Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW?

Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW?

This is a discussion on Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Today, I found my original Concealed Carry License, it is 16 years old now. Boy have things changed since I first got that. It got ...

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Thread: Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW?

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    Feeling old, what has changed since your first CCW?

    Today, I found my original Concealed Carry License, it is 16 years old now. Boy have things changed since I first got that. It got me to thinking about how much I had changed, my different views now as per then, why I carried then, versus now has changed. I must admit that when I first got it, it was more of "I can carry a gun" and now its "I carry a gun, but hope I never have to use it".

    For some of those that can be considered a veteran at carrying, what major differences between now and when you first started carrying? (This can be either in society view point, your own thought process.. anything goes).

    I have carried a long time, thank you God for never having had to use it!
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    I went from "cool, I can carry a gun" to "I really should carry a gun" to "do I really have to?" and finally to "Its a pia, but I need to carry a gun".
    I also cared at one time if I was noticed carrying, I really dont anymore. I figure if someone doesnt like it...tough. I also noticed that a lot more people carry than I thought did at one time. I also went from everyone over 18 should carry 24/7 to only those proven responsible should.
    I have changed carry guns more than some of you change underwear. I started with a old Remington Rand 1911 to a M36, then varied current 1911's, then to Glocks, 22, 19 mostly. Then I went to a Sig 239, and a 228. Then back to Glock 19. The Keltec was bought during the "do I really have to" stage. I kept a P32 around just cause its so handy. I found Kahrs around 2001 or so and I carried one or another since then. Kahr has been a CCW main stay for me.
    My midsize gun changes almost daily, but the current one rotate between a Kimber CDP, a 228, G19 and G23.
    I'm now developing a interest in revolvers, I'm thinking of setting up my SP101 for carry, or buying a 442.

    I am looking for a pattern in the changes of my carry guns, but the only thing I can come up with is that I keep coming back to proven designs and what I know works well.
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    May not be a 'veteran' but...

    In the beginning: "Wow, I can carry?

    Now: "I wish I could leave this pain in the butt at home!"

    Thing is, now more than ever I'm realizing I can't be without it.
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    I went from "cool, I can carry a gun" to "I really should carry a gun" to "do I really have to?" and back to "I need to carry a gun".
    I think that what you have said is a pretty natural stage for everybody. I know that it was for me and I have talked about this with several other people.

    At some stage, one might question whether one needs to carry especially if living in an area that violent crime never seems to be a problem.

    I've carried long enough that I feel absolutely naked if for some reason I dont carry one. The other day I went out to eat with my wife, and drove straight there from work. The gun that I usually leave in my truck for such occasions had been taken out since she had taken it to school. So here I was on a Friday night, in a high traffic restaurant, with a full moon out, and no gun. It was very uncomfortable.

    For some of those that can be considered a veteran at carrying, what major differences between now and when you first started carrying?
    I've been carrying since '95. I personally think that the idea of carrying concealed is more universally accepted than it used to be, and dosent quite carry the stigma that it used to. I dont think that the local police view it as negatively as they used to. As an instructor, I see lots of middle aged and retired people getting their permits. I would have thought at one time that after a period of time, the area in which we teach would have been saturated and eventually seen a decrease in the amount of people interested in getting their CHL, but the exact opposite has been the case as the classes we give are as full as ever, and we've had to limit the amount of students.

    I also think that the world is becoming increasingly harsher. The generation that is stepping up just dosent know the things that we always took for granted, such as personal responsibility for ones actions. Many of them dont know respect, or have a clue what it means. Many of them grew up unbalanced, having just one parent that worked all of the time or they have had several moms or dads due to divorces. All of this is taking a toll and as a society we are about to pay for that.

    As a result, I think that carrying a gun for self defense may actually be more important today than any other period in history. At least in times past, you could tell who the bad guys were pretty easily. Now, you dont if the guy standing behind you at the checkout counter had a bad day and wants to kill everybody in the place.
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    You guys have said it all. I carry cause I feel less capable when not carrying. Spent a week in FL without it , cause I didin't want the extra hassle of flying with it. Feels much better to be armed and hopefully not need it.
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    I've gone from: Cool, I get to carry a gun, to :Cool, I get to carry a gun for the 2nd day in a row. (just got my permit) I'll let you know how I feel tommorrow.
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    This has been an evolution more than anything else.

