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This is a discussion on Tight Situation within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If you plan on carrying a Kel-Tec, then Comp-Tac makes a kydex holster you can wear around your neck. They also make iwb tuckable holsters ...

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Thread: Tight Situation

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    If you plan on carrying a Kel-Tec, then Comp-Tac makes a kydex holster you can wear around your neck. They also make iwb tuckable holsters for other autos and revolvers. One for a J-frame S&W might work well. Also ankle carry could work well for you.


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    As an EMT, definitely avoid the small of back at all times. You could just be walking and stumble and fall and end up with spinal damage. Many other good suggestions above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jarhead79
    (sung to the theme of the musical "Oklahoma")

    OOOOOOOOOOOOpen carry when you wear your tight cowboy jeans.

    Open carry is apparently legal in your state. I am just teasing, but it is an option. One plus, it's a deterrent to BGs. (unless they're morons)
    I agree, get a couple of six shooters to go with what your wearing and a nice gun belt.
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    So, I am new here and have been looking through all the posts related to horseback carry....Please move this if it isn't in the right place.

    I train horses too and ride several throughout the day. They are VERY spirited and occasionally I get dumped! I would like to carry ALWAYS, especially if I get dumped and have to walk home. I have a Ruger P89DC. Not the smallest gun but it is what I have for now and I am very comfortable with it.

    So, here is my question, other than the obvious "what type of holster" and "where to carry." What would happen if I did fall off, on to my weapon....hard...other than the obvious bruises and such, do I risk AD?


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    I usually wear loose fit Wrangler jeans, a one size larger un-tucked cowboy-cut long sleeve shirt with snaps instead of buttons, and cowboy boots. I carry a government size 1911 on my belt at 3:00 and a spare magazine at 9:00. I carry a BUG in my right front pocket with a spare magazine in the watch/change pocket above it. You can either go small and make a gun fit your wardrobe or you can dress around the gun(s).
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    I had to wonder why someone would resurrect a thread that's been dormant for 8 years, and you answered that! Welcome aboard.

    I can only provide one answer, since I don't ride horses, which is that you need not fear the gun going off. Nearly all quality, name-brand handguns made in the last quarter century won't discharge when dropped or accidentally whacked, assuming the finger is off the trigger, of course. Your Ruger is a decocker model, so there's virtually no way to impart enough energy to the firing pin with the hammer lowered.
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    Sorry about the resurrection.....perhaps I should have started a thread....lol.

    I do appreciate the input. I have asked a similar question in another forum and basically got the same answer....BUT, one can NEVER be too careful, so I thought I would ask it here as well.

    Thank you!

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    rideum There ain't no right way to carry for all. If your going to stay with a mid size pistol what ever that is your going to have to wear maybe fuller cut pants and looser cut shirts . Simple as heck. You can ether look cool or dress smart or swap for a darn small pistol. Even wwhen picking a holster its still trial and error. We all have a small box of perfectly fine holster for someone . If you want to try to carry on your front side a comp-tac does have several very adjustable holsters to pick from and there something like smart carry that might work for you. But only you can figure that out.

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