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Friends Get Bold With You Carrying?

This is a discussion on Friends Get Bold With You Carrying? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Looks like all your answers are about the same. Most of my friends carry those that don’t, don’t know that I carry. For that matter ...

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Thread: Friends Get Bold With You Carrying?

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    Looks like all your answers are about the same. Most of my friends carry those that don’t, don’t know that I carry. For that matter most of those that do don’t know that I carry. I was doing laundry the other night and through my shirt in the load. It was not until then that my wife of 24 years realized that I was carrying that day. Not something I spread around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark555 View Post
    Looks like all your answers are about the same. Most of my friends carry those that don’t, don’t know that I carry. For that matter most of those that do don’t know that I carry. I was doing laundry the other night and through my shirt in the load. It was not until then that my wife of 24 years realized that I was carrying that day. Not something I spread around.
    Amen to that. Definately words of wisdom...

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    My friends know I carry, but its the same as I explained when going to the bar years ago. You start something you're on your own. Someone else starts it, I will back you up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rugerman View Post
    None of my friends ever know that I am carrying. I never even tell anyone that I have a permit to carry. Being in California they wouldn't understand anyway. This is my business and noone elses. I do not carry to be cool or billy bad @--. You are carrying because it is your right as an american and nobody needs to be concerned with that but me.

    Well the secret went down the drain when my parents asked them if they minded me carrying a gun everywhere they went.

    I was also Open Carrying for a few months before I started my CC. So it is rather obvious that if the gun disappears but I have been carrying for a while its just hidden.

    Now I did not have any issues until I started CC with my buddies. I guess he figured its hidden and the person wont know I have it instead of it OWB.

    Quote Originally Posted by HnKuspDude View Post
    I told a few of my buddys that when we hang out, don't ask me if i'm carrying, and don't act like an "jerk" if they think i'm carrying...It caught them by surprise by just how serious I was, i'm usually the funny guy in the group or at work, so they understood, and not once have they asked if i'm carrying during get togethers, and they act like adults.
    Thats my next step right there. I have stated it before but not in a demanding voice.

    Now, I have made it clear about my intent to them. I actually did it last night, ,made the post today to see what people said. I am no push over, I am actually more of the Chief/Leader in our group. Just some of them think they can be billy bad *** with me around. I have gotten to the point of when billy bad *** makes a comment or says someone should tell that guy to "........." I make a stand and tell him hes on his own because I am not helping.

    Granted if it got to the point where he would not stop doing what he is doing I would walk away from him and never call him again. His comments since I have been carrying has started to calm down. I am hoping it will end before this weekend is done. I guess we will see how tonight goes.

    Good point on the lawyer fees and what not. Maybe I will hit him with that also. Let him know that if something does happen because of his ignorance and I become involved. He can pay my 10k lawyer fees.

    I do know that the rest of the group actually likes the fact that I carry. Especially with some of the areas we have to drive through. We have seen alot of things happen at just those 2 stop lights. Have had to run a red light numerous times because of people circling the car and walking towards us.

    Thanks for all the input.

    Stay Safe
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    I don't tell anyone I'm carrying. If my friends and family can't tell I figure concealment is good enough. The only way I need anyone to know is if I have to get it out. I hope I never have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by L2TYPE View Post
    ...friend turns and tells them to knock it off and shut the ****up. They turn back to the table and exclaim "I am not to worried because so and so is carrying right now."...

    ...I have been friends with these guys for over 8 years now, so finding new friends is not really an answer. I am assuming this is just going to be a phase that they will soon pass through...
    Stay Safe
    This sounds like a HUGE liability to me. I guess I've been lucky about that. Some of my friends do know I carry, (fellow gun nuts) but I haven't had any situations where their behavior has changed.

    I'm no "social butterfly", but finding new friends is always a answer. I would try and make myself as clear as possible, and if they do not respect that, they aren't the kind of friends you want.
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    My friends are mature adults. Nobody asks if I'm carrying, they just KNOW I am and that I won't put up with one iota of such immature crappola. This is exactly what happened in my youth when I carried a badge for a living. I would have "civilian" friends introduce me to their other friends with my name and occupation. This was for twofold reasons: #1 Don't do or indicate you're into anything ILLEGAL here! #2 My friend has power as a LEO. Because he IS my friend...I ALSO have power. I dropped "friends" like that awfully fast. That's pretty much why cops usually only hang out off duty with other cops and THAT is one sick subculture of paranoia and hostility. I know, I did a paper on it once for my Psychology class when I was a student, rather than a Psychology teacher.
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    I'm not bitter but I am a little smarter.

    I have learned the hard way NOT to ever trust ANYONE regarding my CCW.

    My wife knows but if she didn't have to I don't think I would even tell her! Okay, that may be over the top but seriously...

