Horrible day at the range

Horrible day at the range

This is a discussion on Horrible day at the range within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In the middle of my job hunting today, I snuck in time to pop off a few rounds at the local range. I met a ...

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Thread: Horrible day at the range

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    Horrible day at the range

    In the middle of my job hunting today, I snuck in time to pop off a few rounds at the local range. I met a very nice gentleman (from here on called GG) who quickly offered his weapon for me to try, and we talked for the rest of the session. On my other side I hear "what kind of gun is that?" Enter "BG". I replied, and handed it to him to have a look-see. During his inspection, BG managed to put the muzzle in line with my forehead, allowing a nice view of the chamber and firing pin I had not before been able to appreciate. It was of course not loaded, but slide closed and in single action, he never bothered to make sure he wouldnt be spending his life in prison. His friend quickly told him "dont point it at his head"--good advice
    Later BG came to pay me another visit, and seeing my pile of gold dots said "hollow points, wow." I said "yea". He said "I just use practice bullets (examining my ammo), you see... hollow points are for armor piercing." I just nodded my head. As the GG on my other side was taking a rest waiting for the cease fire to retrieve his target before leaving, the guy asked me if "you guys were leaving". I said no. He said "can I shoot at your target". I said no. He asked the good guy "can I shoot at that?" He said "I'm saving my target".
    Cease fire came, and I decided to pop off my last 5 rounds at a multi target paper. 5 bullseyes in 5 targets (sweet). I hung around to pick up my stuff, clean the brass and whatnot waiting until I could get my paper and watched BG shoot the most amazing 50 rounds, covering the entire paper (say 18x24?) evenly dispersed like a picture perfect pepperoni pizza, with no hint of a group of any sort. Cease fire comes and as I'm pulling my perfect target from the boards he smacks me on the shoulder and points to the two he got in the center, "check it out man!" I said "nice", and pointed at one in the 9 ring and asked "what about that one?" He said he messed up. AHHHHH. I am usually quite pleased and even impressed with the quality of people I meet at ranges, but say 5% really scare the begeezus outta me. I'm just thankful I didn't hand my loaded 40 to that guy and let him put one between my eyes and say "I messed up on that one". I need to start carrying business cards that are something in the order of

    Because you're a moron

    Normally I'm glad to talk guns and ammo and advice and whatever, but this is the first time I just nodded my head to get away from the conversation. Now I understand why some of you guys have gotten to the point where you say "because I can" if someone questions your motives for carrying. Anyone else have any bad experiences fo the sort?
    Stay safe fellas. Avoid morons.

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    There is a range here in the Minneapolis area with some pretty interesting clientel.

    Bills Gun Shop is in one of the worst areas in the twin cities. Everytime I've gone to their new top of the line range I see gangsters, shooting .500 SW, shiney 1911's, and glocks galore. It is not uncommon to witness people aiming their kill machines adjacent to the firing line.
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    I work part time at an indoor range and have many stories to tell about poor safety while handling firearms. Never miss a chance to speak up for yourself when somebody does something wrong. Politeness usually works wonders. Never miss an opportunity to leave when the vibe is not right. Learn to walk backwards and know what is behind you as you leave. Always keep a loaded concealed hand gun on you whenever you are around people with guns.

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    Fortunately I live in an area that gives me access to wide open spaces... I have my own target stands with targets and NO scrotum types like you ran in to.

    I used to drive no more that 2 miles to go shooting, now with developement I drive 12-15 but your story makes it all worth it even at todays gas prices!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Learn to walk backwards and know what is behind you as you leave
    Haha - like that one!!

    I am lucky most of time but like most have met these - hmmm - types! They are dangerous to all and themselves but - at risk of being unpopular I will call them out on safety matters any and every time I can.

    If I were acting RSO - they'd be gone, real fast.
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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    I'm glad your all right.
    I will support gun control when you can guarantee all guns are removed from this planet. That includes military and law enforcement. When you can accomplish that, then I will be the last person to lay down my gun. Then I will carry the weapon that replaces the gun.

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    range dudes

    Yes, you were nice and your niceness came around and almost bit you in the nether regions! DH and I were at the range a while back. Mr. Know It All walked up as we were finishing. Not only did he pull his gun out prematurely (he was next in line for the next open lane) he swept us a few times and proceeded to point and laugh at people's targets. DH indicated it was TIME TO GO and before we could pick up our range bags, this guy pushes his >350 pounds around us and puts his stuff in our lane (we hadn't pulled our targets in yet). Now he's facing us and DH puts on his "back off!" face. Dude finally gets a clue and steps back. This just goes to prove that these people are everywhere and are reproducing

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    The mentally challenged and firearms don't mix.
    Why Ike, whatever do you mean? Maybe poker's just not your game Ike. I know! Let's have a spelling contest!

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    There is more than one place to shoot here in Nashville and the surrounding areas, there is only one place I truly feel at ease shooting at though.
    I've had a couple of encounters with punks and gang kids, nothing overtly threatening just worrying. Being swept, having my range bag eyed up, feeling very 'watched' as I leave with a few grands worth of handguns alone.
    If ranges won't keep them out then I vote with my feet, pay my money and make my choice.

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    When ever I'm at the range I always keep a loaded gun on my side. I own 2 Glocks so they will both fit in my carry holster. Most of the time the people at the range are pretty cool, but every once in a while you get some real dirtbags. Stay safe stay armed ALWAYS

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    During his inspection, BG managed to put the muzzle in line with my forehead, allowing a nice view of the chamber and firing pin I had not before been able to appreciate.
    Unloaded or not, that guy would have at least gotten a knee to the nads for that one. Maybe he'd think twice before pointing a gun at anyone again.
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    After that display of assbagery the BG would have no longer been welcome at my stand or buzzing in my ear.
    Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!

    -- Theodore Roosevelt --

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    I've been to commercial ranges and felt uncomfortable with others' unknown levels of safety. That's the main reason I joined a private club.

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    Ever wonder who put all the holes in the ceiling at the gun range? I've been to several ranges and they are all the same unless it is a new range. I actualy saw a guy shoot the ceiling. He raised a model 29 Smith and Weson above his head aiming it straight up and as he brought it down it went off hitting the ceiling. He cocks it again and procedes to raise it above his head. This time he shoots the floresent light above his head. this brings the owner of the range back who ask him to leave. I always wondered if the range ceiling leaked when it rained

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    I've run into my fair share of morons at ranges. I wish there was a test to take to be able to use the range.

    Glad you came out OK.

    Hollow points being armor piercing huh? I have heard that one too. I always ask the idiots, "how can they be armor piercing when they have less mass that full metal jacket ammo? The morons almost never understand the question. Morons are usually not physics majors.
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