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This is a discussion on "My daddy carries a gun..." within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by SammyIamToday Imo, education and forwardness will trump waiting and hiding. As a child was there anything that your parents could really hide ...

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Thread: "My daddy carries a gun..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by SammyIamToday View Post
    Imo, education and forwardness will trump waiting and hiding.

    As a child was there anything that your parents could really hide from you?

    We discuss most subjects with our 6 year old son, communication is the key on so many levels.

    Now with that said, I have only been carrying for about a year now, heck, I only owned guns for a couple months prior to carrying. When that first pistol arrived at the house, we sat him down and had the first of many discussions.

    Each time we talk, we cover things such as:
    how to handle (or not)
    what to do at a friends house when finding a gun
    can you tell if it's loaded
    why we have guns and carry
    keep it a secret and why

    With our frequent (1-2 a month) talks, a couple trips to the range (to watch his parents shoot), and having him help me disassemble and clean the guns, he accepts it as normal life, and the mystique is taken away.

    I don't leave loaded weapons around the house, they are locked in a quick access safe. I figure it's safer, but then again we have kitchen knives and household chemicals that could be accessed.

    I just knew I would have a hard time trying to conceal the fact that I carry a gun. Trips to the range and sporting goods store, gun cleaning, getting dressed, hugs, the obligatory grab him and spin him over my shoulder as he jumps out of the Jeep (bumped his head on my pistol just yesterday doing that!). He was going to find out, and we would rather it be on our terms than a complete surprise in the middle of the mall food court as he says "is that a gun daddy?"

    Start the process when you are ready. But believe me, children are capable of understanding these mature topics even at a very early age. They know good choices and bad choices, fire safety, stranger safety, etc. Heck, they're probably ready before us!

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    What Age?

    My 5 year old granddaughter asked me "do you have your gun" when we went out on Halloween eve! I never knew that she could possibly know I was armed. I though I was very discreet! She often, while hugging me or whatever, will bang her head into the concealed firearm IWB and will say" oh yes, I know what that is, and I won't tell." What age? Depends upon the kid. I did insist on total secrecy about CCW and she seems to understand why. The 7 year old could care less!

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    I have an eight year old daughter who knows I carry. I thought it wise to remove some of the curiousity by talking about it, answering questions, etc. She can rattle off the "5" gun rules quicker than I can - #5 being "children should never touch a gun without their parent's permission".

    It's difficult to hide things from kids anyway. On Memorial Day we went to a cook out with friends. During the afternoon, someone asked to borrow my truck to run to the store. I discreetly removed my carry gun from the truck before handing them the keys. Later that evening, on the way home, my daughter asked, "Dad, did you get your G-U-N?"
    "If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men." Romans 12:18

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    What a great thread, Chris, and not surprisingly, what a great bunch of parents and children. This is so important to instill the right values, safety consciousness and overall mindset given that these are the young people that will carry on defending our families and our 2nd Amendment rights. And while cliche I absolutely believe that:

    ....You can gun proof a child, but not child proof a gun

    Particularly exemplary to me were Mark (PackerBackerToo), Mike (Sig P239) and Mike (SigGuy229).

    Growing up I knew that my dad carried a gun in the glovebox -- he was an attorney and regularly assigned as a public defender and had received threats -- but unfortunately he never took any of us kids out shooting, or talked about guns. Now that he's older and not in the best health, I'd like to be able to get out to a range with him sometime when I visit.

    I now have 2 girls (almost 2 and almost 13), and the oldest knows that I have guns and she is sometimes aware that I carry though not that I always do.

    My wife understands the necessity of my carrying, but still prefers that I hide it around the house -- I certainly wouldn't expose a holster on my hip around the house. As others have said, I need to insure that there is no mystique surrounding firearms.

    My preteen knows the "stop, don't touch...", but I really need to work the press on my wife to get her to come around, so then it can be more openly shared with my oldest (and eventually youngest) who I would love to introduce to guns and eventually take to the club.
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    My 6 year old.
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    My 5 year old boy knows. When he asked why I told him it was to keep him, his baby brother and his Mommy safe.

    I also told him it was private family business that did not need to be talked about with anyone else.

    He said OK Daddy, and went on to the next topic of conversation.

    He's seen me shoot several times and does not seem to think it's a big deal.

    I sure do love that little guy.
    The Marshmallowist

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    I did not carry till the kids were just out of the house (long story) but we did have a couple pistols and shotguns around. The boys started with BB guns, then 22's, etc. Their handling guns early and often took the mystique out of guns. They also knew to NEVER show their friends the guns without me present. Also kept them locked and unloaded. That is, until I moved to Tucson - LOL!!!

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    I started my son out at the age of 2. I figure, It would take the mystery out of it. My son is now 10 yrs old and to him it's know big deal. He doesn't talk to other kids about it becuase to him it's just a normal thing to see.

    Now with that said, I have educated to death about firearm safety and what to do if he is at a friends house and they feel the need to show off the family guns.

    I would also add, include them in when you clean your guns and teach them about all the parts of a firearm.

    Good luck,


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    Smile kids and guns

    A lot depends on the individual child. My kids are in their fifties now and I recall that I took them shooting quite often when they were 10, 11, and 12. However I never allowed unsupervised access to my guns. If you have a very stable child that has a reason to have access to a gun then the situation might be so that you can allow an unsupervised access. If the child goes to a club where supervised shooting is done is one instance. Just to carry the gun around the neighborhood is, to me, not an option. Also you might have the incidence where the child becomes the protector of the house and needs access. This has happened. In that case the child should be mature enough to have access. As I said, the maturity of the child is a judgement call. It is up to your judgement. Some states have laws limiting the ages at which children may use guns. This is also a consideration. Use common sense.

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    I have 3 children 8, 11 and 13 (F, M, F please pray for me) and they have known since the youngest was 3. However we discussed that Daddy's guns are for him, nobody's business. Never outed.
    They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin

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    My wife and I both carry and our 9 year old daughter knows it. It's just been a normal everyday thing all her life. She knows why we carry and knows there are bad people everywhere. We take her shooting. She has a Daisey Red Rider she pops at tin cans in the yard and a Ruger Single Six she shoots at the range.

    A couple of years ago we were getting out of the car in a large parking lot when my daughter tugged my arm. She whispered, "Do you have your gun?" as she looked at a group of rowdy hoods coming up the lane. My wife had seen them coming and we watched as they passed - our daughter behind us.

    We need to teach our children at a young age the world isn't the same as the Disney channel. They need to learn young that evil walks the Earth. And we need to teach them what to do about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon J View Post
    Told mine as soon as they showed curiosity, that was about at the age of 5. That is also when I started to teach them to shoot, now the youngest is 20 and all my kids are Life NRA, very pro 2A politically active, and with the exception of the 20 year old have their CCW N the other will get his next year.

    Same here--they knew as soon as they either asked or noticed but we had a long talk about the fact that it is private and not to be mentioned to anyone else. Never had a problem with my kids saying something stupid -- just a wholesaler that knew and decided to blurt it out in a restaurant!

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