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This is a discussion on CHL Badges within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mr. An would be alive today if he had not shot up the neighborhood chasing the BG's and stayed in his store....

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Thread: CHL Badges

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    Mr. An would be alive today if he had not shot up the neighborhood chasing the BG's and stayed in his store.

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    CWP badge haters

    The shop incident was a good example of poor judgement displayed by the shop owner. Why would a knowledgeable person chase a car with armed thives and shoot at said car.The threat was in the store not down the street Looks like the shop owner didn't pay attention in class. Or perhaps his triaining sucked. My prayers go out to his wife and the officers. Oh I almost forgot,NO to the ID pouch.
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    Okay so then someone out there starts making phony "ID pouchs"! No thanks, like to be seen and not heard unless need be.
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    Nope for me!

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    "Hate" is a bit strong. I simply think them irrelevant and pointless; a way for some unknown company to make a bit of money with a product that need not exist. If in a situation that where ID needs to be checked, I'm not going to be acknowledged as a card-carrying good guy until it checks out ... no matter whether that ID's hanging from my left hip or right, neck or otherwise.
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    The member is asking other forum members for their opinion on a product.
    Please attempt to answer the member intelligently and feel free to state your honest personal opinion and offer up a reasoned, considerate, answer as to why your opinion is what it is.
    This is not a humor and off topic thread so give a thoughtful answer or skip the thread and simply move on to another thread topic without commenting.

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    I don't like several aspects of your proposal.
    I'll keep my ID and license together in my wallet.
    Your intentions are good but it defeats the concealment aspect of "conceal and carry".

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    I met that guy at a gun show... neat concept... I wasn't sold.
    The preceding post may contain sarcasm; it's just better that way. However, it is still intended with construction and with the Love of my L-rd Y'shua.

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    I can see where under certain situations it might serve a purpose. However, probably not in most of the ones I'm likely to find myself so I'd have to vote no (at least for me). OTOH, I don't see any harm in it if you want to spend the money. It may not help, but I doubt if it would cause you any harm UNLESS you walk around with the thing on constant display so any and everyone will now know you have a CC permit.

    Do I really want EVERYONE who passes by me to know I have a license, therefore own at least one gun (which I may or may not have on me)?
    "... Americans... we want a safe home, to keep the money we make and shoot bad guys." -- Denny Crane

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    Isn't this just another form of a concealed handgun badge? And if so, why would anyone want to advertise they're carrying a concealed handgun when the idea of concealed is to hide the fact you're carrying a handgun? Why can't you just tell the ploice you have a license for a concealed handgun and then say you actually have it with you, the license and the handgun? Why do I need a reflective pouch to show everyone when I could just tell the police only I have it? It just doesn't make sense to me. Now if we ever have open carry here in texas, which is a possibility, and they require full display of your license at ll times when carrying, then I 'might' consider something like this but as long as I have a CHL, then no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 173ABN View Post
    Mr. An would be alive today if he had not shot up the neighborhood chasing the BG's and stayed in his store.
    If I understand TN law correctly, as taught at my HCP class, you can't shoot at anybody who is fleeing the scene. You also can't shoot somebody for stealing. No matter how you look at it, Mr. An got shot in the process of bending if not breaking the law. What was needed here was a better understanding of what the weapon was for and some headwork in preparing a plan for just what happened.

    I have a sturdy brick house with all entrances and windows made for good security. I have already planned that I will hide in secure area of house and not shoot out of house, even f somebody is shooting through windows. I can get out of line of fire. I am not a coward, just don't see any reason to shoot somebody if I can eliminate them as an immediate threat in some other way than shooting them.

    I'm sure Mr. An was emotionally fired up, but a handgun owner takes on the responsibility to have contigency plans already in place before drawing weapon. It is like the old Marine way of planning, have an OPPLAN to fight everybody, even if they are an ally now. We had OPPLANs to fight Mexico and Canada on file. An optional plan would have been to seek cover within store and see if BGs come back, if so, you are fighting from behind cover and on home ground. If not, stay put until GGs show up.

    Mr. An's intent and plan was to win a gunfight, gunfights are the wrong term for SD and are ILLEGAL in TN! I am sorry for what happened to Mr. An but he was only half prepared. He had the gun, but no plan on when and how to use it for this scenario. You only have 1* and many times the plan can save it better than the weapon.

    No to ID Pouch, I don't want anybody other than my wife to know I am armed. I don't want to alarm strangers or lose the edge of surprise with BGs.
    Retired Marine, Retired School Teacher, Independent voter, Goldwater Conservative.

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    First of all, I don't think it screams "armed," because it apparantly is a folding deal that is normally closed in 1/2 like a wallet, secured with velcro. Just looks like a black nylon rectangle on your belt until you open it.

    I don't see a problem with it, but I'm not sure that it would be helpful very often. I suppose it's possible that an officer responding to an active shooter might see it and if you are the first one he sees with a gun, it might make him pause long enough to not shoot you.

    Me? I hate attaching stuff to myself, it's a big enough pain to strap on a gun.
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    I think some of us are looking at this the wrong way. It an "ID" pouch similar to those used by LEO's that folds up and stored in your pocket until you need it. It is not displayed all the time, only when your sidearm is visible.

    I can see it's advantages when you have to draw your sidearm and I feel that's the way the manufacture intended it to be used. But, the problems I have with it, is like others have said, I keep my CCL right next to my drivers license, in my wallet. Keeping my CCL in a different "ID" case, would be just something else I'd have to remember.

    I remember back in the 70-80's when I worked for the SD, I carried a wallet badge holder, and I kept a second badge in my car that would clip on my belt, when I was around other SD officers, to "id" me.

    My second problem, is pocket space. Most of the summer, I carry my P3AT in a front pocket add to that keys and other stuff and where am I going to carry this new "ID" case.

    Other than that I think it's a good idea. However, as I've said before, its' best to holster your sidearm when the LEO's arrive.

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    I have always kept mine in the same place in my wallet. I don't need to draw attention to myself for no reason. I think even when they are (folded) or in the (non display mode) people will after time know what they are. The less info they have the better. I also believe the BG will be able to duplicate these with no problem or anyone that wants people to think they are carrying for that matter.
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    i wont be using one of those, my id will stay where it belongs.

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