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Got made by the doc today

This is a discussion on Got made by the doc today within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by sisco The clinic I go to is posted no carry. Same as mine. For those occasions pocket carry works great. I can ...

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Thread: Got made by the doc today

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisco View Post
    The clinic I go to is posted no carry.
    Same as mine.

    For those occasions pocket carry works great. I can strip buck naked if the doc needs me to and none will be the wiser.

    In my opinion, I am under no obligation to follow immoral laws just like I was under no obligation to follow illegal orders in the Navy.

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    I took more issue with "Messing" wordage then anything and the general inference of widespread incompetence (which is a CCW/gun myth for the most part), which in my experience can cause more harm and bad press than an actual act of stupidity.

    Saying "Handling" of a firearm is potentially dangerous, yeah, that would have passed without a blink "Messing" implies carelessness or lack of respect.

    Say it enough times or infer it as a general rule and the uninformed will believe it as gospel and those with an agenda will use it to further their own ends, since a member of the fraternity (so to speak), confirms what they are saying.

    Given that they tend to out number us and every vote counts, creating stereotypes that cast us all in a bad light , hurts us collectively.

    As far as my associates/friends, they can stand behind/beside me with a loaded firearm in hand or not any time they wish, they have proved their worth and ability with firearms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mocarryguy View Post
    I would never carry in a doctors or anywhere I would have to undress. When / if you have to go down the hall for blood draw, x-rays or such, your gun will be compromised. That is a cardinal sin of allowing your firearm to be out of your sight. There is also the danger of unintended consequences of others coming in contact with it without knowledge. You doctor may the most 2A guy in the world, but does not mean everyone else there is. Remember, any time you are messing with your gun or holster, there is that danger of an accident. There are some instances where one should consider others in the decision. Just MHO.
    Good point. I knew I wasnt having ex-rays or anything. I wouldnt want to leave my gun with my clothes anywhere unless it was right beside me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedracer76 View Post
    I have carried several times to my dentist, but that is easy they never ask you to take your shirt off.
    Yeah, but if you're as much of a crybaby as I am about my teeth, they dope you up well beyond the point of suitable judgment for carrying.

    OTOH, the next dentist I will likely see is the wife of the shadetree gunsmith I got some advice on CHL classes from, and she carries, so I doubt she'd have a problem securing my gun until the anaesthetic wears off...the problem would be keeping her from popping out to the range with it while I'm out cold.

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    I agree with Smith&Wessonfan. I always pocket carry my Kel Tec P11 when I visit a doctor. If I have to disrobe, the gun hangs on the back of the door, still hidden in the pocket.

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    I pocket carry ,so them finding it at a routine Dr's appt is not a worry.Funny story though:I've been recovering from surgery for about 8 weeks and have been carrying in a 5.11 vest.I also had(untill last thursday) a machine called a "wound vac"that I carried around,attached to the wound.So I've been trying to lose weight while I'm recooping.I go to the dr's and they weigh me.I lost 0 pounds.I couldn't believe it......So I Get home and my wife says.."were you wearing your vest?"I say "yeah"goes and gets it,and puts it on the scale...4.2lbs...then she weighs the wound I go the next week for another appt....I take off the vest and put the machine.....I instantly lost 10 lbs...the nurse picked up the vest to hand it to me and says"what do have,rocks in there?"I said,"no just the essentials...."
    "Just because I'm paranoid,doesn't mean they're NOT after me...."

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    Check State Laws

    As always, keep in mind the laws vary from state to state.

    In SC, it is illegal to carry into a "hospital, medical clinic, doctor's office, or any other facility where medical services or procedures are performed unless expressly authorized by the employer."

    I'd wager any anti-gun docs know this statue and it will be hard to get forgiveness after-the-fact.
    Ruger P95/Kahr PM9/S&W Model 65 .357

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisco View Post
    The clinic I go to is posted no carry.

    Wow. I haven't run into that, but if any doctor I see ever posted a No Weapons sign, I'd 100% certainly inform them that for that reason, I was withdrawing from his/her care and getting another doctor.

    That would go for my doctor, dentist, veterinarian . . . I would make sure to let them know how pointless their policy would be when it comes to keeping out actual threats, possibly drop off some pro-gun fliers and pamphlets with them, and cynically wish them well.

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    You'd be suprised how many Doc's carry. All the ones I work with do, problem is that we can't carry at work. That's why we park right next to the ambulance bay.

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