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How many always carry an extra mag?

This is a discussion on How many always carry an extra mag? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At least one mag, cellphone,and at night ALWAYS a flashlight. The reason for a second mag is a catostrophic magazine failure. Shooting USA showed a ...

View Poll Results: What extra stuff do you usually carry with your gun?

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  • Just what fits in the gun

    58 21.25%
  • 1 extra mag or speedloader/strip

    87 31.87%
  • 2 mags or speedloader/strip

    40 14.65%
  • OC

    4 1.47%
  • Flashlight

    6 2.20%
  • Mag and OC

    2 0.73%
  • Mag and light

    42 15.38%
  • Mag(s), light, and OC

    23 8.42%
  • Other ensemble

    11 4.03%
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Thread: How many always carry an extra mag?

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    At least one mag, cellphone,and at night ALWAYS a flashlight.

    The reason for a second mag is a catostrophic magazine failure. Shooting USA showed a match where one of the shooters had the mag base fall off and all the ammo hit the floor.

    As anything a person should do what they are comfortable with but should have a reason (at least in their own mind) why they do what they do. Then you can be unnapologetic for what you do.
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    Depends on what I am doing/carrying. Always a folding knife. If I have one of my Sigs and I am staying in my "comfort zone" during the day no spare. If it's after dark or I am carrying one of my 1911's I will bring at least one spare magazine. Have a left over dept. issued can of OC in the truck, but I dont know if its legal here in Texas. If I am using a waistpack I will go "heavy" but sometimes it's just an IWB and if I take a spare it goes in my knife pocket.
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    i always carry 2 extra mags, my oc, and my surefire... i was a boyscout though....
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    Santa Fe, New Mexico
    My carry is affected by what I'm doing. For my job (I work in a gun store) I carry my Sig 220 .45 ACP, with two extra mags and a Surefire 6P light, and sometimes with a S&W 37-2 .38 Spl as a backup. I rationalize that amount of hardward by the fact that there is a civic housing project with a strong gang presence two blocks away, and we get a lot of...uh... undesirables perusing through the shop.

    On my own time I'm usually dressed in T-shirt and sweats, so I carry a Glock 23 in an Anderson Enterprises fanny pack backed up with two mags and a light.

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    VIP Member Array ELCruisr's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    Central FL
    Depending on what I'm carrying either a spare mag or speed loader, a knife and if it's getting dark a Surefire G2. Also have OC in the center console of the truck.
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    San Antonio, Texas
    I never carry a firearm without at least one full reload for it.

    Every day carry is a Kimber Ultra CDP II w/ 1 extra mag, an Uzi Defender folder, and a cell phone. I have a Surefire G2 in each of our vehicles, so there's one handy should I be going out at night, or I'll grab my G2Z. Sometimes I'll also add my Kel-Tec P3AT in a pocket holster, always w/ an extra mag.
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    I usually carry an extra mag as well as a surefire, and a folder.
    I always carry cell phone. The extra mag isn't because I think I'll need 25 total rounds, it's in case Mr Murphy decides that the mag in my gun needs to be swapped out due to a malfunction.


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    I am usually carrying my weapon, an extra magazine, my cell phone, a pocket knife and a Benchmade knife.
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    Nov 2006
    Depends upon wich firearm I am carrying.
    DW Bobtail - I carry 2 spare mags.
    Bersa Thunder .380 - 1 spare mag.
    I always have a flashlight, my cellphone and at least one (usually two) folders as well.

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    Member Array kikr's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Jacksonville, Fl
    Always carry
    Glock 30 with Trijicon sights in Galco USA IWB holster
    Spare Mag in Galco belt pouch
    Surefire 6P Defender
    Fox 5.3 OC
    Cold Steel Voyager
    Gerber Back-UP
    "huntsman" swiss army knife w/photon red bulb
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails How many always carry an extra mag?-edc.1.jpg  

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    Sep 2006
    I always carry a speed strip or extra mag and a Gerber or Spyderco folder
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    I like winter in MI because I can carry more stuff.

