Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

This is a discussion on Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been thinking alot about what I look like in a BG's eyes lately. I'm a small guy 5'6", about 130 lbs., glasses, and am ...

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Thread: Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

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    Do U Look Like An Easy Mark/Target??

    I've been thinking alot about what I look like in a BG's eyes lately. I'm a small guy 5'6", about 130 lbs., glasses, and am nearly always pushing my mom in her wheel chair (pancreatic cancer patient). To most devients I must look like a dream come true, a sitting duck to most crooks. The truth of the matter is I'm a very good at watching people around me I grew up in Detroit, MI. where it's drilled into your head to watch everything/ one near you. My mom like I said is dealing with cancer she's about 5'3" and now about 70 lbs. She's a fighter but cancer is a bear even for the stoutest people. I was wondering if you think you might look like an easy target to a BG? If so what do you do to try and make a difference in what they might see in you? I always look around and mark possible threats, as I can't run pushing a wheelchair and I surely would die rather than leave my mom behind. If all else fails there's always the business end of a pistol very near at hand.
    "Fear is nothing more than an emotional response to the perception of danger coupled with the belief that I can't handle it."
    "If you change that belief to 'I can handle it', you'll no longer experience FEAR. You'll simply see what you are facing is a challenge... an opportunity to test yourself.

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    I think it has less to do with your size than it does with how alert you are. You can tell those people who are walking along in their own little world, completely oblivious of what's around them. I think those are the ones that the BGs are looking out for.

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    I agree with denverd0n; it all has to do with situational awareness. People that stroll along looking distracted (on their cell phones etc.) are easy marks. Swinging wide of ambush spots keeping the poop in a group is repellant to BG's.
    I also let all those around me know that they are on my radar with a brief glance. I don't stare as this can signify a challenge. It is amazing how many will nod at eye contact.
    I have a 24 year old tall, blonde, good looking daughter that I have trained to keep situational awareness her top priority. She notes exhaust coming out of vehicles and knows how to keep her options of escape at a maximum level. We are working on her shooting skills and she sat through Carry Class with me. It was great that we had an instructor that added quite a bit of this subject in his curriculum. Prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    I hope to have her armed and lethal in the very near future. She is going to watch the Inside the Crucible series with me; a must watch in my opinion.
    I am concerned with our state of affairs and have made sure she knows that an ill wind is blowing.
    Semper Paratus

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    To answer the thread title question, no I don't.
    6'2", muscles and a permafrown/glare that sets fire to small critters as soon as I look upon them.
    But it is all about situational awareness, you either have it or you need to get it. And I don't mean the wide-eyed darting glances of the 'schoolyard bullied', I mean seeing everything calmly, think presidential security detail. Then tone that down to wherever you are, might look a little odd in Kroger.

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    I'm nearing 40 years old, balding, 5'10", a dense 200 pounds, and am usually professionally dressed. I smile a lot and walk with an easy, carefree gait. Am I considered an easy target?

    I pay attention to my surroundings and look for incongruity in people's actions but generally I like people and will not close myself off to everyone I meet because of the bottom 2% that might wish to harm me.

    I carry a gun for the 2% who might wish to take advantage of my good nature by attacking and ******* off the Good Humor Man but like all here I hope never to use it.

    "If you so much as bunny hop I'll cut your heart out!" Billy Bob Thornton in The Last Real Cowboys

    "I carry a gun for the same reason that I carry health insurance and a cell phone - be prepared."

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    No, not really.

    Clean cut with short hair, 5'11 and 220 and pretty muscular right now. Keeping alert is a good thing. 0.02, I have that same glare, it works well on the drunks in the bars to get them to settle down. Ma always said I should use it and be a drivers liscense examiner.
    Fortes Fortuna Juvat

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    6'3" at around 235 (been dropping some weight lateley) I tend to NOT get approched - even by street beggers. Course the *** do YOU want glare usually pushes them away.

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    Alertness is #1 factor IMO to act as a deterrent - irrespective of physical size etc. In your case you should be well able to imply thru your posture and body language that you are a protector ..... the wheelchair aspect need be no invitation.

    True, large bulky guys probably have an ''edge'' but I still reckon smaller and lighter folks can easily show they are aware and also ''ready'' which can be conveyed by deportment. Upright type of squared posture ... showing some sense of preparedness.

    I am a 62 yr old phart! - 6.00 and 200# - still fairly muscular with also some spare real estate out front LOL .... but, I make my walking purposeful along with scanning and hope obvious alertness. I seek eye contacts and use those to make some judgement calls too. I dress very casual and have somewhat of a ''mad professor'' look so I am told

    So - it's not size per se - it's the ''message'' we radiate. Plus too of course, avoiding bad places if possible.
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

    "To own a gun and assume that you are armed
    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!." - a portal for 2A links, articles and some videos.

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    Smack in the middle of wealthy on one side and dirt poor on the other
    Alertness/Situational awareness is always going to be key to survival in just about any situation. I do however think that like P95's statement about bulky guys having an edge. Image means a lot. If you're the type that is 6'1+ and 220lbs+ and thick (not just at the waistline guys)...people have a tendency to think twice before even considering starting trouble. So...Eat more...Lift heavier and keep your head on a swivel! BTW, eating more is key can lift all day long, but you ain't gaining a pound of muscle until you start filling the tank so to speak.

    Good physical training should go hand in hand with all our other training. I tend to think like a family friend in LE...Everyday he's not working another day that thousands of violent felons are pumping hard iron in the yard while biding their time.

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    It's how you carry yourself that matters. Walking with a purpose (like you've got somewhere to go), shoulders up....alert....eye contact is unbelievably effective. I'm 5'9", run about 165, work out......not a huge guy but not a pushover by any means. I'm not trying to scowl my way through life , I just look people in the face and smile.

    Confidence is key.

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    I probably do, even though I tend to look around me and keep aware of potential threats or problems. Imposing? Not hardly. Think of a Wilford Brimley kind of guy in a Hawaiian shirt.

    Running, for me, isn't viable due to a motorcycle accident years ago. I think the situational awareness thing is the best defense. If you see them early, then keep checking around you, they're not sure just how alert you are. They'll pass, since more people than not are in condition white.
    BillCA in CA (Unfortunately)
    Webmaster - Taking on Gun Control
    A gun in the hand beats a cop on the phone!

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    I'm 6'4 and 315.

    I have a goatee, and in the summertime, I shave my head.

    Those few people who have chosen to even attempt to start anything so far have been deterred by the hostile glare.

    I'm hoping my luck holds. (But remaining prepared for the day it doesn't)

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    Yes, everytime I enter my gun-free workplace.
    Spend few minutes learning about my journey from Zero to Athlete in this
    Then check out my blog!

    Cupcake - 100 pound loser, adventurer, Ironman Triathlete.

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    I'm 5'-10" 190 lbs, walk slowly with a cane and a noticeable limp thanks to multiple spinal injuries and surgeries. Running is out of the question as is any sort of a toe-to-toe boxing match. My options are: Avoid known or possible trouble spots, stay as situationally aware as I'm able and be prepared to do whatever it takes to survive a confrontation.

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    Situational Awareness is what it's all about.
    Since anyone can be armed these days your size and stature alone would not make you come across as an easy target. Especially if you look alert.
    Walking around with your head in the clouds will make you an easy target.
    Liberty Over Tyranny Μολὼν λαβέ

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