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CCW shooting Qualification?

This is a discussion on CCW shooting Qualification? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Krmnnghia, My suggestion is simply to teach her the proper handling and safety issues regarding a handgun, and get her confident in her ability to ...

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Thread: CCW shooting Qualification?

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    My suggestion is simply to teach her the proper handling and safety issues regarding a handgun, and get her confident in her ability to handle and shoot the pistol in a safe manner.

    From what has been posted the actual shooting performance should not be an issue for passing the test, as it appears that most states don't require that your an expert shooter.

    Safe gun handling practices and confidence with her weapon is something that will benefit her for a lifetime regardless of her concealed carry status. Bad habits are hard to break, so if you help her get it right the first time, she should do fine in her class and have good skills to pass on to someone else or for herself for the rest of her life.

    Good Luck.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gopher View Post
    I thought Max was 15 yds ( bad mem i guess )
    But everything else sounds the same
    I took it at ATP Guns in Goose Creek last year
    Where & when did you take it?
    There is no set in stone qualification distance. What happens here is that the Instructors have to go to a class every year to keep their certification to teach and sign off. In that class, options are discussed and so you will see some similarities. And updates as to law and interpretation are discussed. So they can bring back fresh informationt to their students.

    However some details can be changed by the instructor within reason. He has to at least do a minimum to cover his liability and satisfy SLED. In fact there is no regulation that exact testing is required in the Law. However SLED wants them to have something documented in writing showing the person was told and demonstrated he understood. So in order to do that the best way to do it is to have a copy of a test and a score. Same with demonstrating proficiency on the range. test and score. They can be altered from instrutor to instructor within reason. And within what SLED has asked them to do in order to be able to be certified instructors. There is no real strict standard. But there is the SLED way... and so you will see only a tiny variation from instructor to instructor. And distances are one of them. I don't believe your asked to go further than 15 yards by SLED. Nor do I think they have a set number of shots. But they suggest some of these things.

    Basicaly our instructor was of the opinion (at least on that day) that everyone had qualified by the time they got to 15 yards so why not? I suspect if someone was having some trouble he might not have gone back. He might have worked with them some more up close. I can only speculate on that.

    Mine was last year at Foothills up here in Liberty SC.
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    In Idaho, you have to show proof of attending a class for CC but no shooting requirements. But to pass his CLASS, our instructor made us shoot at 21' at least 15 out of 20 rounds in a pie plate size target within 3 min. with your weapon of choice. EZ you would think but some still had problems.

    As you will find in other posts, the horror stories of people in classes and on the range. So teach your wife to be aware at all times, even at the range. Don't assume all people there are safe cuz not all of them are safe. Have fun and congrats for getting your wife there .
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    In MO, I had to shoot 50 rounds for familiarization, 45 of them with my proposed carry weapon, five with the "other type" of handgun. In my case this was 45 rounds through a pistol and five through a revolver.

    Qualification was an additional 20 rounds at seven yards into the eight ring or better on a standard "B-27" target or equivalent. This is roughly a vertical oval about 12.5" wide and 18.5" tall. It was a timed shoot, but I do not recall how much time we were allowed.

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    30 rounds in from each weapon unless it is a 5 shot revolver, then 25.
    You have to hit the target with most of them within the second ring from the center at 7 yards. No time limit.
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    My wife and I took our class together...she had never held a gun before.

    The instructor assumed no one had ever held a gun before. Our class used the NRA Personal/Home Defense course. The class was 22 hours.

    The instructor determined who qualified and who didn't...those that didn't got 1 on 1 training on the range until they did qualify.

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