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This is a discussion on Alcohol and concealed carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; No alcohol for over 22 years. When I used to drink I made it a point to not have a gun on my person while ...

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Thread: Alcohol and concealed carry

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    No alcohol for over 22 years. When I used to drink I made it a point to not have a gun on my person while drinking. In Washington if one is caught with a gun while under the influance of alcohol or drugs (same definition and standards of driving) they can lose their license.

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    The only time I consume alcohol is when my friends and I make a group decision to consume alcoholic beverages. If I am carrying, and I happen to be around a group of friends who are drinking, most of the time, soft drinks and juice are also offered, so that's what I end up drinking. If I go to bar, my gun is at home, unloaded, and locked up. I go to restaraunts that offer alcohol all the time, and most of the time I'm carrying, so I don't drink any alcohol, even if someone else is driving.
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    Can you really consider it drunk if you're in "The Sandbox?"
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    Alcohol and guns just don't mix, period!! Steve48

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    Never, My wife and I share designated driver/ccw nights
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    Drinking and carrying a gun is not a good idea. However I agree that one should be able to carry in a place where drinking is prevalent. If you are in a nice restaurant and people are having wine with their meals, what is the problem? As an old GI who has had his happy hours in the past, I never drink and drive now or drink and carry a gun. However when we, mother and I are home we have a nightly cocktail and we have guns around. We could get drunk and have it out with guns. I think not after 53 years of marriage. However I have known people that would do this.

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    I voted no but I will keep my gun on if I'm having one drink with dinner. Of course I rarely drink anyways. If I'm going to have a sip more than one drink I put the gun up.
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    I think in this discussion there is a failure by many to make a distinction between a) what the law requires versus personal practice; b) definition of "under the influence".

    In New Mexico, one may not carry a handgun (openly or concealed) "while impaired by the use of alcohol, conrolled substances, or over-the-counter or prescribed medications" (30-7-4-NMSA 1978; petty misdemeanor - up to 179 days - & possible loss of CHL). "Under the influence of alcohol" is understood to mean ANY detectable amount in this context; by analogy, ANY amount of certain pharmaceuticals would seem to be illegal while carring a handgun. Alcohol aside, I don't know if there is any case law on the subject. I assume the DA/Court would decide what pharmaceuticals would be "impairing".

    While the law is the overarching decider whether one is "under th influence" it is nevertheless helpful to consider what "under the influence" means from a physiological and behavioural standpoint.

    There is great individual variability in responsiveness to drugs, for a variety of reasons (weight and body fat ratios are one of these). Alcohol is metabolized (inactivated) by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogease; it is well known that certain ethnicities produce little or no alcohol dehydrogenase in their liver, and so are easily inebriated.

    It is also a fact that regular drinkers experience an increase in the amount of alcohol dehydrogenase produced by their liver (a phenomenum called enzyme induction), and so develop tolerance to alcohol. That is why a person unused to alcohol quickly becomes tipsy, while a regular drinker is apparently unafffected (note I said apparently; careful testing might show _some_ affect). A similar relationship obtains with many "drugs" that are taken regularly: tolerance develops, and any possible impairment is often greatly reduced with time.

    (I must note that a person who has been drinking moderately is not the best person to judge his impairment.)

    This subject is so complicated that it is not surprising that the law has oversimplified it to "none allowed".

    From a personal standpoint, one might conclude with some reason that if one drinks or takes medicine regularly, one would not be functionally impaired, and so up to a certain limit could responsibly carry a weapon, as several have suggested.

    However, if one ends up in criminal or civil court, that argument appears to goes out of the window, at least in "zero-tolerance" states like NM.

    For these reasons one had better know EXACTLY what one's State law says on the subject before carrying and drinking, even though the consequences may only be felt in the instance you must use your handgun, or are held for some other reason (DWI?)

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    For starters I'm pretty sure that is illegal in Virginia(correct me if I'm wrong) AND what would happen if you had to use your gun in a SD situation and you had alcohol on your breath when the police arrived?? Even if it was just one drink, who's to say that the police beleive you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeep45238 View Post
    No way, don't even get near a firearm with a drop in me. It's akin to drunk driving, and that is one restriction the state put out that I agree with.

    However, I believe that it should be modified, so that patrons that are not drinking can carry in restauruants and pool halls, etc..
    +1 on restaurant carry if I'm not drinking (I don't).
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    I barely drink. If I have a total of maybe eight alcoholic beverages in a six month period, it's above average, I think.

    But I have been known to get drunk (on rare occasions) too.

    If I am out at dinner and have a single drink, I have no reservations about carrying. Heck, I am confident that I could get DRUNK and still not endanger anyone or anything with my gun -- although I would probably never do that.

    But I really don't ever have more than a single drink when I have dinner out; it's rare that I have even one. I'm just not a fan of alcohol.

    With all of that said, I have seen, heard and read enough about people being totall because they had drunk alcohol that I really dislike the idea of people drinking while carrying a gun.

    We aren't really touching on the idea of going shooting while using alcohol; but isn't that really what it boils down to? If you're carrying a CCW while you're out, and you get inebriated, what if a circumstance came along where you had to use the gun? Now, you can't do it safely! You're drunk! Nice goin',

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