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Carry at home...with kids?

This is a discussion on Carry at home...with kids? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; You've got to teach gun safety from the moment they're aware. That involves several levels. When my daughter was small, my home defense gun was ...

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Thread: Carry at home...with kids?

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    Lightbulb Kids & Guns: Do it right and they go together like Peas and Carrots

    You've got to teach gun safety from the moment they're aware. That involves several levels. When my daughter was small, my home defense gun was always condition #3 which means loaded magazine and empty chamber. I knew neither she or any of her friends had the upper body strength to rack the slide. When she was older and she got curious about the guns, I let her help me clean them and she learned the way they all worked, as well as the safety aspects. She knew I carried and she knew why and while it wasn't a secret, it was a family issue only and not for her little friends. She knew where I kept the guns and why it was important to keep her little friends out of mommy & daddy's bedroom. She was Heck on Wheels about that. Made her feel so "grown up."

    When I was on active duty, our outfit had an awesome way to deal with this issue, since most infantry types keep guns in the house. We would have an annual FAMILY DAY BARBEQUE. Huge 55 gall drum grills and ribs and chicken and lots of SODA and TEA and PUNCH. No alcohol!

    We'd open up a cold range and let everybody bring what they had in the home. The wives and teenagers got one set of lessons (having already gotten the basic safety and marksmanship classes) while dads and really little kids got the following:

    #1 Each little kid was given a mature Honeydew Melon and a marker with instructions to draw a face on the fruit. Range Officer: Be as detailed as you can: Eyes, nose, mouth,, ears, hair...etc. Done? Okay this is the face of your very best friend in the world. Got that? Okay DAD! Step up to the line and show them what happens when daddy's guns are touched without permission!

    #2 Dad and child step to the line wearing eye and ear protection. Dad kneels and takes up a non-supported firing position. Child is instructed to gently place hand on the forearm of daddy's firing hand.

    #3 Dad touches off a round that OBLITERATES the melon! Watch kid's eyes widen.

    For the most part, kids are audiovisual learners. You can tell them till your blue in the face and it won't sink in. But the melon is a great demonstration! Don't use a watermelon. Red is bad...TOO visual. But this way, the kid can hear the report, feel the muzzle blast, sense the recoil and SEE the results.

    It works. I have seen how well it works when I would visit buddies of mine with kids. Put dad's 45 on the coffee table in front of little Johnny and watch the kid step back and say: NO NO! bang bang!. But it is also critical to take him later and teach him to shoot. That's the balance. The older kids and wives all get to work out on other guns on a different range.
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    ExSoldier, that's VERY much like how I was taught to respect the potential power of a firearm, and I think its a excellent way to do it.

    Its just part of life at our house, as most everyone else has said. That is the way I grew up - that is the way my daughter has grown up. My dad made sure there was no curiosity that went on for very long where firearms were concerned - he made me comfortable about asking questions (the only dumb question was one you didn't ask) and provided clear answers. Everything from how they come apart and how they go back together, to how you use them. You can't just act like they're not really there - educate and expose, heavy on the educate part, first and foremost.

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    I always carry. I have 2 kids, one at home 16, and one out 20. My 20 yr old is now carrying my 1st grand chhild. When she is born I will continue to carry.
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    My kids are 18-25 now and they all know I carry. I carry at home, and also own my business so I carry every day. I use small safes at home and in my vehicles as I travel several states. I can carry in all state I travel but onel. So I have to unload and lock up when I travel there.
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    Carry / have within arms reach 24/7 when I'm not on my room. When sleeping / on bed, my carry firearm is inside my Gun Vault.

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    I carry on my person. I have a 4 year old and an 8 year old, They
    both know I carry, just an everyday item to them.

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    I remember learning the awsome power of a .22 as a young boy scout at summer the melon story. The range instuctor wanted to use a potato, but they did not have one, so he shot a block of ice. I think we could have made snowcones after it exploded. It made an impression on me I'll never forget.
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    I carry to keep my family safe.
    I have 3 children and carry 24/7. My girls are 12 and my boy is 2. My girls know I carry and why. What is the point of carrying to protect your family if your weapon is in the safe?

    I wrestle with my boy in the floor with my gun on. No problems. I walk to the laundry room to get a shirt with my OWB rig on. It's not really a big deal.

    My biggest problem is my shirt tail riding up when I am holding or picking up my son.

    I feel that your 3 and 5 year old don't need to know anything about it. They won't understand anyway. As they get older slowly introduce it and explain everything.

    The biggest problem I had was getting my my wife used to the idea of seeing me with a gun on all the time. She is not against guns... not by any means. She is not interested in carrying herself, but has no problems with me carrying.

    Why are you taking it off anyway? If it is uncomfortable then you need to reevaluate the manor in which you are carrying or get a holster that works for you and feels right.

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    Yes, I have kids at home (8-year-old triplet boys). No, I do not carry at home but if I felt the need, I would. However, I do keep a few weapons around the house - in strategic locations - that can be accessed at a moments notice, if necessary. There is one within arms reach as I type this reply, though it's not visible to the casual observer.
    "... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane

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