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Great article from Foxnews - merge

This is a discussion on Great article from Foxnews - merge within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Great Article, I am a University Student and often wish I could carry on campus, honestly it is a real problem. Two weeks ago campus ...

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Thread: Great article from Foxnews - merge

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    Great Article, I am a University Student and often wish I could carry on campus, honestly it is a real problem. Two weeks ago campus police raided a room and found a cash of weapons, these weapons had been used to threaten partygoers the night before. There are already guns on our campus, I want the right to defend myself, but that is not going to happen here.

    An example of the closed minded administration, a friend wanted to start a shooting club, the administration said "having a shooting club on campus would be like having an ABORTION club on campus", you just cant fight that kind of stupidity.
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    Fox news is the only news program I watch because they do not interpret the news for you. Steve48

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    That was an excellant article, and far too rare, these days. I'll be sending it on.

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    As a WA resident, (heathen Eastsider) Seattle and the U of W are an enigma to most of the state. Our Revised Code of Washington does not prohibit concealed carry by license holders from carrying on a university campus. It does prohibit any lesser government (County, City,UNIVERSITY) from restricting Washingtons' permit holders right to carry. Our state constitution guarantees the individual right to bear arms. We are a shall issue state. Non-residents are allowed permits. I'm confused by this tragic event. If the victim had wanted to be armed, it was allowable as far as I can tell.
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