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Test of my concealment

This is a discussion on Test of my concealment within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well this is quite a coincidence, be cause I went on a trip with my son and he thought I did not know he was ...

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Thread: Test of my concealment

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    Well this is quite a coincidence, be cause I went on a trip with my son and he thought I did not know he was carrying, to think a father would not be able to read everything about his son is just silly.

    It was so obvious he was carrying (but I did not want to burst his little bubble and tell him I knew) and when we went in to the National Park he fell all over himself to disarm, he was taking his backpack in to the john like he had to change his diaper or something.

    I am positive he did not make me carrying either my IWB or my Ankle bug. I am proud of him though for following the law about the National Parks (something that I did not do).
    Timmy Jimmy

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    People coming from NY, NYC and NJ have no clue that in most states like PA any law abiding citizen can get a carry permit. So theu would not think one minute somebody around them would carry unless they were part of law enforcement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post
    Agreed... Non-CCWerrs just don't get it, nor do they care unless you are flashing it around.

    They assume everyone they meet and like is just like them (unarmed) and they would probably be shocked to find out differently.

    They don't even know what to look for and even if they do see a bulge, they assume cell phone or anything else. The last on the list is a gun (usually).

    Hopefully when you do talk about it with your father the outcome is good.

    I have to say very true statement, I admit myself more looking for it where I never thought of it before - didn't even cross my mind which is kinda scary now that I think of it...
    Protect has just been carrying around the house to get used to his holster but hadn't mentioned it to me and yea I notice now

    Not sure how you kept him in the dark about it - good job!
    btw no worries you should have heard my mother's statements when she found out <~ was just the beginning


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    To tell you the truth I haven't ever seen anyone conceal carrying in my 21 years on the planet. :shrug: I am not one of those completely oblivious people either. I am very aware of my surroundings and alert (99&#37; of the time), but I can't say that I have noticed anyone carrying.

    Since I applied for my CHP I have been actively looking to see if I could catch someone carrying, but I haven't yet. Although, I do take note of people wearing fanny-packs(*** bags) more now than I ever did. Either people don't carry much around these parts or they do a good job concealing it.

    I guess that makes me feel better about carrying my XD (which i don't think I conceal very well at all).

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    I just spent a week with my mother (who can’t see a reason for anyone to carry a gun) She stayed at my home. I carried 24 / 7 and she never noticed.
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    About three months ago I was in Wally world picking up some groceries when my 5 yr old son lifted my tshirt to reveal my G19 in an OWB. It took me about 15 secs to realize it. No one noticed. My wife does give me grief about it though. She has made joke about SWAT being called to produce because there is a man with a gun. Thanks God in MN I did not break the law as we have no conceal requirement.

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    no longer give a darn

    There was a time, not so long ago, when I would change my outfit six times to be triply sure that I wasn't printing or showing in any way. I was as self-conscious as you could get about not letting "the bulge" show.

    I got made twice tonight; once while reaching for something and someone said, "What are you carrying?" after seeing my bulge, the second time was while I was reaching for a pen and a man saw my spare mag sticking out of my back pocket. The guy said to the guy next to him, "Oh, she must be carrying too."
    The other guy said, "Why?"
    The first guy said, "You don't carry a magazine to throw bullets at people."

    I smiled and said, "No, you don't."

    That was that.

    Since I started working at the gun shop I've drawn my gun more than ever before, but it's not at a threat, it's taking it out to show others where I carry, how I carry and what I carry and to prove to gals that you really CAN conceal a .45.

    A guy walks up to the counter and says, "I'm looking for a small carry gun, but I'm not sure what my options are for carrying concealed. What's available?"

    You give them the options and they say, "Yeah, but doesn't that show?"

    You turn around and lift your shirt and they say, "WOW! I had NO idea that was there. I'm sold."

    Wednesday night I took my new .45 for a test run. I was just going to the range and back and didn't care who saw what so I just threw a long sweater over my OWB drop holster but only when I got to the store, the rest of the time I open carried.

    No one saw a darned thing until I took my cover garment off and even those who saw it didn't care.

    When I came out of the range I was carrying my range bag and my purse and my sweater and everything else and even when I came out of the range, still open carrying, I saw a friend who had wanted to see my new gun.

    I said, "Hey, Randy, check out my new .45." He said, "Where?"