    Went from revolver to semis. I started in 1991 with a S&w 66. Progressed to semi-autos (Glock, Sig, 1911).

    Went from carrying occasionally (when I thought I might 'need' it), to carrying now as often as legal to.

    Went from shooting occasionally to practicing regularly.

    Went from training myself to getting professional training.

    Went from knowing a little bit about the laws, to keeping current with the laws that apply.

    Went from being uncomfortable carrying, to being 'naked' when I don't carry.
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    This thread inspired me to take out my license and see how long it's been, over a year and a month now. Unfortunately I don't get to carry during the normal day as I can't at work. I haven't been able to get to the naked without carrying stage as I can't do it all the time anyway. I have gotten a lot more comfortable with it and have gotten over the "everyone is looking at me" stage as well as the worrying about being made. (I never have that I know of, though I am probably not as stealthy as I think. lol) I'm hoping that here in OH we continue to make improvements to our carry laws.
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    I have carried off and on since '95. As many others have already mentioned, at first it was "Cool..."

    Now, I carry to the corner gas station to fill the tank. In the little town that I live in, I feel realtively safe. That doesn't mean that I let my guard down, but there is really no "bad part of town", at least in the areas that I travel in.

    The town I work in is a different story. I work in a less than desirable part of town. Plagued with transients, drug users, bangers, and just plain and simple low lifes, I don't trust anyone or anything in that area excepting the guys that I work with, and none of them live in that area either. I spend as little after dark time in that area as humanly possible. Since I am a keyholder for the company, I get to respond to alarm calls on occassion, and you had better believe that I have my gun and flashlight on me when I go.

    Sometimes it is a PIA to have to carry, but I still suck it up and carry. I just don't want to let my family down.
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    In Six Years...

    I went from, WOW...I can carry, this is cool...to Yes, I carry, why wouldn't you?

    I have become much more aware of the world around me...not a nice place...the police are only there to take reports...now it's up to me to protect me and mine!

    I practice, but I do not look forward to the day that I may have to actually shoot a BG to protect 'me and mine'...but I will!

    I'm a pretty hard core individual...I do not want to harm anyone...but F*** with me or my family, and I will do all that is necessary to keep living another day...

    Thank God for CCW...

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    Been legally carrying for eleven years, and several years before that. I never gave it much thought, but times have definately changed. The CCW laws are improved with each Texas Legislative session, more people are carrying, and the anti's prediction of blood running curb-deep hasn't happened. Carry choice went from 45cal Commander to exclusively J frame revolvers. The most notable change would be with attitude. There has been several times I've question the logic of continuing to carry, but like everyone else, I would feel naked without it around. Granted, a carry weapon is sometimes a royal PITA, but so are some members of my family. You just have to live with the trouble.

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    18 years and the biggest change is attitude. The cool factor at first, the pain in the butt for a while and finally adjusted to it as my way of life. Revolvers for a while, transitioned to autos. Full size then compacts and now mid size. I wonder what I'll be carrying in another 18 years. Training and practice have gone from the occasional fun to more focused.

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    One major change for me is it's a lot harder to pick up my ejected magazines off the deck during quallifications! OH MY ACHING KNEES!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    judgement to keep himself out of situations that would require a display of his
    superior skills."

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    I have had a carry permit for 17 years now. Things have changed for me too. I still have most of them in an envelope in the gun safe. If I look at them, I go from a skinny 22 year old kid to a big fat guy to a less fat guy now but one with a lot less hair and what is up there is mostly gray now.

    My views have changed on some things and not on others. On some subjects, my views have softened a bit, on other my views have hardened a good bit.

    I started carrying to protect myself and now carry primarily to protect my family.
    I am also a heck of a lot better shot now and I am much more trained than I was back then.

    When I think about it, the young guy I see in those first carry permit photos isn't the same guy I am now at all. And, I think I like the guy I am now much more than the dumb young kid I was then.
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    It has only been a year but in that time it has gotten very comfortable for me and for my family.
    Timmy Jimmy

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