PM9 vs P3at

PM9 vs P3at

This is a discussion on PM9 vs P3at within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This may have been covered here in this forum, my search has turned up nothing which answers my question. I have asked this on other ...

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Thread: PM9 vs P3at

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    PM9 vs P3at

    This may have been covered here in this forum, my search has turned up nothing which answers my question. I have asked this on other forums as well, but again no hard answers. I didn't think it would be all that difficult to find an answer.

    When carried in either a Smartcarry or when carried in an undershirt holster like the Kramer Confidant, the A Better Holster undershirt, or the UCC undershirt holster, is there a difference in how well the PM9 / MK9 vs the P3at hides?

    I work in a casual environment where I am legal to carry, but would be violating company policy and therefore would loose my job. I need a carry system / gun which becomes invisible. Not simply unidentified as a gun, but invisible.

    I know the 9mm is far superior to any .380. I know I should dress around the gun. Etc, etc, etc.

    My G26 is my 1st choice, but it is a little too thick. Has anyone here any experience with either or both guns in my stated method of carry?



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    P3AT is smaller thinner and lighter than the PM9, and as such is easier to conceal and does "dissapear" fairly easily, That's not to say that you can't adequately conceal the PM9, just that it's always easier to hide a marble than a medicine ball. Kel-Tec also has a single stack 9mm out now that may fit the bill for you, it's about the same size as the PM9, a bit lighter and alot cheaper. Reports on the new models are good.

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    I have a bud with each of them. The P3AT for me, was simply too small to get a good grip on with two hands, but one handed was comfortable shooting and reliable. LIGHT comes to mind.

    The PM9, is also very small, and fit cleanly into my front jean pocket, but drawing from, ain't gonna happen, where the P3AT could easily happen. The PM9 was more comfortable for me, and lended itself fine to both one handed and two handed grips.

    My best advice, is go to a store with one of each, and with your holster, and go from there.

    I'd feel fine concealing either one, although the P3AT has an advantage in your situation I believe. Back pocket holster carry, it'll print like a wallet, an nobody's any wiser. However, I think that the drawing portion of it, and sitting on a hard surface, quickly make you want to get it out of your back pocket and in a small IWB holster.

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    I would think that any gun small enough for pocket holster duty would be suitable for your deep concealment needs. I pocket carry a Kel-Teck P-11 in 9 mm but can just barely get by with it. The thicker G26 wouldn't work at all because of its thickness, as you pointed out. The new Kel-Tec PF9 is thinner, as blueyedevel points out, but the barrel is longer. That's a big problem for pocket carry, but not a problem at all for what you have in mind.

    I might also recommend the Pager Pal ( I carried a snubnosed revolver in one. The gun really did disapper but the draw can be slow. The fake pager that came with the holster really looked fake, but I replaced that with a holster for my phone.

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    No problem to conceal the P3AT in a SMART CARRY. I don't have the larger Kel tec 9mm's, so I can't comment. My Kahr K40 concealed, as did my SP101, but the easiest by far to conceal and carry is the P3AT.

    I'd have no worries at all about it printing or weighing me down with a Keltec P3AT. Pocket carry also works well for me in a K Rat pocket holster from Palehorse. I take it everywhere it is legal to do so.

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    I don't know how you have to dress at work, but I dress business casual daily. I carry Glock 19 in a CompTac C-Tac IWB Tuckable every worries.
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    Both are very easy to carry/hide this way. I would go with the better gun in this case.
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    Since you didn't say pocket carry, go with the PM9. The 9mm is usually seen as the bottom for real defensive work. The .380 ACP just doesn't do as well. In a smart carry you would be able to hide either equally well.

    If pocket carry is an option for you, go with the Kel Tec. It is the one and only gun that I have felt I could really carry that way, and so it is always there. If I have a pocket I have a Kel Tec unless I am at the airport or capitol, which are the two places I am foreced to go that are illegal to carry.
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    I don't think there is any question that the PA3t is the easer to conceal. I am new to this gun and I have to say that:
    1. The sights suck and
    2. I CAN hit a barn with it....... if I am in the barn.

    I took it out to the range last week and from 13 feet I hit a pie plate only 2 times out of 5. This compares with my XD 9 where from twice the distance I hit two bulls and 3 well in the pie plate from 21 feet.

    Obviously I need a lot more practice with the Kel Tec, bu ******, I can't even see the wimpy almost none existent sights.

    But I can stick it in a pocket holster and actually forget it is there. As I told a range friend though, I think I could use it most effectively by throwing it at the head of an assailant. I know, I know......I need a lot more practice.

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    Heck, why don't you buy both. I am also in a job where it I am found carrying I will probably be fired. The company considers carrying a firearm to be an act of violence. I carry my P3AT and a spare magazine in the case it came in, in my back pocket everyday. No one is the wiser but draw is pretty slow. At least I have it and if I was at night I would move it to the front pocket.

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    I have both , and it is extremely rare to encounter a situation that i could " vanish " a p3at and not a pm9 . My p3at sees duty as a pocket gun for weddings , funerals , ect where i feel i absolutely do not need a gun .
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