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This is a discussion on Will it make a difference within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by dwolsten Personally, I think this is totally wrong. There SHOULD be more restrictions on getting a driver's license; there should be mandatory ...

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Thread: Will it make a difference

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwolsten View Post
    Personally, I think this is totally wrong. There SHOULD be more restrictions on getting a driver's license; there should be mandatory training, and a difficult test you must pass. That's the way it is with pilot's licenses (my wife is a helicopter pilot, I should know). Driving is a privilege, not a right protected by the Constitution. Tens of thousands of people die every year because of people who have no business behind the wheel.

    Don't equate gun ownership to drivers licenses. The analogy doesn't work. You don't need a car to protect yourself from crime (or tyrannical government), and a car is arguably a more effective weapon than a gun for committing mass murder.

    There absolutely should be much stronger restrictions on car use by DUI convicts. I say confiscate their vehicle.
    I didn't say there should not be tougher restrictions, I said that when things like newsmaking drunk driving deaths occur, you do not see the outpouring of horror about CHANGING the way the system works. We dont see or hear of legislators and Mayoral Task Forces demanding tougher license restrictions. Why? Because people who aren't drunk drivers would not tolerate the added expense or added constraints of those restrictions. I know there are people who should never get behind the wheel of a car. I deal with them all the time. I have the unique position of being typically the first person to see and deal with the destruction these idiots cause. And it's not just the drunks either!

    You say that driving is a privelage, not a right guaranteed by the Constituion. I agree. I also agree that maybe there should be more discussion over how easy it is to get a license to drive. But I doubt that we'll see much more than discussion about it. The most interesting thing about it is the fact that there is so little discussion about pushing tougher restrictions on one's ability to use a tool, "a car, which is arguably a more effective weapon than a gun for committing mass murder" a "privelage" offered to us by our government, but so much pressure to confiscate another tool which is GUARANTEED by the rights put forth in the Constitution!
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    Sorry, I probably didn't read your post very carefully. I agree completely. People get all emotional about guns, which is a right guaranteed by the Constitution, but there's never any serious talk at all about doing something about dangerous drivers.

    I remember my driving test quite well: I backed out of a parking space, turned right, turned right again at a light, turned right again back into the parking lot I just came from, and parked. Somehow, that brief test demonstrated that I was safe to drive on freeways and regular streets, act correctly at traffic lights, either going straight or turning left, change lanes properly, not tailgate, etc.

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    I would hope they would be less, but I want to post a statement from a friend of mine I thought was right to the point.

    He stated:

    Viewed "economically" - criminals in one way or another weigh out cost vs. gain -- even those that are looking at "death penalty" or "multiple life sentences" if they get caught have that well in mind when they proceed on their plan. The trick is they have decided it is worth it to risk that high cost - and then to top it off some of them are planning on suicide as the end plan as well. With that type of thinking at play "breaking a campus rule" or even a 5-10 year felony for possessing a firearm in a prohibited place doesn't add up to a hill of beans as far as prevention goes. But threat of suspension or years of prison time is very effective at keeping the good folks from doing things. When the person is planning to take their own life they still don't want someone to do that for them at least not until they have first carried out their demented plan. In such a case the person has to be physically stopped - and odds are they won't let anybody get close enough to tackle them - so that leaves it up to somebody able to apply equal and opposite force to do the stopping.

    Generally only about 2% of the population carry. So it is quite possible that one of the victims or one of the people that got passed up would have been a carrier if they weren't in a carry prohibited place. We could only guess at whether that one possible carrier would have been able or not to effect a stop to the mayhem but even running into the reality that "this ain't a sitting duck zone" might have caused the demented one to change plans and retreat.

    Personally - in "generally safe" places I am most concerned when I know I am in a "sitting duck zone" aka "carry prohibited place." Just because it seems obvious that those are the places these loons target. I know the odds for any one of us being there at the wrong place at the wrong time are VERY low but I don't like people making things less safe by means of silly social experiments with proven records of failure.

    Author Jack Griffes

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