If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine...

If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine...

This is a discussion on If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been trying to get through the latest issue of Handgunners magazine for about a month, it seems. I had a hair appointment today and ...

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Thread: If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine...

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    If you want to make a statement don't open carry, read a magazine...

    I've been trying to get through the latest issue of Handgunners magazine for about a month, it seems.

    I had a hair appointment today and because I knew I was going to be subjected to immeasurable time waiting--for my stylist, for the foiling to get done, for my hair color to set--and because salon magazines are usually filled with nothing more substantial than whatever idiotic thing Britney Spears or Paris Hilton just did, I decided to bring my own reading material.

    Sure enough... I was stuck waiting.

    At one point in time, while getting distracted by something on a shelf I put down my magazine and went to check out the object of my curiosity.

    When I returned to my seat my stylist and a colleague of hers were approaching and the colleague said, with quite a bit of surprise in her voice, "Who's magazine is that?"

    I claimed it. I guess it is a little odd to see a gun magazine in a hair salon, but oh well.

    The gal says, "Umm, why do YOU have a gun magazine?"

    I guess the scene was a little odd. I'm sitting in a chair with aluminum-foil in my hair and these moisturizing, ultra-smoothing mitts on my hands and there's a gun magazine sitting on the counter in front of me.

    I explain that I work at a gun shop and that my reading Handgunners would be similar to her reading a beauty magazine to keep up with her trade and interests.

    She nodded. I guess that was a good enough parallel to draw.

    My stylist began the cut and I could tell there was a question she was begging to ask. There was that awkward silence that was building and I really hoped she wasn't one of these anti-gun fanatics who was uncomfortable doing the hair of a woman who was holding a gun magazine.

    "Can I ask you a question?" she began.

    I silently prayed this wasn't going to be anything like, "What do you think about what happened at Virginia Tech?" or "What possessed you to get a job at a gun shop?"

    I started sharpening my usual answers to such questions and was ready to fire back when she completely blew me off course by asking, "What would you recommend for a good home defense gun for someone like me?"

    I was completely blown away, but in a very good way.

    She explained that she had been raised around guns but when a childhood friend of hers accidentally shot and killed himself after finding and playing with a loaded handgun she separated herself from firearms, especially when she had a child of her own and was concerned about her own daughter's safety.

    Now, however, there is a rise in crime in her neighborhood and she's considering getting a gun for home defense.

    I went over my recommendations and invited her up to our range to get a lesson from one of our NRA instructors and to look at some guns herself.

    We talked a bit about concealed carry and she surprised me again by saying, "I think it's great that people carry. God, I can't even imagine how many good people's lives were saved just because they had a gun."

    The whole conversation was very pleasant and she seemed releaved to have talked about it and said she hoped to see me soon when she came up for her lesson.

    I never imagined that getting a manicure and my hair colored and cut that I would have such a conversation with a stylist.

    If only we could have completely gotten rid of the gun cleaning stains in the sides of my fingernails.

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    It's nice to have a pleasant surprise every once in awhile.

    What a scene that must have been... Lima with foil in her hair, goop on her face, mitts too. And all the while talking guns with the stylist.
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    Gotta love these stories. I know the anticipation when the subject comes up. Are they anti? Am I going to have to defend it? Its always good when ya find out they're all for it.

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    Hey, don't scoff at all Paris Hilton news. Some great news about her came out on Friday: she's going to JAIL!!!

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    Goes to show, ya never know

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    As for that woman and home defense, I'd personally recommend a fairly short (~20" barrel) shotgun, either 12 ga. or 20 ga., depending on the size of the woman.

    They suck for concealment, but around the house that's not a big concern, and buck shot is more effective than any handgun round, plus they're easier to aim.

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    If I had your writing skills that would have helped me a lot through college thats for sure, good read.

    I go to a barber down by my parent's house, his magazine rack is full of firearms, hunting and automotive magazines, no Paris Hilton News there. He and I also shoot together a few times a year, and he always has his latest acquisition sitting around somewhere for me to look at.

    Hopefully she will take you up on your invitations, more responsible shooters is a very good thing.
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    Cool Thats Great !

    I work in a top salon in San Franciscos Union Square and for years I've have to hide my copies of various magazines about guns.I usually fold it in quarters and read down the page that way.I offten think "wow I am in America and have to be fearfull of what I read because if somone finds out I could be chastised." Now that (being chastised) isnt the end of the world but loosing my ability to make a living would be really tuff.I am a bit of a freak in the industry being straight and a Vietnam Vet,a IPSC and IDPA shooter and the owner of many guns. And God forbid a Hunter.So your story was really cool for me to read. I know the fear of being singled out by the radical antigun folk.By the way I took the owner and another stylist shooting and they had a ball.So I may have some inroads here. Lets hope.Also I got the best wife she makes sure I get to buy a gun now and then to even out the D&G,Prada,Gucci purchases on hand bags and shoes.
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    That is the best, when you think someone is going to be all anti gun and they turn out to be one of the good guys. I love that.

    Good for her. And for you. You know Lima, you may be responsible for more converts than you may ever know. And judging from her response to your reading material, you might just be bringing someof the good guys in hiding out of their shells.

    Keep up the good work.
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    I am not surprised at women asking about guns anymore. It seems that more women are wanting to be armed now days, than men. I see a lot more women on the range and our local range has had courses just for women and they are always a sell-out.

    Telling her to come to the NRA course was a great idea. That way she will get the safety course along with some experience before she makes the big decision.

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    Great story, hope she shows up at your shop/range soon for some trigger time and browsing for home defense guns.
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    Lima, I suspect a lot of male antis would be converted if you walked down the street and randomly approached guys and handed them a card that said you offered instruction. Some guys who would never otherwise touch a gun would be signing up quick.
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    I got a haircut from my usual barber right after the VA Tech shootings, so that was the topic of conversation. I found out my barber always has a .38 on his ankle. No plans to ever change barbers now.
    "Take what you have with what you are, make something of it, and never be satisfied." G.W. Carver

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    I love surprises like that. I know how you feel getting ready to defend yourself verbally when the tables are reversed on you. It's a good feeling.

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    NRA Pistol and Personal Protection Insrtuctor
    Utah Permit Certified Instructor

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    Another excellent and pleasant surprise - as usual lima nicely written up.

    You know Lima, you may be responsible for more converts than you may ever know.
    Mike very likely tells it like it is ..... you must be well ''up there'' as an ambassador for ladies, guns and carry. I said once before and repeat - ''where are all the lima clones''

    There should at least be another 49 - one for every state ... minimum!!
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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