Ever spotted someone else carrying?

Ever spotted someone else carrying?

This is a discussion on Ever spotted someone else carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Just curious, has anyone here ever spotted a fellow CCWer? I am always checking people out, looking for a tell-tale gun bulge. The only time ...

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Thread: Ever spotted someone else carrying?

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    Ever spotted someone else carrying?

    Just curious, has anyone here ever spotted a fellow CCWer? I am always checking people out, looking for a tell-tale gun bulge. The only time I was pretty sure I spotted a fellow CCW was at Lowes - this guy was wearing a vest in fairly warm weather. It was one of those obvious CCW vests, with numerous pockets, and he didn't look like a journalist. I nodded at him, but what I really wanted to do was shout 'Hey brother!' and raise a fist in the air. CCW power!!!

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    I felt uncomfortable admitting that i saw some one elses bulge
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    I did not see a print of a gun, but I would catch a glimpse of the gun on a shoulder holster.
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    haven't seen one yet, excluding people I know personally who carry. We need like a secret eyebrow signal or something for these situations.

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    I always try to tell when I see someone with a NRA hat on but I have not been able to tell so far!
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    I answered yes, though the fellow I spotted carrying was an off-duty LEO, rather than a CCW permit holder. Since I knew he was a cop before spotting his weapon, you could say I had an unfair advantage, since I had good reason to watch for a suspicious bulge. I made him when he adjusted his belt by grabbing the holster.

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    I checked no because I have only ever made my father and I know he carries, I bent over to tie my shoe and saw him print just before I went to ask him.

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    I let a gentleman at a home improvement store know he was printing, and I also had a nice conversation about what we were both carrying. Nice guy!
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    Voted no. I havn't seen anyone yet.

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    Once or twice .... one was a ''wind blown'' glimpse and the other a brief appearance of grips with a guy using a sho rig. Both were of short duration and I doubt a non CCW would have noticed.

    I am otherwsie impressed with carry in my area .. because if I work on stat's and assume near 7 in every hundred could be carrying, I am surprised I cannot ''make'' more when I am in crowded areas.

    I can of course ''guess'' when I see a vest or fanny pack but hey - concealed is concealed and I cannot be sure.
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    I make a point of trying to look over everyone very quickly and looking for any type of weapon. Force of habit as a Peace Officer...besides you just never know when you will need the help of a willing citizen because everything turned to nasty, sticky, smelly mud. Citizens have helped me before when no other Peace Officer was around; and I was getting my a$$ stomped; and the only recourse for me was deadly force. Some cops like citizens to stop and offer help and some resent it. I am always grateful for an armed or un armed, concerned citizen anywhere I met them. CCW for citizens is one of the many blessings that the LORD has given me in my job.

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    Saw a fellow printing rather badly at a restaurant just last week.

    Might not have been so bad if he had been standing up, but the combination of a big square gun butt, good sized 'love handles' and belly, and a tight t-shirt while sitting down made spotting it pretty easy.

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    yep. get a glimpse of it one when the guys overcoat or vest or whatever it was blow open a smidge when he walked in the restaurant and saw the "bulge" later as he was turning around. my boyfriend noticed as well, but im sure no non gun type people noticed.

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    The last one I spotted wasn't printing or anything but was wearing the same model fanny pack I now own. I recognized it from the pull cord and how the zippers are arranged. His Glock hat helped too!

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    I try to avoid noticing other peoples bulges unless they are femal and cute.

    To answer the original question, yes, I have seen a few obvious guns, and have actually spoken to a couple of the owners.

    I have made a couple just from their actions. For example: You go to your local get-it-all store (Wal-mart, Target etc.). You round the corner into an isle. There is one guy in the isle. He sees you almost as quickly as you see him. He puts his back to the shelf across from where he is looking, and stong hand goes down. Once you have proven to not be a threat, the strong hand comes back to use, but still reserved.

    I notice this frequently around my parts.

    Those not initiated to our "club" tend step up to the shelf to allow you to pass to their rear.
    "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... And how many want out." British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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