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Thread: 7 Foot Tall Crack Head

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    Funny stuff

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    nutjob is putting it mildly. have you seen his main website and dozens of other child subsets?


    and every one of this websites all have links to making a tax deductable donation to specificdomain.org - c/o the "Universal Ethician Church". some of those sister domains are outright insane.

    I believe everyone that's not a criminal should have the right to own guns and all, but there are also certain mental health questions on those forms for purchasing a gun or carry permits, and he definitely should have a red flag in there somewhere.
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    Quick!!! Get the net!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig P239 View Post
    We have open carry in Tennessee. I do open carry the majority of the time in my small town but I wouldn't do it in Memphis just 25 miles from here. Too many crack heads and gang members. But here in Arlington there is no problem.
    That's weird; in the area where it might help you, it's not advisable to open carry because of the dangerous element present, but it's okay to do it where it's not dangerous.

    I understand what you're saying (you'd be courting a threat if you wore openly around crackheads and gang members) but it's still counterintuitive, like . . . backward.

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    Open carry. . . .concealed carry. I do both.

    This argument is like the large caliber vs small caliber debate.

    People seem to have strong opinions and don't appear to listen to the other side of the argument.

    So, pick your poison and don't worry about the ones who disagree with you.

    That's one thing I like about gun people. We all are very opinionated. That leads to lively conversations.
    fortiter in re, suaviter in modo (resolutely in action, gently in manner).

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    anyone check out his website www.patrionetwork.org? It's got links to one page websites that are apparently all owned by this George Russell. He's a kook. Serious conspiracty theorist, but with what seems to be absolutely no proof to his conjectures, other than what appears to be the rantings of someone not happy with the system.
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