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Might be time to move....

This is a discussion on Might be time to move.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Way ahead of you George.....I was out to get the mail today with the Glock 23 on my right hip. The thug was sitting in ...

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Thread: Might be time to move....

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    Way ahead of you George.....I was out to get the mail today with the Glock 23 on my right hip. The thug was sitting in his driveway in a lawn chair. I just waved and said hello. He looked a little surprised.

    Now, I know this strategy can be a little risky. If I didn't have a good safe I wouldn't have done this. Now the thug knows I have at least one gun and he and his thuggy friends may want to break in to look for more. But, like I said, I have a good safe.
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    Sorry to hear about it but be patient and do keep your eyes open and do report this...
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    Sig, you may want to add a bit of Crazy to that smile. I am sure he will find it unerving.

    Other things you can do include shouting strange things.

    "Honey! I can't find my rattlesnake! Watch where you step!"

    Or talking on the cellphone and saying very strange stuff (I actually did this one and worked with some movers that were less than efficient while unloading a friend's belonging":

    "Listen, I don't care how sick his mamma says he is. We put $100K for his bail and that damn SOB missed court. Get the shotgun, go to his house and if you need to, blast his kneecap and drag his a** to the cops. We are not gonna lose a hundred grand for no F***** reason!"
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    Try to find out if she is on any kind of public assistance... I would bet she is given the situation you described. Then document everything you can about the possible dealings over there. If they get complaints about drug activity, they have to pull their assistance.
    I've done this a few times with problem houses in the city that I work.
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