    Lead launcher(s) and spare ammo - When I can dress for it, I always have at least one spare mag for the Glock 22 or the Kahr .40, but none for the P3AT BUG that is always attached to my person (possession of a BUG is redundant to begin with, and I just plain don’t have a spare for it) Even though with a spare mag for the Kahr I have 13 rounds of .40 S&W, and one Glock mag has 15 rounds, I still carry a spare mag for the Glock. Murphy is Murphy, and magazines do fail. I think it’s a good plan to carry at least one spare, even if each one holds 30 rounds. If you have 30 rounds in a FUBARed mag, you’ll want to have another one handy.

    OC - I think that carrying OC is a good plan for a couple of reasons; 1) It's more likely that I'll be in a position to OC some dirt bag than to shoot them, 2) It works on dogs, which I don't like to shoot unless necessary...though a dog will only bite me once, 3) There is a theory that you are more defensible after a good shooting if you have OC on your person, indicating that you did not go out intent on letting the air out of someone…you had what is generally considered to be a non-lethal tool to defend yourself, whether the BG gave you the opportunity to use it or not. 4) If a BG continues his attack after getting a face full of OC, you are in a better place if you have to let the air out of him.

    Lights - I also carry a flashlight (Streamlight Scorpions are my favorite…affordable [I have several conveniently placed], plenty bright enough, and the rubber grip surface doesn’t chip my teeth when I’m holding the thing in my mouth while fishing my mail out of my mail box in the evening. You never know when you’ll need a good light. Recently my mother-in-law was at the mall with my young nephew when someone took out a power pole in the area, thereby making the mall completely black. As it happened, she was walking near a security guard who had a light…otherwise she would have been left standing in the dark, since most of the emergency lighting also failed. Also, even a compact light without a striking bezel can be used with good effect as a defensive tool…on the street and in court.

    Knives – I love expensive custom knives, but I don’t carry them for defensive purposes. I carry CRKT folders primarily because they’re relatively inexpensive, easily replaced, and are of sufficient quality to accept a good edge. I don’t see any use in spending a ton of money on something that if used for it’s intended purpose will end up in an evidence room for months, if not years…presuming that it is ever returned to me. A properly sharpened $30 CRKT will cut a BG just as effectively as a $300 Chris Reeve will, and I can open my CRKT Crawford Kasper just as quickly. There is also a strong possibility of getting caught up sideways of some obscure local law regarding knives, and it will be confiscated and retained as evidence. There it is in the evidence room again. I can also say from personal observation that there are times when LEOs will afford a person the opportunity to deny ownership of a knife to avoid any further legal proceedings…and that knife ends up somewhere other than the owner’s possession or the evidence room and no further questions are asked. If I have to forfeit a $30 CRKT, it’s money well spent. As I said, I love expensive, high quality cutting and sticking implements, but I don’t use them for EDC.
    The keys to winning a gunfight are first to bring a gun and secondly to take your time, quickly.

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    G-19, Taurus 24/7 in .45, or Ruger P-94 in .40 depending on what I'm doing/how I feel. S+W folder, G2 light, and, usually, small baton. 1 or 2 extra mags, OC.
    Extra mag(s) not so much for extra firepower as malfunction.

    During my classes, am often asked why - answer is simple. The chances of being caught in a situation requiring LF are really small. The OC, baton & folder allow for matching the response to the threat - OC first, baton, then gun. The flashlight & folder pretty much speak for themselves - they are general utility tools having many applications.

    Although the folder is a viable SD tool, I stress in the class that one shouldn't rely on it as the only SD tool as the vast majority of people don't have the skills to deploy and use it effectively.


    NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
    NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
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    Quote Originally Posted by soflasmg View Post
    Spare mag always.

    Easily replaceable part most prone to failure. Plus you get extra ammo in it.
    +1, exactly my thoughts.

    Glock has a plastic floor plate, get knocked to the ground, or against a wall, and the butt of your gun catch a hard object, my luck would have it break, and now I have a single shot. I can't see the need for more than 14 rounds of .45, but one round of .45 would just suck.
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    Southeast Missouri
    Para 45 ACP Companion, two extra 7 round mags.
    Going to the 136th NRA convention this weekend looking for the right light, and folding knife.
    "Any pistol you carry for personal protection is long as it starts with a 4 and ends with a 5."

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