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Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

This is a discussion on Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; here is a copy of the post i made in the personal security stickie. I would make a suggestion. While blending in with the crowd ...

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Thread: Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

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    here is a copy of the post i made in the personal security stickie.

    I would make a suggestion. While blending in with the crowd or walking down the sidewalk, Look everyone you can in the eye. It shows that you are alert, attentive, and confident. These things make you a less attractive victim, hopefully negating any need to go condition red in the first place.

    Being in a wheelchair I am an attractive target to begin with, I work in a high crime area, and close alone after dark sometimes. When I roll out the door and lock the door, my head is on a swivel (spellcheck save me). Anyone in the parking lot or walking down the street gets a smile, direct eye contact, and a nod. Normally the homeless around here get a head swivel and a not today stare.

    Set comfort zones around you. <30 feet get lots of attention, <60feet get acknowlagement. Don't just look, Most people in condition yellow focus only on their vision. If you focus with your ears as well you get an added buffer. Heavy footsteps get extra attention, running even more. And remember not all BGs are Human. I listen for dogs running as well. (its a problem in this area).

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    I'm 6'1" and have a medium build. For reasons somewhat lost on me, people don't seem very interested in messing with me. Both of my boys claim that I have some kind of death stare. :) Other people claim that I give off some kind of personna that makes "strangers" uncomfortable. Who knows? There is something to it, I'm certain, but I wouldn't bet my life on it. Situational awareness is ultimately the most important. I give off a little indifference. I don't think that's all bad. I've been afraid, but wonder if anyone had a hint of it.

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    Maybe. I'm not a big guy like most of you, but I'm in decent shape (not nearly as good as I used to be). I'm in the Reserves so I have a short military haircut and sometimes stubble when I'm too lazy to shave. I try to keep my head on a swivel but I'm sure I could improve in this area. Fortunately I've never been approached by a bad guy so I haven't had to test my 'death glare' And of course, as a member of this forum, if a BG ever decides that I do look like an easy target my .45 should help change his mind. That's the idea anyway.
    - Kurt
    “Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it.” ~Pericles of Athens
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    I'm a forcibly disarmed college student. 'nuff said on the easy mark/target.
    ~Mike F.
    "Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."

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    One move and no matter how big you are, you will drop like a rock. I have seen it, worked it. Scary to think how effective it is, and almost anyone can do it. Like most have echoed, keep "em" away from you, distance is your friend. Numbers don't work to your advantage when they are not in your favor. Simple logic on most of this. Situational awareness is key, but in the end, it will come down to survival and how bad you want it that may save the day. Just pray it never comes to that.
    I know, I know, you are smarter than me..just ask you..

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    I'm 5'11" and 230 lbs. Even big dogs seem to want to keep their distance from me. I don't like looking mean but I was born this way. My wife says that most people we meat eventually tell her that I look like I want to hurt someone bad. Like I'm looking forward to it. My life's road has taken me several places that have given me the skill to back it even though I have Osteoarthritis and Fibromialja.
    I agree with the whole appearing alert thing and looking confident stuff. I can say first hand though that those that say that it doesn't always matter what you look like or how alert you are some will see you as a target anyways are not just whistling Dixie. There are some goblins out there that think they are invincible either because of foolish pride or chemical courage.
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    “You come at me with a sword and with a spear. But I come at you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you". 1 Samuel 17, 45-46

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    I'm getting senior citizen discounts at local restaurants without asking, so I assume I look like someone's grandfather, which, as a matter of fact, I am. Nevertheless, I will not be a victim of some drug crazed hooligan twice my size and half my age. I think I project this confidence in spite of my advanced age.

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