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Car dealers posted?

This is a discussion on Car dealers posted? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The salesman that sold me my current vehicle was carrying himself! We got on the topic of guns when he noticed my license plate ...

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Thread: Car dealers posted?

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    The salesman that sold me my current vehicle was carrying himself! We got on the topic of guns when he noticed my license plate frame. During the test drive we showed each other our carry weps and talked more about guns than the truck i was looking to purchase, lol.
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    None posted here in KY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daddy Warcrimes View Post
    I've heard reports of posted dealerships in Kansas, but haven't seen one yet.

    So far it's been medical centers, convenience stores, a few restaurants, and every single mall. (most of these places don't have a sign up to the AG's regulation either)
    Funny you should mention this. I happen to work at a dealership in Kansas. It's posted with the official AG sign in all entrances/exits. Our owner is a very big outdoor enthusiast and gun owner. I have yet to have a conversation with him regarding his personal views on the matter.

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    Our dealership is not posted

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    Hmm, most of them around here are, but thats in Ohio too. My CHL instructor said he knew of one chain in Cincy that was not posted, and thats where he bought his truck from.
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    I haven't seen any posted in Kansas, and I'm in the process of looking for a new Ram truck...
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    Well I'm actually in favor of Dealerships posting "No Guns" signs!

    The only time I have ever been seriously concerned that I was carrying a gun was while trying to get away from a "car salesman"!

    (okay, just kidding!)
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    A bit off-topic: I posted this question, then when I came back to check for responses, CombatCarry was off-line. I then asked on another forum...which is off-line today, when I try to check for responses there. Is it a conspiracy of car dealers?

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    No guns = no sale, and I'm NOT shy about telling them why!
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    Haven't seen any in VA...the guy who sold me our last car also carried--but wanted to keep on the QT from his co-workers (no problem from me)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokewagon View Post
    Smith Ford in Slaton, Texas, has a non-compliant no guns sign on the show room floor. Has no legal authority, so it is ignored.
    I almost bought a truck there.

    Glad Pollard got my money instead.

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    Another reason I cant stand car dealers!
    I dont have a P3AT Mouse Gun
    or a G23,,,

    Or do I ?

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    Haven't seen any in South Carolina

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    Make sure you are writing these car businesses to let them know why they lost a sale. Tell them where you bought your new vehicle instead.

    This will make them rethink their policies when it starts hitting them in the pocketbook and they realize that law abiding gun owners are NOT going to sit back and take it anymore.

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    I can understand why care dealers might want to be posted. Well especially used care dealers, There were reports of the local Ford dealer posting but then there were reports of it being taken down the next week. I guess they figured that they don’t want to drive away any business. (no pun intended)
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