Carry at home...with kids?

Carry at home...with kids?

This is a discussion on Carry at home...with kids? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I get the impression that many of you carry 24/7 or have a firearm close by. Do any of you have children and if so, ...

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Thread: Carry at home...with kids?

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    Carry at home...with kids?

    I get the impression that many of you carry 24/7 or have a firearm close by. Do any of you have children and if so, how do you carry with them? I have a 3 and 5 yr old and was curious what everyone is doing.

    Is a close by small gun safe box the best solution?

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    Check out this site for some great information about safety and kids. The ideas are well thought out, practical, logical, and sane regarding safety with kids (and every other subject addressed).

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    I do have a small quick access safe in the bedroom,where my Glock 23 resides as the house gun. I also have my carry gun ON me. Other guns are stored in large gun safe. Have COM safes in both cars for the times I can't take my carry gun with me.

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    Carry at home 24-7. Read my signature.
    No kids but grandones. They are getting older now but when they were the age of yours they sat in my lap, hugged grandpa, we played & worked in the yard or shop. When we got in the floor & wrestled or played horse I took it off. It was what Papa wore. They grew up w/ it. Hugs & sitting beside me as teen down to 8 is no deal.
    I have 4 & only one has ever asked, why do you wear a gun.
    Because there are a few bad people out there & Papa wants to make sure none of them hurt you or anyone in the family.
    Remember now, we dont talk about our underwear to other people & Papa's gun is "under shirt wear" OK. OK Papa.
    I wear suspenders & there is more talk about Papa's suspenders that his gun.
    Mammaw & Great Gammaw (76) both carry too & that is not an issue w/ them either.
    You dont make a deal out of it they wont either.
    Carry 24-7 or guess right.
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    well said longtooth
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
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    Jeff Cooper said this: "Have it on your person or lock it up--compromises are pointless." I carry at home, and my children know it. They accept it as a matter of course.

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    The safest place for your gun is on your person. When it is not there...which is is locked in a small gunsafe.
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    It's been there since they were born. They don't look at it any different than my shoes or anything else. I have 4 kids from 6 to 15 and their friends are always around. Most of their friends don't know but some of the long time friends they have do know. I believe that curiosity is the number one problem with children concerning guns. When they are no longer curious about something, they pay no attention to it. I have a safe to protect my stuff more from burglars than my kids.

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    Pitmaster+1...ecellent site...and my kiddos are 15 and11 so they have grown up around me carrying...when they were younger I used a small safe and higher shelves...but I took a diffrent approch to the "gun intrest",every new gun I bought they were the first to see and handel them...then there was no mystery,it was just "dad's new gun" they both grew up shooting I have to say my daughter is deadly acurate with both my Bersa .380 and my son is more of a rifle lover but he's coming around...

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    On person (best IMO) ....... even tho now I have no kids at home. If however I am seeing grandkids I am still carrying, but probably until they get older it will be concealed.

    My son for sure will expose them to firearms at the earliest sensible opportunity and will either follow the on-person mode or secure container one.
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    Both of my kids are under age 10...and I carry whenever I am not at home, all of the time. No issues.

    Any specific questions?

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    No Kids In The House...

    With my grandkids or other family kids around, I still carry 24/7. Kids don't know...they don't ask if I have my watch, they don't ask if I have my wallet...they don't need to know if I have my sidearm.

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    My children are 1 and 4. They are playing in the room right next to me right this instant as I have my XD on my hip OWB. My older son knows what it is and what it means as well as could be expected for a 4 year old. To him, it's just another thing he sees all the tiem around the house. I always have it on when I'm home, no exceptions. My opinion is that the more comfortable and more out in the open it is for my kids to see my guns, the better they will be around them and the safer they will be around mine and around any firearm they come across. The more familiar they are, the safer my children will be and that's the way I intend to go about teaching them.

    I'm not proposing that we allow young children to openly handle loaded firearms. Not at all. But I do beleive that making the firearm a "normal" aspect of life will make them safer as they grow up. Get rid of the curiosity is my thought.

    I myself carry all the time. When I'm out, when I'm home, everywhere. There are rare instances where I can't, but I'm carry 98% of the time. IMHO, safes and lockboxes are great, but the safest place is on your hip!
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    If I am home it is either on my person or locked in the safe. My family is so used to it they don't think twice. We were at a Birthday Party for a coworker and my wife started telling the story about how I got out of a ticket due to carrying and the officer wanted to check out my Glock. I had to kick her under the table because they started to ask what gun? she quickly said oh, when he was on the way to the range near our house.

    Quick save but the point is she is now so used to me carrying that it is not out of the ordinary to think of someone carrying. She apologized profusley.
    George Washington: "A free people ought to be armed."

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    Quote Originally Posted by falcon1 View Post
    Jeff Cooper said this: "Have it on your person or lock it up--compromises are pointless." I carry at home, and my children know it. They accept it as a matter of course.
    That is what I do.

    I have a son who is 7. There is no mystery about about Daddy having a gun. He has been taught gun safety...but he is still 7 years old. If my CCW weapon is not on my hip, its locked up in my safe. He knows never to touch a gun and to get an adult if he finds one.....but I am not going to bet his life on that. I lock it up at home.
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