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View Poll Results: Have you ever fallen asleep or went to bed armed?

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  • Yes, I've nodded off with my gun on.

    180 76.92%
  • No, I would be far too uncomfortable.

    24 10.26%
  • I don't sleep, for fear of a zombie infestation.

    30 12.82%
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Thread: Fell asleep armed...

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    Brains. ... . . . . . BRAINSSSSSssssssss. . . .. . . .

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    Napping - when that rarely occurs, I'm tired enough not to care about 2lbs on my hip.

    Overnight - After a double shift, walk in the door land in bed, sometimes i get my shoes off. A good holster really helps while sleeping.

    On the road / rest stop - typ sleep with my hand on the grip!

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    I did move it to another place within reach if need be, but not so easy to grab dead asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sig P239 View Post
    Sure have. Depending on the amount of over time I work in a week I sometimes nod off a few times a week while sitting in the recliner. That chair is evil I tell you.
    I hear ya' buddy, mine's the same way. Now, if I lay down for a lap I just slide my holster back a little further so I'm not laying directly on it and snooze away (I sleep on my side). The MaxCon V: Fatman tested, naptime approved!

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    Not yet, but if were holstered I don't think I'd be uncomfortable with it. Waking up with it in my hand (the gun, you perves) would freak me out though.
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    Yeah, how is that a problem?
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    Fell asleep armed?

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    Taken a nap on the couch with a firearm on the hip...yup several times, especially while I'm trying to read school books.

    Fallen asleep in the truck with a firearm on my person...yup, can't think of anywhere safer for it to be.

    Woken up with one in my hand..yup, which is why I prefer something with more than one step to fire. I.E. Peacemaker on an empty cylinder, semi-without one in the chamber (its bad, I know, but I figure I should be awake enough to chamber a round if I'm gonna shoot sometime). Besides, any bedside pistol is just there so I have time to reach the extra foot to the shotty.
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