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12 year old takes gun on class trip - in canada

This is a discussion on 12 year old takes gun on class trip - in canada within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; They will hang you over having a gun out there, but I heard that you can buy pot at any head shop and they won't ...

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Thread: 12 year old takes gun on class trip - in canada

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    They will hang you over having a gun out there, but I heard that you can buy pot at any head shop and they won't enforce drug laws.
    Anybody know about this?
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    I don't think they are that loose about their drug laws, but it's pretty easy to buy pot anywhere. One can dream though, haha.

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    They are now getting guns and just decided on the Berretta PX4. Thanks to our new government, so hopefully it will start changing some attitudes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OfClanMcnab View Post
    Canadians are pansies. Their Border Patrol don't even carry guns. I went up to Canada one time to go on a canoe trip. Our entry point was actually across the Minnesota border via the BWCA, but I had to go up to the border crossing in a different area to pick up my permit first. I had a gun in my car, and when I went to the crossing they started asking me all the usual questions about declaring stuff. I told them right off the bat I just needed to enter the station to get my canoe permit, but he still needed to ask me the questions, even though I wasn't technically visiting Canada at the time. When he got to the part about guns in the car, I said, Yes I have a gun in my car. He stopped and started at me and said "what?" and got this weird look on his face like I had just told him a very personal detail about my sex life. I repeated that I had a gun in my car and he stared at me for a long minute and then asked me again why I was at the border crossing. When I finally made him understand I wasn't going into Canada, just visiting the border station for some paperwork, he finally seemed to calm down a bit and scribbled some stuff down on the paperwork and let me park. The piece of paper had 'handgun' under the section where you declare stuff, which I had to give to this receptionist lady inside. When she read the paper she said "You have a gun in your car??". I said 'Yeah but I'm not entering Canada, just visiting this station for my canoe entry permit'. She was really rude and said something about "You realize you can't take that into Quetico (the canadian canoe wilderness)" in a manner and tone that clearly conveyed she thought the Gun Nut American would try to do just that. During the rest of my contact with her she was incredibly rude. While I sat in a chair and waited for my paperwork I watched all the other Border Patrol officers and noticed that none of them had any firearms. Batons and mace, maybe some tasers. I thought it was pretty stupid that Canadian LEOs didn't have any guns.
    Dont expect canadians to protect their own border...they think that's what we're for....

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    Actually foreigners can bring guns into Canada, you need to fill out the right paperwork first... you can also obtain the same paperwork Canadians obtain for purchasing firearms...

    If you have that piece of paper you can go back and forth without any problems.

    ha ha packinnova...

    I guess that's what we expected when we signed the dotted line after WW2 to let you guys drop Russian Nuclear bombers in our back yard, instead of us building our own interceptors... the same ones that got caned and our aerospace guys came to the US to work for your aerospace industry, NASA & the skunk works...

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