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This is a discussion on What If? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by luvmy40 What if they had actually been the BGs they were trying to look like? Would my comments have been construed as ...

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Thread: What If?

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmy40 View Post
    What if they had actually been the BGs they were trying to look like?
    Would my comments have been construed as incitement or escalation had it come to violence?
    I was carrying, which is why I held my tongue when I did.
    Any thoughts?

    How would there be any record of what you had said?
    Did witnesses hear the exchange?

    I don't see how informing people that they are making a direct threat to the safety of everyone in those environs could be construed as something you should not have said because of the fact that you are carrying a gun.

    You are entitled to a presumption that making a good faith statement about a hazardous safety condition that needs to be corrected will not be taken as a reason to attack you physically. I mean really, does carrying a gun mean that we have to just absolutely keep our mouths shut just in case something, even something righteous, that we say could set someone off?

    I mean obviously, you can't expect to defend having gone up to them and shouted obscenities and excoriated them, or threatened to do something to them or shove something somewhere. That would be inciting.

    I had a similar situation at a gas station a month ago. I was waiting for my then-girlfriend to go in and use the restroom at a Shell station. I was parked between the building (a mini-mart) and the first pump island.

    I watched as this middle-aged scruffy lookin' dude, dressed in an employee uniform, crossed from the pump area, in front of my car, holding a lit cigarette. When he got up on the curb by the door, he actually flicked the cigarette out onto the concrete just beyond the curb -- didn't stub it out or in any way snuff it. It continued to burn!

    I opened the door of my car and yelled at him, loud enough for plenty of others to hear, "What are you, a x*x*x*x* IDIOT?!" He looked like he couldn't care less. I mentioned what he did, and he gave me this line, "You just gotta be 10 feet away."

    I don't remember what I said then. I didn't even go and stub out the cigarette. At that point, I couldn't have cared if the entire place went up in a fireball, as long as I was gone when it happened. The guy was claiming that since the cigarette (which was now free to be pushed around by the breeze!) was more than ten feet from the pumps, it was okay. Never mind that I had seen him smoking it while he was AT the pumps, and crossing among them.

    Some people are just incredibly stupid, man. I wanted to call a cop and have the guy arrested, but I knew it would never happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob72 View Post
    If you want to be safety conscious, learn where the emergency shut-off button is.

    And hope that it actually works.

    How much you wanna bet that there are stations where it's just a dummy?

    I'm not saying I know it's true, but it's easy for me to suspect.

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    How about this:

    You (or any of us) suggest to the biker that smoking is a bad idea. He pulls a knife and advances toward you. The guy fueling next to you was sheepfully on his phone and his tank is overflowing, fuel everywhere. You, having target fixation, don't notice as you draw and fire. BG goes down, but the fumes ignite. Now the puddle of fuel under this guys car is burning and his pants are on fire, he runs around like you're not supposed to, fanning the flames. Someone puts him out, but noone notices his sleeping family the the blazing car until it's too late. Will you (or I) be held responsible? I guess it's pretty far out there, And I see no choice but to hande the immediate threat. But I gotta think if the BG isn't alive to pay for all this, they're gonna try to make you pay.
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    You did no more than could be expected, which looks like the correct course of action in this case. Other than the dirty looks, they did nothing that could be construed as threatening towards you. Obviously smoking while pumping gas is not the smartest thing someone can do, but the individual backed off and said he was sorry when called on it so he can't reasonably be considered a threat. If you'd pressed the issue, YOU would become the person who'd have instigated a confrontation and likely be held responsible for any potential consequences.

    Pick your fights (which means trying to avid one if possible and engaging ONLY as a last resort), don't go looking for them.
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