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This is a discussion on CHL Badges within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone carry such a thing? Seems that, in the case of a lawful use of force, one could be mistaken for a bad guy ...

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Thread: CHL Badges

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    CHL Badges

    Does anyone carry such a thing? Seems that, in the case of a lawful use of force, one could be mistaken for a bad guy and taken down by a LEO. Is some sort of badge hanging around one's neck any protection against mistaken ID?

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    Here we go again. This subject needs to be a sticky.

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    Oh boy... here we go again.

    No, they are a very bad idea. Searching CCW badges is a good idea if you really want to read for days about the subject. Everybody pretty much agrees that they are for squids.
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    Here's a discussion from earlier in the month: clickie.

    Quote Originally Posted by TEBozo View Post
    ... any protection against mistaken ID?
    No, not really. A little badge won't be seen. At worst, it'll be seen by bystanders as impersonation of someone in position of some authority, which you're not (unless a LEO).

    Your firearm will be seen by the incoming cavalry, though, and that's enough to get you placed face down and separated from your weapon until it can be sorted out who's who. Once they arrive, they're driving the situation.

    In a lethal force situation, expect to be bound and trussed by the responding officers. You're not law enforcement and not in uniform, so expect that. Ideally, though, you've got someone on the phone speaking with 911 and out there to meet/greet the cavalry, so that you're not unceremoniously poked full of holes as you're holding the BG at bay.

    As I haven't yet had to hold a BG at bay to await incoming LEO's, perhaps some of the LEO's on the forum can fill in the rest of the expectations, here.
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    Some topics will come up numerous times. Be patient with em.

    I suggest
    1. looking up your state/city laws concerning impersonating PD (make sure you are not violating any laws)
    2. consider how PD might treat you if they discover your badge
    3. make an informed decision once you read the replies that are sure to come.
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    Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

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    Indeed - this is an old cherry

    Some searching might well yield results from numerous ''discussions'' LOL! Almost unanimously the badges are deprecated.
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    Thumbs up

    Ditto Rocky
    Some members new to the forum are also new to thinking about the fateful badges.
    Kindly point them toward some past threads - and your educated comments will also be appreciated by new members who are interested in your personal thoughts and opinions concerning the badges.
    Everything that is old to our seasoned members will be brand new to some of our newest members.
    Be teachers and polite educators.
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    I brought enough for everyone!
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    Maybe the domain change should have been
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    Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!
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    As a general rule those that ask this question in ernest are usually young in age & new to carry.
    One of the things I have wondered is:
    If I was 35 yrs younger & if there was such a thing around when I started carrying, would I have wondered the same thing.

    Man, I hope not.
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    Badges make great targets!

    Whats the difference between a badge, and your little piece of paper that say's you have a license? The biggest difference is one has legal standing, and one is shinny piece of tin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I brought enough for everyone!
    Now this is a clever way to proclaim a 'repeat'...funny

    ...and to answer the above question...NOPE!

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    Gecko_45 carries 5 to 6 CCW badges at all times. His badges are custom made from the highest grade of tactical, gold-plated, Kevlar. One day in a shootout at the mall, one of the badges saved his life when it stopped an incoming .308 round from a 7 year old sniper. They are real lifesavers!

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