    I had the thing in an OWB drop holster with NO cover garment and he STILL didn't see it and he carries the same gun.

    I had to point it out to him before he went, "Oh! You're finally using the new holster, too. Very neat!"

    Yesterday I wore my shoulder holster under a light shirt.

    While walking into the building a gust of wind took my shirt with it as I approached two fellow employees and one said, "Is that a real gun?"
    The other guy (who works in the gun department with me) said sarcastically, "No, it's a pellet gun."
    The other guy laughed.

    Again, no one cared.

    I thought I was going to have to fight with my shirt all night to keep it concealed but no one said a thing. I thought people were just being polite because when I checked the mirror I thought it was as obvious as day-light, but later that night while talking about carry guns with another employee I mentioned that I carry a 1911 in .45.

    He said, "Now, I'm sorry, but where the heck does a tiny little girl like you conceal a 1911 in .45?"

    I opened my shirt and he saw the gun and his eyebrows rose about two inches on his forehead.

    "Oh, that's where," he said, and laughed. "I had NO idea that was there. That's a neat set-up."

    He was a fellow carrier and didn't even notice.

    Heck, my own husband came in that night and only after I got home and took off my cover garment did he say, "Wow, you wore the shoulder holster tonight? I had no idea. I didn't see a thing."

    He even has permission to tear me apart with his eyes.

    I have a regular customer who makes a game out of trying to find my gun every time he comes in and it amazes me that while he is actively looking for it, sometimes he says, "I don't think you're carrying," when I feel like if it were anymore obvious I'd be open carrying.

    The point is, people get so caught up on how concealed their gun is and something in their head says, "IT'S SO OBVIOUS," but the truth is that people don't care nearly as much as you think they do. They don't even care enough to look much less wonder what that bump is on your hip or under your shirt.

    I work with people who carry 100&#37; of the time, I can count on one hand the number of times I have actually looked for their weapon. Most of the time I don't care. I know they have it, that's good enough for me. But that's the environment I work in. If I'm out and about I'll be a little more careful, but if a room full of people who carry all the time don't notice, a room full of people who DON'T carry aren't going to be any further ahead.

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    No one noticed...

    Hello everyone. I'm a newby but I have concur with everyone else. Last Thursday my wife and youngest daughter and I put our canoe into a small creek for a couple hours of floating and some fishing and to make a long story short, took out at a bridge and walked to a nearby convenience store. I carried my 4046 in a strong side Kydex holster under an open fishing shirt. Talk about a bulge! Since we didn't intend to see anyone, I wasn't too worried about concealment. I was a little nervous in the store but apparently no one noticed.
    "If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men." Romans 12:18

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    This thread makes me think that I my XD Service isn't as noticeable as I think it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kavity View Post
    This thread makes me think that I my XD Service isn't as noticeable as I think it is.
    Simply put, it's not as noticable as you think it is.

    You have to take your mind out of some part of CC, and that is cover garments. I can look at myself and see the neon sign that blinks "GUN", but my wife, who knows I carry and where couldn't find my gun with a magnet.
    "A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in ... And how many want out." British Prime Minister Tony Blair

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    Last weekend my family was in town. My mom had no idea I was carrying and when we picked up my sis I walked passed two or three cops and they said nothing. If my mind wasn't at ease before it is now.
    "[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons.
    They are left in full possession of them."

    Zacharia Johnson (speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention,25 June 1778)"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." ~Alexander Hamilton

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    I carry daily, SW 642 in a pocket holster. Pockets on my pants are not deep enough for a full conceal as the backstrap of the grip is flush with the top of the pocket and vixible. Restaurants, meetings, family gatherings.. not once since I began carrying this way has anyone "made me".

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    I Have'nt been made yet. I carry a 642 IWB mostly but will soon be carrying an XD40SC IWB. I dont worry about it.
    When I go out I look for people carrying. I see people all the time that I'd be 95&#37; sure they're carrying. Mostly because of printing.
    I use to never wear my t-shirt untucked, I like the tucked in look better. Lately I have noticed just how many people dont tuck their t-shirts in. If someone notices, its no big deal to me.

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    He probobly just thought you were taking your backpack in the john to smoke a doobie.
    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." George Washington

    ...we are NOT a free people.

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