    "I can neither confirm nor deny that I now have or ever have had a concealed firearm nor can I confirm nor deny any knowledge of anyone who ever has had a concealed firearm!"

    I may make THAT my new signature!!!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

    "A superior Operator is best defined as someone who uses his superior
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIGguy229 View Post
    Find different friends...or tell them that if they start something, they are the ones who are going to finish it--because you are leaving.

    You need to stay away from people who are using you as their backup when your friends are the ones provoking the problem. Find some other way to resolve a problem--picking a fight is NOT the solution.
    Exactly the correct way to handle it. I have two close friends that know I carry - and they're married to each other. We've been best friends for close to 30 years now and they're more like family to me.
    My own brother on the other hand, doesn't have any idea. He's an alcoholic and drug abuser/addict who likes to fight (no, we don't get together much but sometimes it can't be helped: Funerals, weddings, etc.).

    Point is, be very selective about whom you tell about your permit and don't let anyone back you into a corner where you're forced to back up their provocations. Any way it ends, you're gonna lose.

    Edit: Years ago before I got my permit, my FIL asked if I had my gun (in public) because we were going to a rough part of town for a graduation. I made it a point NOT to tell him when I got my permit because he simply can't keep his mouth shut.

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    Wow. Strange situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by L2TYPE View Post
    Good point on the lawyer fees and what not. He can pay my 10k lawyer fees.
    If SHTF and you're part of it, it will be far more than that. Bank on it. Besides, you'll need to keep a small pile of cash on hand for the multiple pairs of kneepads and postage stamps you're gonna need for the next 20yrs ...

    In short: your friends need new attitudes, immediately, or you need new friends. If you stay with them, as it stands now, they're going to get your butt in a sling, and that will alter your whole life. That simply isn't worth it.
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    I guess I'm lucky that most of my friends are responsible adults...who also carry. Yet, there are many people in my life that shall not know: my mother is one and my sister-in-law is yet another. Heck, I went to a funeral in Oklahoma just over a week ago...and had to make sure that NOBODY in the party knew. (Yep...they were all family.) It was a very good test.

    My advice is to tell'em to "get a check-up from the neck up"...or...(whatever alternate condition you are willing to impose).

    Hmmm...concealment can save a world of trouble.

    Good luck.

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    My friends have always been a-holes for years. So, technically nothing changed since I've started carrying. And, only two people know as far as friends.

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    I have a friend that Commented about it once to someone. This friend had walked in the house beofre I had put a cover shirt on and noticed I carry. After he commented about and having his second hole sewn shut in his large rearend He has never said another thing. Some folks at school know I carry because I talk about it there trying to educate people since I can not carry there due to policy and law.

    "The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose."

    -James Earl Jones

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    A lot of my friends "assume" I have ccw just because they know my stance on gun issues, know I own guns, and know I'm a swat team medic.

    Most have never out right asked me if "I'm Packing", and those that have, I either say "None of your business!" or "Yes, if you ask me again, or mention it to anyone we won't be hanging out together anymore!" depending on the circumstances and how close of a friend they are.

    I find with those two responses, and by the tone of my voice, they know exactly how serious I am about them keeping thier mouth shut.

    I think maybe 6 or 7 people actually know I have ccw excluding the LEO's I am associated with.

    That gun on your hip is your "Ace in the Hole" last ditch piece of emergency life saving equipment used only to save your life in an immediate, and otherwise unavoidable threat of death or crippling injury.

    As law abiding citizens, we are bound to wait and "respond" to the threat in which the BG has already set in motion. If we whip out our "heaters" too soon, we now may be considered to be "brandishing a deadly weapon" and could be guilty of "armed criminal action" depending on your state laws and if someone wants to push it to that extent. So in essence, we are already behind the curve and playing "catch-up" when responding to a deadly threat.

    Therefore, it is imparative that your concealed weapon remains hidden. Your element of suprise is part of what will keep you alive when faced with such deadly circumstances.

    As few people as possible who know you have that "ace in the hole" the better your chance of survival.

    If your traveling companions do not know you are armed and think everyone in your party is unarmed, they are less likely to tip your hand in a violent encounter. That allows you more time to assess the situation, make your decision and employ your "emergency life saving tool" using that element of surprise which may save your life or the life of others.

    If you and a group of your friends are confronted in an armed attack, and while you are attempting to assess the situation, weigh your options and pick your moment of counter attack, and one of your friends blurts out "Get your gun" or "shoot him", it could be a fatal blunder for everyone.
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    Semper Fi

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    I just realized -- has anyone mentioned that maybe you should tell these friends to start carrying guns themselves?! (Within the law, with license, I mean.)

    Then they can be their own mr. bada**, right? And we'll see if they get themselves into trouble.

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