nope, of course she hadn't. That was 20 years ago and we still get a pretty good laugh about it from time to time.

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    i can see some people getting a bad impression.. but honestly.. why should we feel shamed or embarassed to talk about guns in public? it is not against the law to talk about exercising your 2nd amendment rights. The way i see it is people are just going to have to get over it and move on.

    I'm sick and tired of people trying to make us feel guilty and feel like we should remain silent about guns. I feel no shame and I feel no guilt for the guns I own, shoot, and carry. And I feel no shame for talking about guns either.

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    You gotta watch what you say!!! Steve48

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    Quote Originally Posted by denverd0n View Post
    Without blinking an eye my wife turns to me and says, "That's an awful lot of money for a room we're only going to use for a couple of hours."
    I agree, wive's can be funny too.

    Co,ing home from a trip to Mexico, we had stopped at the market before going to the airport to pick up knicl knacks for the kids, and for my parents who had watched the kids while we were gone. For my folks we picked up a home made vase with dripped silver on it. I wrapped it up, and put it one of our suitcases.

    As we're checking in with the airline, my wife is checking the bags to make sure none of our gifts will get crushed when she turns to me and says, "Hey, which bag did you put the pot in?"

    Still chuckle over that one, and then trying to explain to the Mexican authorities what she meant by it.
    When the messenger arrives and says 'Don't shoot the messenger,' it's a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger, just in case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jednp View Post
    And I feel no shame for talking about guns either.
    I would agree you should not be ashamed, but consider:

    1)You've just highlighted yourself as a good person to follow home and jack, if someone nearby has the urge/need to pick up some firearms.

    2) If there is a "Johnny Rescue", anti-gun nut, you may provide enough info for him to call in a "brandishing" complaint- make, model, custom colors, etc.. Explain to Officer Joe how Johnny could so clearly describe your weapon. Heard you on the phone? Riiiight. That's putting too much faith in the average officer's judgement and belief in the 2nd Amnd. for me.

    Being discreet is healthier, on so many levels.

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    I'm amazed at the junk I overhear from cell phone usage, especially while waiting in check out lines. If I gotta hear about anything I'd appreciate hearing 'bout guns while waiting to pay for my case of bottled water and Raisin Bran.
    "Beware of the man who only owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

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    Have you ever noticed...

    There's an "inside" voice.
    And an "outside" voice.
    And a "cell phone" voice, which is 5 times louder than the "outside" voice.

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    That was a good one. Made me laugh.

    I will have to watch what I say as I can just see myself doing the same thing.
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    I don't see anything wrong about being pro-firearms in public, other than the fact that you may tip off some BG that you're worth hi-jacking.

    What I really have a problem with is people gabbing on the cell phone in stores, restaurants, etc.

    Why subject the general public to the conversation. Most people went in the restaurant to eat, not listen to a one-sided phone conversation. Especially when the culprit is required to raise his voice during the conversation.

    Sorry brother, but cell phone conversations in public are annoying. Step outside or tell the caller you'll call back.

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    don't even get me started on this one. I'm even passive on the phone in public. they don't need to know what I'm talking about but i understand it's that persons privilege. BUT i go off in the supermarket when they block the aisle on or off the phone. ...and i punch the steering wheel when someone can't obviously drive in the first place let alone adding a phone in the mix. ...whew - i needed that.
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    I am not one who feels the need to let the whole world hear my conversations, all cell phone conversations are either extremely short, or done somewhere private, like my house or truck.

    Bluetooths make it even worse, because if you can't see that thing sticking out of their ear, then they just seem like they are talking really loud to themselves.

    A friend I spar with is in the Phillipino Martial Arts club here at school. Yesterday we were talking about stuff they covered at their monday meeting. A new guy got into some stupid arguements with the weapon instructor, about things like if you flex your abs before you are stabbed, the knife won't go in that far (he made that arguement to the instructor) and tried to convince the instructor than with two of the Kali sticks which are like 20 inches long (depends on the wielder) and meant partially as a way to teach machete fighting, that dual icepick type reverse grips were better. We did get a few odd looks on the walk back to our apartments while discussing this and other self defense oriented type things. Liberal college campus though, so it is to be expected.
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    Cell Phones?

    I had a 'first' last Monday. I was on my Harley, and watching the traffic very closely. The car in front of me (4 lanes) was in the right lane...mostly...but had a little trouble keeping it straight.

    Well, I pulled into the next lane and ended up next to the car I had just noticed 'moving' around...was now in the lane next to me...we were both stopped at a light.

    I couldn't believe it...this chick was putting on make-up (some eye stuff)...AND...talking on two cell phones...shrugged shoulders holding two phones (one on each ear) and putting on make up...

    Just HOW does one talk on two phones at the same time?

    Unbelievable...forgive me for straying from original topic...seemed like it would fit...

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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