Not a good person

Not a good person

This is a discussion on Not a good person within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here is a newspaper article I hate to see. A CCW carrier who snaps and goes berserk. Not a life threatening situation to be sure. ...

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Thread: Not a good person

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    Not a good person

    Here is a newspaper article I hate to see. A CCW carrier who snaps and goes berserk. Not a life threatening situation to be sure. Read it and the comments by LEO's, and weep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MSGTTBAR View Post
    Here is a newspaper article I hate to see. A CCW carrier who snaps and goes berserk. Not a life threatening situation to be sure. Read it and the comments by LEO's, and weep.
    Unfortunately, it does not take may instances like that, maybe only one, to cause legislators and governors to "tighten" gun laws.

    Anyone who carries a gun has a much greater responsibility for self control than one who does not carry.
    Taking it must be a way of life, assuming not a life threat, for one who carries. If you think you are tough and will not take anything from anyone, I hope you do not carry.


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    Looks like MR. Bozeman was right...unfortiatly.
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    Odd that they didn't address this:

    "In South Carolina, residents are allowed to carry handguns in their cars without permits as long as the weapons are stowed in the trunk or glove box."

    How did the CCW make a difference? How much farther was the glove box than the lunch box?

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    Whats really as shame is the way that it is reported by the news media. They'll take ONE instance of someone snapping and its news worth just because he has a gun permit. Now we'll hear about it for weeks and it'll be debated by many people.

    On the other hand, some deranged sicko that murders his whole family wont even be mentioned because its "no big deal".
    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    I noticed it was reported as an automatic. The media has an agenda an it's obvious what it is. They purposely leave out what doesn't fit into their spin. Finding a LEO who thinks that only LEO's should carry guns isn't that hard to do.
    Many people have and continue to defend themselves and others with legal guns, the media doesn't report it because it would be detrimental to their objective.
    Not all but most media outlets are left leaning.

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    Actually, one thing about this does surprise me. If James Forrest Mobley (always use the full middle name of all BGs) was that mad, why did he forgo the pure unadulterated pleasure of beating their brains out with a piece of rebar?
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    It's never good when someone gives us a black eye by association. We can always count on the media to be anti-gun.
    Gun Control means never having to say "I missed you."

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    Of course how many incompetent, inmature, mentally deficient folks receive a driver's license without problems and then cause mayhem on the public roads? The fact remains that those who get CCW permits are among the most stable and law abiding of citizens. That's why the wild west scenario-so favored by the anti gun fanatics-of people shooting it out at traffic intersections has never come to pass in any of the shall-issue states.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samtechlan View Post
    ...That's why the wild west scenario-so favored by the anti gun fanatics-of people shooting it out at traffic intersections has never come to pass in any of the shall-issue states.
    But that's exactly how this will be spun, unfortunately. "Minor dispute ends in death because of a GUN."

    Of course, we know it's because of a mentally disturbed human being, and not because of an object, but you know how the story will go...
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    The media has lost respect along with their credibility from a great majority of the public. They run around like the paparazzi spewing lies and spinning tales. the American public is way smarter than the media or the politician give us credit for. This is our saving grace.

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    Bluffton police Chief David McAllister believes the outcome might have been different if the weapon hadn't been so accessible...

    "The process should be much more rigorous as to who can carry weapons," he said. "As a police officer who's seen violent episodes a good portion of his career, guns don't do any good."

    "I prefer the only gun involved in any situation is the one on the officer's belt."

    I wonder what Chief McAllister would say if "one of his officers" went Apesh$# like one here and held off his fellow officers, state police and sheriff deputies with an AR-15 essentially asking for for suicide by cop! While he wasn't on duty at the time, he was an active road officer. It just happened to be his day off.

    The officer was just convicted this past week of Felony Assault and received a suspended emposition of sentence for Felony Assault and got 5 years supervised probation. The incident took place a few months ago.

    To make a blanket statement like Chief McAllister that he'd like to see only the police have guns is so irresponsible and insane that maybe Chief McAllister shouldn't have a gun either.

    He obviously doesn't understand that his police officers are people too and subject to the same human frailties and emotional breakdown that the rest of us can fall prey to.
    Semper Fi

    "The gun is the great equalizer... For it is the gun, that allows the meek to repel the monsters; Whom are bigger, stronger and without conscience, prey on those who without one, would surely perish."

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    For a second I thought this post might be about me lol but I think this is just one of those things not every permit holders going to do this or anything like it. I think the process should be a little more tougher though just to make things run smoother.

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    However, he couldn't recall a single incident when a permit carrying resident used a handgun in self-defense.

    "I'm sure there were some that were carrying weapons anyway," he said. "I've arrested my share of people who were armed before concealed weapons permits, a lot of them while working narcotics."
    Great, so not only does a gun never help, but now we are compared to druggies. Thanks, you helped so much...
    eschew obfuscation

    The only thing that stops bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. SgtD

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    I wonder if James Forrest Mobley had a history of mental health issues? I guess it's possible for someone to just snap, but usually there is some history that leads up to the snap. One of the big surprises I had after the Virginia Tech shooting was learning that most states do a pretty good job in reporting criminal stuff to NICS system, but most of the mental health data doesn't get reported. So on mental health you're basically on the honor system. Are you a wacko? "no" A logical fix would be to find a way to get this vital information into the system so the the existing law is more effective. Does South Carolina really require a mental health evaluation? If so, I'd hate to be the one who signed off on James Forrest Mobley.
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