What's up with the Walmart thing?

This is a discussion on What's up with the Walmart thing? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, laugh at me....I'm a newbie. I just picked up my CCW permit, ID, yesterday, and by chance, I carried for the first time today ...

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Thread: What's up with the Walmart thing?

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    What's up with the Walmart thing?

    Okay, laugh at me....I'm a newbie.
    I just picked up my CCW permit, ID, yesterday, and by chance, I carried for the first time today at the local Wally's world, under my jacket, while shopping with my six year old daughter, for her Easter gift. felt kinda strange on one hand, yet satisfying on the other, after 12 hrs of classes, $55.00 in fees and numerous trips to the local Sheriffs Dept. Just from the few posts I have read, I guess this is an initiation of some sort?

    rmthunder in southern Ohio

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    yep it is

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    ==> rmthunder in southern Ohio

    I'm in southern OH too (Brown county) I picked up on the Wally World thing a bit late . Had to ask the same question here. Unfortunately, my "initiation" was at a local Kroger. Hit the Wally World the next day, thought, to pick up some extra ammo.

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    It's tradition!

    Besides, your permit is not valid until the obligatory Wally World visit!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    It's sort of an initiation, but there's a practical aspect to it as well. It gets a new CCWer out in a busy public place, perhaps helping build confidence in their concealment and gets them used to the idea of carrying in public. WalMart has the advantage of being pretty much universal (they're everywhere!) and allowing carry in all their stores (except where prohibited by law, like New Mexico).

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    well come rmthunder,i too am newbie and asked about say questions
    i said go ahead and laugh at my questions but this apears to be a very
    helpful and understanding forum.im glad to be part of it and its
    amazing how much and quickly you can learn things here

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    First place was 7-11 north lake Tahoe

    Had to stop for something quick and it was 7-11. Hey dont they call that stop and rob? Wally World was next, so in keeping with tradition had to go to Wallys for some ammo.
    RVN 68-69 101st Abn. Div. D Co. 101st Avn. Bn.

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    Again Welcome to the forum !
    Timmy Jimmy

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    Welcome rmthunder! Blackeagle said it all. A Swim or Sink situation to get you confortable with carrying. We all were nervous or first time. You'll gradually get used to it to the point of feeling very unconfortable when you are not carrying.
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    Center of the World Ma! Center of the World!
    Fairly cheep ammo. Welcome to the forum.
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    It is a natural place to go carrying concealed. When I lived in Virginia I would never go to the closet Walmart without carring. But in all honestly, like others have said, it gets you out, gets some shopping done, buy some ammo, and gets you used to carring. Walmart is where the sheeple are, so when you go and realize you are not being made, you can gain some confidence.
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    Yeah, its like an intiation, to get used to carrying in a group of people, eating while carrying, and a chance to buy some ammo and stuff too. I'm from down around Cincinnati too, my parents live in the suburbs down there, right now I'm just a bit north at school.

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    Walmart just happens to be the largest store in my little town. Steve48

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    Its where ya go to learn the secret handshake!!!.
    "Beware of the man who only owns one gun. He probably knows how to use it."

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    Don't forget to learn the proper Toliet technique while you are there
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