Be honest: When do you carry?

Be honest: When do you carry?

This is a discussion on Be honest: When do you carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I knew before I got my License that carrying would be a bit burdensome. I hate carrying stuff. I hate carrying my work pager, the ...

View Poll Results: How often do you carry?

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  • Only when I get feeling that I might need a gun.

    7 1.61%
  • Only when going someplace that I think is high risk.

    38 8.74%
  • Always, when it is legal and I'm outside of the house.

    191 43.91%
  • Always, including at home

    199 45.75%
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Thread: Be honest: When do you carry?

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    Be honest: When do you carry?

    I knew before I got my License that carrying would be a bit burdensome. I hate carrying stuff. I hate carrying my work pager, the tiny mini mag I use at work, my pocketknife that I find invaluable. Tonight will be the first time I'm even carrying an extra mag, because I'll be visiting a few places this Fine friday evening in Southwest and Downtown Detroit Proper. Tommorrow, I'll be carrying only what fits in my gun.

    The jist of the question is: Do you carry from the time you wake until you go to sleep? Or only when going to what you percieve to be a high risk place? I've chosen to carry whenever legal and not in violation of my employers policy. Sometimes at home, but it's usually in the gunvault by the bed. How 'bout you?

    ps: I understand it is against forum policy to ask if you carry: Always, whether legal or not. So this option is not included.
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    all day, every day from when I get dressed in the morning until I get undressed at night I'm carrying a pistol everywhere legal, and from the time I go to bed until I get up there is a pistol and shotgun within reach
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    Always if legal, including at home.

    Why tempt fate and leave it at home because you think it is safe where you are going?

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    Senior Member Array elrey718's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    same here i have it on all the time. in the house it is within arms reach most of the time. tht is prob something tht will be changing because my daughter is starting to get into everything and it shld be on my person
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    I voted all the time, even at home, I do on the weekends not put it on right when I get up, but it is on when I get dressed for the day, and doesn't get put away till I'm ready for bed, or going to have a cold one.
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    If I'm in bed or in the shower, I have a gun nearby.

    At all other times, where legal, I am wearing a gun.

    It's part of my wardrobe.
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    I carry when I leave the house. I usualy have a weapon within a couple of steps at home, but that will have to change when my son is old enough to walk.

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    Not as much as I should hence my recent KT-P3AT purchase. Gotta fix this "convenience carry" that I've got into.

    I do have the 870 handy at home - amazingly I've recently gotten my wife to be comfortable with this in the last month.
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    everywhere legal and one is within reach at home.

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    Virginia Beach, Va
    ITs on me all the time
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    VIP Member Array Janq's Avatar
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    'Always, when it is legal and I'm outside of the house.'

    - Janq
    "Killers who are not deterred by laws against murder are not going to be deterred by laws against guns. " - Robert A. Levy

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    Senior Member Array Andy W.'s Avatar
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    My job doesn't allow me to carry. Not because of policy (my wife & I own the company). As a printer repairman I am in schools, government buildings, police stations etc. & I'm afraid I would forget & carry where I shouldn't.

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    My job doesnt permit me too, so I only carry before and after work. Cant honestly say that I carry all of the time, everywhere I go, but I am working on it. I have found it is kind of a habit to get into.

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    If I am wearing pants and it is legal then I am carrying, including around the house.

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    I always carry when outside the house.No I'm not paranoid. Its just you never know when something will happen. It pays to be prepared.
    A good example of this is when I take my wife to work in the mornings. She works for a doctor that keeps a supply of narcotic drugs on hand. When she arrives early in the morning there is no one around and she would be an easy target. I stay with her till others arrive.
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