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CCW printing paranoia question

This is a discussion on CCW printing paranoia question within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I don't worry about it. I carry at the 1:30-2:30 position to deter a grab and it also gets covered up most of the time ...

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Thread: CCW printing paranoia question

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    I don't worry about it. I carry at the 1:30-2:30 position to deter a grab and it also gets covered up most of the time anyways at that spot. Regardless, I don't worry about printing at all because I know that most people wouldn't have any idea what it was that *might* be sticking out inside my t-shirt and those that did know probably would be carrying anyways.

    Unless you live in a state where a "print" could land you in some deep doo-doo, don't sweat it.
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    There are two ways that I know of to minimize the risk of printing.

    1. Alter your clothing selection to mask the "line" and "bulge" via color, sizing (ie, go with a fuller cut [more "baggy"]). If you have solid colors for covering garments or they are tighter-fitting that will support proper coverage of the gun, then option 2 might be preferable. Broken colors work well, as do variable textures. (Sort of like camouflage netting breaking up the line, used during warfare.)

    2. Kneel, don't bend. If you practice getting down to the ground via various movements, you should be able to find one that helps keep your strong-side leg/hip the straightest. You can simply keep the knees locks and bend over, but that's the worst for showing the butt of the gun. No variation of this avoids printing altogether. You can bend both knees, as well, but I don't find this method any better for avoiding printing. Or, you can bend the weak-side knee but point the strong-side knee straight down to the ground, which keeps that knee/hip in the same orientation as when you carry. The latter looks a bit funny, but it avoids printing.

    I have altered my clothing to suit carrying, but also try to practice bending the weak side knee while maintaining a relatively straighter strong-side knee/hip orientation. In the event I must bend, I cover the strong side with the arm, or angle away from the sight line of the nearest people. It isn't fool proof, but to my knowledge I haven't been "made" yet.
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    I take reasonable but not obsessive care to avoid printing. Woven shirts work better for me than knit, obviously loose is better. If it's just a corner poking through occasionally, I don't worry unless it's gun shaped. My BIL is amused that I carry, and tries to figure out where--So far, he's really good at figuring out where I keep my cellphone.

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    Use common sense about using the right cover garments. Stay cognizant of where you are and what you are doing while wearing a weapon...otherwise...I wouldn't worry much about it!

    Stay armed...stay safe!

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    All the above are good posts and nothing much to add except to reinforce the point that most people are sheep and don't know what they are looking at when the see a bulge.

    I absolutely do my best not to print... I am constantly asking my wife to check for me, especially as to if there is a specific garment that I wear which makes me print more.

    If someone were to literally freak out and scream and point like Donald Sutherland in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"... bottom line is "I am legal to carry concealed." Thankfully, that has never happened.
    Semper Fi

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    I think you could carry a bazooka under your shirt and as long as it is covered it wont’ be noticed by anyone that is not tuned into CCW. People just tend to overlook is as if it does not exist.
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    I wouldn't stress it. I was using only a polo shirt to cover my OWB today when I was showing the car I'm selling to a prospective buyer. I leaned into the car to start it, and glanced back at him. He didn't even notice the stainless steel XD reflecting sunlight at him. People have tunnel vision, plain and simple.

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